Five Gateways Workshop: Berlin 18./19. Feb

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It feels like the Berlin workshop is coming at such a powerful time in our collective journey of evolution. There is something about connecting with Berlin in an Openhand sense that deeply stirs my soul. I am really looking forward this workshop, to connecting with the energy of the land and most of all everyone there.

My awakening happened in a beautiful village called Eppstein in Germany. I have always had a fondness for the place and the language. It beckons once more and I am happy to respond to the call.

Ich freue mich die Energie zu fühlen und auch auf mein Deutsch zu uben
Bis bald
Seele zu Seele

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wenn mein treuer seelenzwilling mich nicht schon gefunden hätte, würde ich meinen ihn in aaron johnsons tanz zu erkennen!
alles liebe an alle schon reisende dieser welt...die u-bahn wartet- mein ticket steht noch aus.