Endings and Beginnings..3 Steps to Breathe Your New Authenticity to Life!

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It's a solar eclipse today on August 21st - special numerology indeed. For me it represents a time of endings and beginnings. It's a question of continually dying to the past and being reborn in the present, to unleash vibrant new creativity in your life. This can happen in careers, relationships and general living circumstances. And of course it's not limited to a particular date in the calendar - I suggest it's something to practice regularly, inside oneself. Why is this important and how do you do it?...

Living in your own field of consciousness

We each live in our own unique field of consciousness - one that ideally dances with the world outside, the realities we create, and the people in them. of course this is the wonderful weave of life that brings with it extraordinary experience. But where we have blind spots, prior to full self-realisation, then we'll most likely build entwined fields that can lock you into a limiting reality. The risk of this is it bonds you into an old existence and way of being. Others see you in a particular way, which we continually confirm for them by unconsciously accepting the judgments - the limitations - others place on us. It often happens where we acquiesce to repetitive bevahiourisms. The ones who love us most, often also limit us most (where we allow it to happen). That's why it's essential to take frequent time out by yourself - a special place, hobby or activity that you like and resonates with you to the core of your being.

The importance of a hallowed space

When you're in this space, it's important to clear your field of all the fixed ties. Especially within your relationships - in Enlightenment, toward which everyone is moving, there are no fixed ties, although that doesn't prevent souls from walking and dancing together down parallel pathways for some time.

Fixed ties represent limitation, that serves neither party. Liberation in 'relating experiences' on the other hand, brings with it the invigoration of profound joy - challenging each other to be ever more of our true essence.

Meditations for liberation, freedom and a new vibrancy - 3 steps

Here are three steps you can best apply in your meditation...

  1. So I suggest taking yourself off to some hallowed place, centering in your own vibe for a while, by fully feeling into it. What reminds you of the pure essence of you? (You can try this breakthrough breathing meditation to help)
  2. From this place, visualise breaking all the fixed and constricting ties. You might visualise it as a web that you're breaking or cutting apart.
  3. Next, as the 'eclipse' moves into it's new phase of emergence, contemplate what new aspects of being now want to emerge. What new aspect of you wants to now come through? See it. Feel it. Embody it. Express it.

Breathe your new authenticity to life!

Now, the most important thing to do next, is bring this new aspect of being into your daily life. Beware, it may cause some ructions as you become more authentic with others around you. They won't necessarily have moved forward too, and so your new state of being will likely cause a degree of insecurity and uncertainty. That's entirely okay - although uncomfortable, it will inspire the other soul to change, integrate and become more sovereign and uniquely them too - at least it's the only thing that really can.

Everything is of consciousness. And so the unseen threads that we weave create the garment we live in. Frequently, it's nurturing for the soul to throw of the old clothes and weave something entirely new. It's the vibrancy of a new way of living.

That's what this great song by Nahko Bear inspires in me today - it's not about leaving relating experiences behind, it's about being totally real and authentic in them - finding the new vibrancy of you...

Why not begin afresh today!

In loving support
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Thanks Open . Yes I am able to feel into all the things you have intuited . Especially that soul family bit . There was a man there that I had a deep sense of love and tenderness for . Like a soul brother . We were wordlessly communicating even in the dream . Which is interesting because in this life I am somewhat estranged from my brother . He sees me as a source of much hurt and pain and struggles with severe social anxiety.
And today I was able to connect to my inner two year old and feel very clearly into her grief .
This is such a beautiful space and I feel so connected to the work being done here
Namaste !


Hi Megha,

Nice to see that you're coming through your challenge *OK*

Just intuitively, your visions may point to a number of things: the butterflies potentially suggest metamorphosis into a higher state of being. The sense of community potentially higher dimensional soul family; and the child, to me, that's clearly the inner child in you. If there's resonance there, then it would suggest working on inner child identity - unraveling that so as to liberate key aspects of soul.

You can read about inner child work here...
And it's covered in much more detail in the 5GATEWAYS book...

Wishing you well

Open :-)

The Eclipse has been hard on me . As I shared with Jen ,I felt deep pain rising up to be seen and integrated . A lot of uncomfortable deep sensations I have struggled with in the last week . And I must have done something right because last night I dreamt of a garden .And there were thousands and thousands of butterflies !. And a child walking with me in what turns out to be a community garden where people are growing their food in the centre of a bunch of houses(a woman was holding a bunch of microgreen freshly harvested with roots in the soil- somehow that's important) . In the dream ,I think I was being exhorted to go vegan. Because we were all mourning that an animal test centre was going to open up . (I am vegetarian anyway but occasionally do consume milk products ) .But mostly there was such bonhomie ,community and joy in the air . I woke up with such a smile and thought I would share .

Hey Cathy - I feel you - you're not alone - sending bundles of love.

Hi Anatoly Jen & Amy thanks for tuning in - it's great that we have a lovely community spirit to support everyone in the challenges of the shift.

Much love to you all.

Open *give_rose*

I just heard the song "Total Eclipse of The Heart" on the radio so felt to post it here. For me, it expresses so movingly the shattering pain of letting go of fixed ways of loving and relating.

Not an easy journey by any means to untether the ties that restrict my authentic expression, so I am free to follow the deepest longings in my heart and soul. I'm in a deep well of sadness about this right now, acutely feeling the immense love and tenderness others have for me, but aware also of how my misplaced kindness, compassion, and empathy imprison my soul.

Life, eh!? So fucking hard. I'm taking every chance I get to laugh from the depths of my heart to help me let go.

Love to All,



Hi Open and thank you for your timely message. I feel exactly the same about the process you described releasing that which binds our soul. The outcome is the flight of the soul on the outstretched wings.

Witch Love

This is so powerful. One of the things I am finding shocking is just how deep those fixed ties run...I have felt certain layers untie but now it's as if it's encoded in the cellular memory of my body...the way it responds to the familiar stimulus. The cells respond together and trigger a washing through of emotion and sensation...it's so visceral and so trapping, pulling me back. The cells feel like an oceanic movement inside and there is the sense of inviting the whole ocean to entrain to a different rhythm - it's a deep change of tides within. Reflecting more on this now...it's a deeper resonance, a deeper pattern that reflects in the cells. There are deeper seeds of creation that are causal to this. Will be feeling into this more. The visual of the solar eclipse is powerful inside. Thank you for the reflections. With love, Jen

Thanks Open for the right words and gentle push that I needed today The ones who love us most, often also limit most. Reflecting on the fixed ties I have, including the expectations I have of others and that they have of me, the latter feeling the internal conflict with greatly. I plan to find my space later today and meditate releasing those ties energetically. The energies around at present are stirring up a lot but also profound gifts in what is being released. That which was not seen before is being seen and amazed at how easy it's been to release once brought into my awareness (after the initial OMG of what I saw and then understood, old old stuff). A tad nervously (and excitedly) will be stepping out in the new :)