Mediation sensations.

Just wondering of something,...

When I meditate if it does deeper, sometimes I feel like I'm being pulled upwards. My spine gets physically stretched out, maybe even a few cms.

It used to happen a year ago, but has only started again now.
If I allowed it, it would sometime adjust my body. A couple of times when I allowed it moved my hands from a prayer position to another one.

The other night when meditating at the beach I felt a heavy energy descending and then this same feeling of being pulled upwards started. It's happened again last night.

I remember asking you about breathing; where I felt like someone was breathing for me. You said it was me witnessing.

Now I feel relaxed with this and the breathing kicks in if I run into turbulent energy in the outside world or sometimes when things get triggered within.

Just wondering if this being stretched out is the same kind of thing or something sinister.

Love to you,
Jennaya xx