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Hi  Everyone,

Ive had quite the journey here on the planet thus far.... many earlier childhood traumas well as other traumatic experiences throughout my life...including being told that the cancer I had was no longer curable ... until I took matters into my own hands ... that was 16 years ago ;) I am an intuitive empath and have been targeted by whom i believe to be reptilians .... drakos.... they have been harassing me for 2 years to no avail.... they are extremely deceptive .... and bomb me with their orbs ... ... they seem to fly out of my throat chakra ... and zoom under my nose and around my head ... quite consistently...they shock me  try to intercept my communication with my Guides  and Star Family whom I call The Beloveds .... I do readings for people that are quite life altering thru the help of The Beloveds... and they are trying to take me down ...cut me off ...they are attacking my fur tribe I live with my dog and 2 cats ... they are trying to disconnect me from them by shocking them when I touch them etc... they try to block my heart chakra so i cant feel .... among many other things ... I see them ... in the various forms they project ....  and I see a black cobweb thing around me that disappears when I cut the energy with my hand but then quickly re appears... I see an implant in my pineal lights up and changes configuration when I try to sun gaze ... they put a blue filter over the beautiful sun to try and prevent me from receiving the light codes  to activate my DNA...there is another implant   on the left side of my neck ... they have attached some sort of etheric threads to the back of my eyes as well and I also feel them anchored at the base of my jaw... the have put an energetic cuff around my neck ... It feels like a big metal cuff and they tighten it to try and distract and invoke fear ... I could go on and on ...they have created some sort of portal in my pineal  I see it  ...and throat chakra ... and I feel in my solar plexus as well ...  they are constantly in my crown chakra ... and put their faces in everything from my coffee to floor tiles ...Ive started doing healing work with one of your facilitators here ...who is fabulous ... and Ive done tonnes of healing work on my own where they try to intervene  and block me from  feeling emotions... My life journey seems to have been all about SOVEREIGNTY ... and this has been the main focus in another lifetime I have had flashbacks ... and received conformation  about

Im wondering if anyone has any advice ... I have tried the Openhand entity removal a few times about a year ago ... My guides have told me this is something I must go thru ... I just really want them gone 

Also just to add ... I take full responsibility for this as I was going through a rough time involving an infringement on my SOVEREIGNTY  where there was a stalker ... and I broke down and asked the Universe to send me help and I didnt care who ... and that is the moment they appeared ...Trying to gain SOVEREIGNTY ... I seeked outside of myself inadvertently giving up my SOVEREIGNTY

Tara _()_ xx

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Greetings Tara - welcome to Openhand Praying Emoji

Clearly you're in a challenging situation, which I honour and respect. The first thing to do would be to ask, "why did I create it?" And I would say you hit the nail on the head... "sovereignty".

What spikes quite strongly from your sharing is the need to look outside yourself for the guidance. Whereas the real guidance should come from within, which can then be reflected externally, yes. However Right Action must first be felt and acknowledged within.

Looking extrernally means aspects of our consciousness are 'out there', and that's when invasion can happen. But if you're deeply integrated, connected and centred within, then there is no 'splitting' or 'fragmentation' of soul and so there's no leakage of energy which can pull in these entities.

Clearly you can diagnose where the entities enter. So I would suggest to see this as opportunity. In those particular locations ask, what do I need to work on and integrate now?

Working this way is not necessarily easy, but it heals and integrates at the deepest levels making people ever less susceptible to entity influence and invasion.


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Hi Open 🙏🏼

Thank you so much for the insight ... 

Can I just ask for a bit of clarification ...

When you say

'Looking extrernally means aspects of our consciousness are 'out there', and that's when invasion can happen. But if you're deeply integrated, connected and centred within, then there is no 'splitting' or 'fragmentation' of soul and so there's no leakage of energy which can pull in these entities.”

Do you mean  when I receive guidance  from my Spirit Team for my readings  to help people?  Are you suggesting not to seek that guidance ?  

Going  within has become quite challenging as they have skewed  my “intuitive  signals “    They have “blanked” me in emf’s  that pulsate ... Trying to mislead and confuse me ... it’s been quite the lesson in discernment 

Thank you again  for your insight 

All of the Blessings 

Tara 🙏🏼🦋




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Hi Tara,

For me to offer a meaningful reflection, you'd have to elaborate what you mean by this...

I receive guidance  from my Spirit Team for my readings  to help people

Specifically, what form does the guidance take? And how do you consider to be helping people - what exactly are you sharing or doing?


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Hi Open,

Thank You! I am a Psychic Intuitive Empath ... I do readings for people ... Just to clarify I'm not asking your opinion on whether or not I should stop seeking guidance but merely wanted clarification as to if that is what you ment ... if that makes sense ... I relay messages  from my Divine Team to help people with their journey .... They guide me specifically to the oracle cards of the messages they want my clients to hear ... I have quite an extensive collection of decks and they guide me  to which decks to choose from ... and then which cards .... I also receive  images, and translate frequencies of the messages ...also Guidance from my Higher Self It is strongly based  around healing ... I feel and believe with every ounce of my being  that these messages are designed to help shift the collective.... to a Higher Consciousness 

Namaste Praying Emoji 


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Hi Tara - in your original post you were speaking of the challenges of intervention, which I can greatly understand and empathise with. The field here at this time is awash with deceptive and distorting influences. Slightly Smiling

I would ask you this important question: are you prepared to challenge even the nature of your own guidance mechanism - where it comes from for example and how authentic it might be? Are you prepared for that to evolve to a new level? Because I do believe that's what's being invited in order to overcome intervention energies that you've described Heart

I too work with a Benevolent Team - of Ascended Master Energies. But I have experienced intervention within those frequencies aswell. I have experienced powerful and credible deception - mallevolence doing a great job at pretending to be benevolent to throw me (and others) off track. This is an omnipresent dynamic here right now in the shift.

So to help overcome this in interference my own team explored some key guidelines with me....

- first and foremost, make sure you're tuning into your own soul and feeling it embodied here and now
- put everything through this internal filter of rightness
- don't blindly or immediately accept any guidance unless you've tested it through a multidimensional landscape
- be prepared to throw away your understanding of what's going on including any guidance
- consciously test all the frequencies that come in against an internal 'clicking' of rightness
- watch synchronicity but only accept it as benevolent when you can feel the resonance within

It's also essential to understand where benevolent guidance is leading to, AND the true nature of what 'healing' is.

Firstly, I maintain that true benevolent guidance is working towards the revelation of a greater version of yourself - not to some specific outcome. And most importantly, to develop your own sovereignty - that actually, ultimately, you don't need anything outside yourself to tell you the way. Although with the caveat that we do interact with the external and so might then confirm our inner guidance by watching for external reflections - including reflections from a supportive team, with the caveat it's not about them telling you what to do, but more resonating on something that feels right within.

To us here at Openhand, true healing is in helping another self-realise something. In other words, what you share helps them realise a deeper aspect of their own soul and nature. It's definitely not about telling people what to do, or else this risks becoming very disempowering. And with healing, it's utterly essential that the person we're helping to 'heal', is first empowered to understand why they manifested the problem in the first place. Where's the internal dissonance? What attachment might they have?

In authentic healing, I maintain there are two aspects...

1. First and foremost the unrealised aspect of soul that is causing some degree of internal dissonance, which is why the problem happened in the first place and the genuine causality
2. The energy that builds from the dissonance in 1, which will manifest as symptoms - pain, upset, confusion etc.

A healing can remove the symptoms but the problem will return if the 'client' hasn't also been supported in the self-realisation aspect - 1.

We have a good inquiry and exchange on the true nature of authentic healing here in this forum topic, which would be useful to refer to...
What's the True Nature of Authentic Healing?

My supportive sense and reflection to you, along which you might inquire, is that from the content of your original question, you're being invited to realise the next level of guidance and thereby negate any internal interference. I would say the two are interconnected.

Very best wishes

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Hi again Open🌻

I have challenged my own Guidance system quite extensively and continue to do so from moment... to moment moment … Yes the deception that’s coming through is extremely powerful… They try to emulate my Spirit Team ...even in meditation ...I’ve been sent images that I can feel are not from my Guides... but are true deception ...they try to emulate the colour of my pineal gland to distract me from my true pineal gland colour and they get it very very close but the way it moves ... and the frequency of it doesn’t feel right to me... they do this as a distraction technique  to try and prevent me from connecting to my higherself and guides thru meditation ... I am becoming a Master ninja when it comes to Discernment

I’ve had people who I initially went to for help  say well you see a blue orbs  ... that's Arc Angel Michael or when I see sparkles people are like no those are good ...the sparkles are good... it’s scary how people so quickly give up their Sovereign power ... you cannot assume ANYTHING... I truly  feel and have at my own accord experience what you’re saying… And it’s fine-tuning discernment in such away I don’t even think I can explain in  human language… But I feel you know exactly what I’m talking about ... when you say tune into my own soul and feel it being embodied here and now… I do do that ...but what 'they' do externally is try and throw off my own frequencies they pulsate me with EMFs and it feels almost like there’s a heavy blanket on top of me where they’re trying to prevent me from getting any sort of signals from my higher self to come through.... it’s lined with deception the whole path ... in any way,  shape or form they think they can throw me off ... they try ...  for example one of my intuitive feelings would be my energy expanding with something that resonated as Truth and  contract with something that’s not... they tried to throw off that mechanism by manipulating my energy field ... thats just 1 example .... they've attacked  all of my intuitive  'clicks' ...  there’s so many ways they’re doing this I don’t even feel I can explain all the ways… I’ve been building up my shield to try to prevent them from being able to access me in this kind of a way…

The clicking of rightness within is what they’re trying to throw off ... I try to go in to my center of stillness deep down in my inner knowing and they still try and infiltrate there as they attack my physiological  senses That are connecting my body with my soul ...and it’s at that interception where body and soul meet that  they’re attacking… So from within.. that still point...  Is where I’m trying to obtain the validity of what I’m receiving from my Higher Self and my Guides

they pulsate around my heart and solar plexus... I can actually see my shirt pulsating ... and when I try to physically block it with my hands and arms they do it from the sides of my rib cage or will shock me etc

I’ve also tried expanding out my energy Field to go way way way up past the earthly and lower realms  where there is more of a 'stillness' and tried to access from there and they still manage to  infiltrate… As for the signs and synchronicity‘s Yes you are absolutely right .... and I'm on to them ...I would see hearts everywhere from my guides  and the frequency of those hearts has changed so if they put a heart in my coffee I can discern the frequency as being completely different I don’t accept it at all as a sign of love from my guides... from the sparkles... to the hearts... which are a few...  Among  the many deceptions that are trying to deceive … Again ninja dark arts training

As for the healing that I say my readings do I want to clarify I absolutely refuse to tell people what to do as I too see it this way ...  that would be a total infringement on their Sovereignty… My Guides and the messages that come through are never telling someone what to do other than revisiting some issues from the past and sitting with them and really feeling into them ... not pushing them away and whatever this brings to that person... hopefully some sort of expansion and understanding into those experiences that they went through...

I have people all the time asking me what they should do and I tell them I absolutely cannot as it would disempower them ... Instead I suggest things that maybe they could possibly look at and come to their own inner judgement I teach people how to connect with their heart space to receive guidance from their own intuitive hearts... As opposed to even seeking advice from friends ... stepping into their power ... In a broad scope I truly believe that this is why I’m being attacked so hard because I am seen as a some kind of a threat and in saying this ... I'm not  coming coming from an  egoic place ... it’s just what I feel 

If you have any suggestions on maintaining in that still point of connectedness within soul and Being able to discern truth through their tactics ....that would be greatly appreciated... I feel it’s on some dimensional plane of existence where the soul is actually connected to body and being able to feel the resonance of Truth   is where they are attacking  as well .... 


I clearly didn’t Read the fine print before signing up to come to the planet lol 

Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for all this experience is teaching me but my gosh  This is just a whole other level of existence 

Namaste ✨🤍⚡️



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Hi Tara - it's really great that you're being questioning and attentive to whatever is coming in - I always am. Thumbs Up Sign

It's especially challenging the more intuitive and empathic one is. Clearly you're working hard to negate anything negative or deceptive coming in.

As you say, it's getting to know what feels authentic in ones guidance. What 'clicks in' with rightness.

I would also say that connection into ones "Sacred Ground of Being" is also essential - it's coming from that core essence of self. So if we're watching and feeling for guidance in the outer, it's having that firm connection into the inner - like a mast in the storm.

Sacred Ground of Being - Our Mast in the Storm

Wishing you well in your endeavours Tara

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