NewYear Unity Retreat: Glastonbury 29th Dec-1st Jan

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Catalysing creative energies for 2012
We're living in truly monumental times. More and more people are consciously stepping onto the spiritual path and attuning to the higher paradigm which is wanting to unfold all around us. As you well know, making and following the choices of the heart is not always easy. The path can be confusing as we're often faced with conflicting impulses in the various twists and turns of everyday life. That's why it can be so invaluable to regularly connect with kindred spirits to remind ourselves of the deeper light calling us forwards. That's the purpose of our NewYear Unity Retreat: to provide an open space and a resonant vibration to help you attune to your light more accurately as you step courageously into the NewYear...

We stand at the dawn of a miraculous new beginning
Radical and vibrant change is happening all around us. There is a powerful movement of consciousness from the old world values to a new higher harmony. This inevitable and undeniable flow is beginning to break down much of the old world structures we have previously relied upon; it's causing much turmoil and unrest for those not fully aware of what is happening exactly and why the disruption is necessary for the new evolution of consciousness. The Ascension process is affecting every thought, emotion and feeling we are currently having. Whether we know it or not, it shapes every event and circumstance in our lives.

Openhanders know this is not something to fear, but to embrace. It is something to become as one with, to ride the flow into the higher paradigm. Of course this is not always easy, we are continually confronting twists and turns on the path as we process out blocked energy such as Inner Child identities and Karma.

That's why we've felt inspired to run twice yearly Openhand Unity Retreats. They are for people who've done some of our work before who feel you'd like to reconnect with the energy again and gain deeper insight - from a higher perspective - into the issues you're currently facing in day to day life. As you know, such realisation can be invaluable, where one key comment or facilitation can unblock much that might have been limiting. It can catalyse the next step, opening up a new chapter in your life. It's an inspirational way to celebrate and prepare for the New Year.

The work
We're finding the hand of benevolence is flowing with ever increasing strength through our work. As we get clearer, more expanded and open, it gets stronger which is having a profound affect for participants. Many are experiencing powerful breakthroughs that is greatly accelerating their journey and uplifting their lives.

In particular, Openhanders are saying the energy benefits them in a number of key ways...

  • it helps us attune to our soul unfolding more of our divine beingness
  • it removes inner distortions and blockages which veil our inner light
  • it catalyses and accelerates the next step on our path

During the Unity Retreat, as always we will create a safe and protective environment and then facilitate the energies of benevolent consciousness to catalyse our unfolding. We'll be on hand to help you interpret the feelings and insights that are arising. Above all, we'll help you integrate the infusing energy of your own higher self to shape your life in a more successful and positive way, one aligned with your destiny.

The "Openhand Unity Retreat" will take place at the "Healing Waters Retreat Centre" here in Glastonbury on the side of the ancient spiritual location of Wearyall Hill overlooking the Somerset levels.

It will be a four day break gathering around 2pm on Thursday 29th December and finishing around midday on 1st January. As with all our work, the flexible program will be shaped by the hand of benevolence together with the group energy. It will likely include the following...

  • Openhand Ascension energy attunement
  • Group meditations in movement and breathing
  • personal sharings, guidance, removal of blockages
  • The state of world events and its effects on our lives
  • The meaning and impact of 2012.

In the evenings we will gather around an open fire, eat healthily from Trinity's 'conscious kitchen', play music, chat and exchange views in relaxed surroundings with open minded and warm hearted people.

Gathering Facilitators
Chris (Bourne) will be leading the gathering supported Trinity and David. As usual, we'll be connecting with people through multiple plains of reality, using intuitive and incisive guidance to help people drop through blocking layers. Holding a steady vibration, we'll help catalyse an activation of consciousness within, support the integration of your new realisations and also help remove releasing denser energy. It will be our pleasure to host you.

Administration details

  • Date and Timings: The Unity Retreat begins on Thursday 29th December at 2pm and ends on Sunday 1st January at 12am.
  • Cost: The cost of the Unity Retreat is £350. This includes accommodation and all meals.
  • Venue: The venue is "Healing Waters" in Glastonbury, a place of nurturing and clear energy. Check the website for
  • Booking: To book a place, click on this link... click here or call Trinity on 01458 830443.

In recent times Openhand has truly come of age. We're finding our energetic and philosophical approach is being warmly received and helping awakening people in all walks of life around the world.

It is heart-warming to witness how people are transforming, rejuvenating and uplifting their lives both for their own personal well-being and those around them. We believe gatherings like this are a powerful means of making truly lasting step changes for the benefit of all.

We look forwards to meeting up with you again on this Unity Retreat if you can make it. Come and feel a renewed sense of connection to the Openhand Virtual Community of which you are a cherished member. Let it fully prepare you for the NewYear. Then let the ripples of light spread ever further outwards!

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