Fiona (community manager)

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For much of my life I felt different – out of place. I spent many years searching, knowing that that there was more... a greater energy and benevolent flow at work in the Universe than the majority were unaware of. Gradually, I discovered my truth, it was inside me all along, mirrored by the outer circumstances of my life and angelic guidance. I realised the immense importance of following the path of our own inner truth and expressing from the soul. Life is about self discovery and the challenges we face, enable us to find our true selves and Presence beyond all experience.

My journey with Openhand

Openhand has been an invaluable support on this journey of self-realisation. I first met Open in 2005, when I found myself being the only participant on an Openhand course! It was deeply transformative and I have been increasingly involved with Openhand since that time. In 2010 I spent a year working and living with the Openhand community. I returned to Avalon Rising (Openhand’s Retreat Centre) in Summer 2015 and what a delightful gift that has been.

It is a huge honour and blessing to be part of the Openhand Team, I continually experience and witness in others how profound and immensely empowering the Openhand work can be. It is an absolute joy to be house manager at Avalon Rising and to connect with all the wonderful Openhanders that engage with us or come to participate on courses and Personal Retreats. It brings me huge delight to put loving energy and care into the beautiful house and gardens and share it with those who visit.

Gifts and experience I have to share

I am passionate about living true to my heart and soul, encouraging others to uncover and express their own power and beauty. Embracing the gifts of being a sensitive empath, enables me to support others on their path. I sense energy and blockages in others and in the field and can support in the letting go of that which is ready to be released. I am an Openhand Facilitator, have a degree in psychology and a certificate in counselling, though many of my gifts have naturally unfolded and developed through life’s wondrous experiences.

I have been practising reflexology ( for over 10 years now, and I am continually amazed at how it positively impacts on people and assists in their rebalancing and unfolding.

As an experienced birth and postnatal doula, I know the empowerment, love and beauty that can be experienced through birth. I also know the pain that can occur when a birth experience is traumatic, and have had related karmic experiences. Being present as new life enters the world is an absolute delight and huge privilege as I witness the power and strength of women and the love of those around them. Additionally, I have a particular interest in women’s issues and feel that women (or groups of men) sharing together can be profoundly healing.

Expression of my soul

The expression of my own soul and beingness is of huge importance, I love to connect with nature, to sing, to participate in conscious movement and be creative. I love new challenges and it’s fantastic to be in a place where every day is different and brings new aspects of beingness to explore and express.

My personal website is:
And my facebook page is:

I leave you with one of my favourite Rumi quotes...

“Seek not for love, rather to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence”

As the new Openhand Community Manager, I very much look forwards to connecting with many of you in due course. It will be my pleasure,



I remember that course well Fiona - I'd flown up to Scotland and everyone else but you cancelled at the last moment!

It was a real pleasure working one one one with you. And look how it's all played out. I will also never forget the generous donation you made at the end, meaning I wasn't left out of pocket.

I see you!

Open *OK*

It brings me so much joy to see you here and feel your presence and support within the Openhand Team! It feels wonderful to embrace your incredible gifts here. Welcomed with open arms.

Hi Fiona,

In the middle of writing an email, my screen just changed to loading the Openhand website. As it slowly loaded, I waited, curious to see what it was that the universe wanted to reveal to me. There you were, "top of the list" ;0) I'm so pleased to be able to send my love good wishes to you, dear Fiona, and I know how you are "in your element" as community manager for Openhand.


Hi Fiona
its really lovely to have you here, and to see you unfolding into the role of community manager and faciltator beautifully. It feels a natural expression of you. Your lovely and very loving energy feels so aligned with that, and a blessing for those working with you. I continue to be inspired as that unfolds. Its a pleasure to know you!


Fiona, perhaps some day I will cross the pond and get the opportunity to walk in the countryside with you, talk to the plants with you, and laugh and giggle until our sides hurt.


Having had the privilege of being your roommate at Avalon Rising last year I can attest to the fact that you are indeed an outstanding facilitator and sensitive empath. I can only imagine how healing a reflexology session with you would be. See you in July......

Hi Fiona,
Your wonderful embracing, calming and delightful energy shine through when greeted at Avalon Rising. What a blessing to have your lovely presence there as part of the Openhand team. It was a pleasure spending time with you laughing, cooking, and sharing. I feel blessed for the time we shared together and look forwards to seeing you again.
With love,

Lovely to have such a warm embracing and yet sensitive presence at Avalon Rising. What an awesome step for you. And of course much gratitude for keeping the Retreat center going.
Warm hugs

Dear Fiona,

It feels so perfect that you would be there at Avalon Rising - your warmth, sensitivity, and creativity is such an enormous gift to all who come to stay...surely all will feel so welcome and at home in this special space. I for one will definitely be signing up for a reflexology session with you next time I come out there!!! I so look forward to meeting you in person, as I always have such a strong sense of sisterhood with you.

Much love,


A big welcome to you as the Community Manager for Avalon Rising and much appreciation for beautiful you.

Rock on!

x Catherine

I had the privilege to be one of your first guests, Fiona, and I felt welcome and comfortable right from the moment we got in touch by mail to the last minute. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much for your caring, your attention and your presence.

Looking forward to the next time.

All my love,

Dearest Fiona, since your arrival here in Glastonbury, at Avalon Rising, I have felt your soft, strong and gentle angelic wings reach out to embrace me from the heart of the Openhand community. From my heart to yours, I thank you.

with much love and a huge hug

Hi everyone,

Thank you most sincerely for the kind words, I am deeply touched. You are what makes it all worthwhile and I feel very blessed.

Open - thank you for all the loving support through the years. I am eternally grateful. Synchronsistically that initial retreat was held only metres away from where I was living at the time, a lot of water under the bridge since then!

Trinity - thank you for being such a divine light and inspiration in my life!

Lesley - "in my element" indeed, being at Avalon Rising is such a joy. I am very grateful for all the love, energy and enthusiasm you put into creating the beautiful home and gardens that Avalon Rising now is!

Ben - A real pleasure to know and work with you too! Thank you for the sweet words - wonderful to watch how things are unfolding :)

Tigger - I very much look forward to that fun day :D

Beautiful Cynthia - it was such a pleasure and joy to have you as a "roomie", I very much look forward to our roadtrip in July, then we will be roomies under the stars!

Kim - thank you, it was really great to work and flow with you over Christmas and New Year and I very much look forward to the next time! Your energy, enthusiasm and commitment is awesome!

Richard - thank you, see you in a couple of weeks - how exciting!

Jen - I feel the sisterhood too, you reflect so much to me. I look forward to connecting with you and your feet in the summer!

Catherine - thank you and blessings to you <3

Helen - it was such a pleasure to meet you and get to see your wise and gentle soul. I look forward to hearing how your women's work might unfold...

Pennie - and I thank you, it's been so beautiful to work with you in all manner of different ways! Thank you for your support at Avalon Rising, it means a lot to me!

With much love and gratitude, Fiona