Meditations with deeper experiences.

Dear Friends,

I am new to this forum and very grateful to have found it.I am sure this topic must have been discussed before but wanted some insight and support regarding my situation. I have been on spiritual path for 8 yrs now . I have done several meditations retreats is US and it has become a daily practice for me. I also saw the 5 gateways video yesterday and had a big "aahh" moment as every thing mentioned there resonates completely with my life right now. I feel I am in gateway 3.

Recently I have been having some deeper experiences after meditations. Needed advice and insight and guidance to understand what is happening. I go into deep meditation just after a few minutes, and after some time I feel lots of vibrations and tingling sensations all over the body. They are very strong and feels like a energy surge in the body. The whole body feels numb and paralyzed. ( I was in a group meditation yesterday, although I opened my eyes, and was listening to the announcements , I had a feeling I am not there in the body) again the energy became strong and lots of vibrations ). I observed fear coming up as if the body is going to die, I went deeper into it and the fear dissolved and I was left with a feeling of lot of peace. The mind was clear with out any conflict.It took me a long time to get up and be normal again , but there was lot of clarity in mind after that. The energy and vibrations remained with me for some time and I kept on observing them. When I stood and started walking then I felt as if I am possessed by some energy and could not walk properly for sometime and was stumbling. It remained with me until I reached home. The vibrations and tingling stopped after i got home but I felt energetic and at peace all day yesterday.

Fear is starting to rise for me today as I am playing the role of observer, Thoughts like what was that experience? Was it a spontaneous panic attack? all these questions are coming up in the mind. I have had spontaneous panic attacks before but they were very random and stayed for seconds or minutes, but these felt like much deeper and very strong and have been happening to me right after meditations. Any guidance or insight will be very helpful.

One positive thing that came out of all this is I know how death feels like , the body is gone and the spirit merges into the oneness. Fear comes up now and then and the only way I have understood to handle it is to just go deeper into it and play the role of observer. My practice has been to be the observer and I constantly feel the presence , the vast awareness that is there( once in a while I loose it but I bring my attention back to this presence).Any guidance or support regarding these experiences is highly appreciated. . This is the second time I am having this out of body experiences after meditations.

In love & Light,

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Hi Padma

I just read your post and couldn't help but send you a note to say hello and to reassure you that your experiences are quite common (well maybe a little common ;) for some time I used to experience what felt like the on set of a panic attack followed by a lot of disorientation then complete paralysis, the breath would also fade out, once the body was 'in paralysis' an infusion of energy would arise. I then work to ground and integrate. Quite a few awakening souls I'm in touch with experience the paralysis and often the cessation of breath. It's quite scary at first but becomes easier, nothing to fear :))) ....and gets less intense often.

Much love Katie

Thank you for your response and insight open, it was very helpful. Eagerly waiting for your book . Your 5 gate way video was simply mind blowing. Are there any videos for dissolving karma I can watch in the mean time?? Thank you so much for all you do .

In love & Light

Thanks Open - that is freaking awesome !!!! Self-actualizing while sleeping - not a wasted moment on this journey back to ourselves.
Yahoo ! - bring on afternoon naps, I say.... :)

Stay in bed all day? I actually realise a lot lying in bed! :-)
(lovely if I had a bit more time there though!)

I would say yes: you can process karma in the dream state. But not if you're unconscious - the dream would have to be lucid. It actually sounds to me as if you were lucid during the dream state - what needs to be understood, is that you can be lucid (ie not unconsciousness), but in higher densities, where lower mind doesn't necessarily record full awareness of the state. So you might have a lucid dream, process karma, and not necessarily remember all the details.

To process karma, is to relive the energy of the original event again (but not necessarily within the same circumstances). Karma happens because of lack of self-realisation: situations where the soul is not realising of the One Self. So the soul has to re-encounter similar circumstances that invoke the same kind of attachment so that it can self-realise through it. But it is also important to say, that you don't necessarily have to get the realisation intellectually. The soul can simply integrate the new awareness. Perhaps then, a more appropriate term for dealing with karma would be 'self-actualisation'.

The point being, you can self-actualise without necessarily needing to 'get it' in lower mind. You might sometimes feel a deep 'aha' moment of self-actualisation but not necessarily know why.


Fascinating timing for this conversation! Hi Padma.
I had an interesting experience waking up this morning. I had the rare luxury of waking without a disturbance, so gradually felt myself 'drop' from a dream state down into the density of my solar plexus, where I noticed tightness. No thoughts had had time to form, but I felt an anxiety building as I became more and more conscious.
After reading this post I wondered, do we work out past life karma that you refer to, Open, in our dream states? Can the Soul do the work of self-realizing without us being aware of it consciously?
I guess I am asking if I can just stay in bed all day.... :)

Hi Padma,

Welcome to Openhand :-)

It is a profound experience you share; we come across them quite frequently in the Openhand work.

I would say that two key things are happening: firstly you are infusing soul, which as it breaks its way into the denseness of the lower bodily vehicles (mind, emotional and physical body), can experience all manner of symptoms - vibrations, tingling and even spasms are typical. You just have to feel into them, giving time for the soul to integrate, then calm and peace will emerge.

The out of body experience feels like karma. My intuition tells me that in a past life, you had some traumatic experience in which your soul left the body. The mainstream of the soul will have found peace once more (as the body fell away); however, an aspect of it - a fragment - will have identified with the trauma which causes karma to build. Now the karma pulls you into another life and manifests similar experiences so as to integrate the fragment.

When we process this karma, just about anything can activate it - a word, an emotion, a feeling for example. And meditation of course can activate it. You are caused to regress into the sense of the past life experience; you may even see visions or have dreams of the details. It happens so the soul can relive the past traumatic experience in which it got attached to the density. In this place, it is not being self-realised - realising of the One Self.

So working within the situation - as you appear to have done naturally - helps to integrate the soul and dissolve the karma. The soul becomes self-realised in this situation.

I'm releasing the new edition of the 5GATEWAYS book in September, which explains all about karma and offers a 9 step process for working through it. So you might like to keep your eye out for that one.

Wishing you well