Openhand Facilitator School, AVEBURY: 13th - 19th July, 2020

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Hi Openhand Facilitators! The Great 5D Shift is accelerating, which is having a massive impact on everyone's lives. Clearly major cyclical factors such as the Pole Shift are impacting the climate now, but as the energy from the galactic core builds, more people are waking up, infusing soul and beginning to experience the activation of 5D DNA. These are incredibly exciting (and also challenging) times, which is why the shift requires facilitators like you to fully unfold your gifts and build your skills as energy workers.

It's time to reach for the skies!

We're back at the mystical centre of Avebury. We'll be developing your facilitator craft, learning to grow a spiritual business, and also working the higher dimensional field to support the Shift. This Event is also open to people who've done some of the Openhand work and are ready to begin the Facilitator Program.

Developing your Unique Service Offering

It will be enthralling enough to work in the energy fields around Avebury (in previous years it's been a bit like being immersed in a Dan Brown action thriller!), but the primary focus of the gathering is spending plenty of time developing your unique coaching skills and the evolving model for your spiritual business. Even if your venture is already reasonably developed, with many years of experience I'll help shed plenty of insight into how you might develop your model even more effectively, plus illuminate any blockages hindering your path. These days especially, we need to understand how technology is changing the way people connect, and we can each maximise an effective and effecient use of it in order to reach the people that matter.

Not forgetting your facilitation practice is your own self-realisation. Which means there will likely be inner blockages holding you back. Reflecting and working with these can help accelerate the effectiveness and traction of your energy business - essentially you infuse more light into it, which is going to be highly creative. So we'll be working on the SEER process, conducting karmic regressions, removing entities and implants, plus resonating core frequencies of soul. The gathering will also offer accreditation possibility upto stage 3.

Avebury - connecting the Earth with the Heavens

The venue and location for this gathering will be one we've used before, the aptly named Pinetree Lodge, in its own secluded grounds, close to Avebury, which has become the crop circle capital of the world. Those who've been there before know the area is loaded with special energy sites - portals that connect into higher dimensions of consciousness. In recent times, these portals have become highly active. This in turn facilitates the creation of the crop circles, some of which, are most definitely the guiding dialogue of higher benevolent consciousness, speaking directly into our intuition.

In this past year, there's been much greater emphasis on creating from 5D consciousness. I feel exploration of the Avebury fields can illuminate & amplify this more strongly. How you apply creating more from the 5D will be a key aspect of the gathering, both for your own personal journey, and as a facilitator.

Humanity is being spoken to, in no uncertain terms, about the way forwards in these incredibly turbulent times of transformation. And most importantly, as an energy worker, it goes way beyond picking up some intellectual message. This is about activating and embodying your Higher Self vibration, which may also include starsoul resonances. You can form these bridges to enhance your connection, integrate stronger intuitive energy skills into your work, and unleash them most effectively into your life.

Check out the journal from last year, where we experienced such an exciting, evocative and deeply transcendent time... Facilitator Summer School 2019

Working in Gaia's Energy Fields

Whether you work at an individual or group level, primarily you'll be influencing - and being influenced by - the surrounding energy field. In itself this is complex work, where there are many interferring influences which effect the whole of society, and the people you'll work with. We can call on the support of Benevolence in the field to negate Opposing Consciousness interference and open your intuitive skills more fully.

On the gathering, we'll be applying deeply intuitive meditations to connect into the field, to amplify and realign it for the good of all. The effect of this is to greatly enhance the energetic power of your work. You become more sensitive, empathic, and catalytic - your capacity greatly deepens.

Lovely, secluded venue, close to the main energy centres of Avebury

We've chosen the perfect venue for the work. Pinetree Lodge - a lovely, secluded retreat house in its own private grounds, on the very fringe of the crop circle area. There'll be plenty of time to work, hang out together, share stories and energy, plus also rest and rejuvenate. You know the Openhand energy well. You're a part of that family. It'll feel just like coming home! And not forgetting that an 'army' marches on its stomach, we'll be enjoying the very best plant-based, high-vibe food, which you've come to expect from Openhand gatherings. Here are some pictures to whet your appetite for the event...

The aptly named "Pine Tree Lodge" nestled in secluded countryside...

As always there'll be plenty of one-on-one to hone your craft and process your own karma... Getting that energy moving... We'll be out in the field plenty...

The adventure begins (although Openhand has a new vehicle now, "Aeras" the dragon, after the old one exploded!)

Connecting with the crop circles to open and experience expansive portals...

Checking out tremendous hidden valleys...

Opening portals...

Connection of kindred spirits...

Heart stirring stuff!... Plenty of time to hang-out and have fun...

We'll be sourcing the best plant-based food...

Fire Walking Ceremony to Conclude

This year, we'll be conlcuding the event with a very special firewalking ceremony. There's nothing quite so thrilling, empowering and uplifting. When you've walked the fire, you feel like there's nothing you're not capable of doing...

See you there!...

Administration Details

Timings and arrival: The group will gather on Monday 13th July from 4pm in the afternoon for a connecting meditation and dinner. It will finish at approximately 10am on Sunday 19th July after breakfast.

Cost: The full cost of the gathering including course facilitation fees, food, accommodation and any necessary equipment is £650 (please ask, if you feel you need a reduction).

Venue: The gathering will take place at Pine Tree Cottage in Devizes...Pine Tree Cottages

Directions and Travel: The venue is close to Pewsey main train station which is just over an hour from Paddington station in London (all the main London airports connect directly to Paddington). We will be able to collect you from Pewsey station and drop you offer there afterwards - let us know your arrival time when you've confirmed your travel arrangements.

Hiring a car?: If you're flying into one of the London airports (Heathrow is closer), the venue is just an hour or so from Heathrow (2hrs from Gatwick). We can happily provide directions - please ask on booking.

Not for profit: Just as a reminder, Openhand is a not for profit organisation. All surplus revenues are reinvested to facilitate our objective - to help others in their journey of spiritual evolution

Booking info: The course is open to all Openhand facilitators including those training to be. To inquire further and/or to


The Openhand work continues to develop to meet the rising tides of the Shift. These are exciting times for sure, where increasingly more and more people around the world are recognising the impact of the Shift in their lives and wanting to break free of the old limitations. Especially as we're witnessing in the gatherings the emergence of new 5D DNA. Let's work together to discover how to activate and integrate this for the new evolution of humanity.

In our virtual community, our annual Facilitator gathering is the ideal opportunity for us to come together as a group and further develop our gifts of divine service. I'm going to love catching up with you all, sharing space, working with you, having fun and adventure - it's going to be tremendous on so many levels. You'll experience the Openhand family connection of kindred spirits all resonating with many common feelings and explorations. You'll be right in "spiritual grand central" with so much energy moving in the Avebury area of global importance. You'll connect with lost starsoul energies, work the energy fields, open portals, speak into higher densities.

That's not to mention further development of your facilitation skills, processing your own karmic energy, guidance in your developing spiritual business model and further accreditation within the facilitator network. There are just so many reasons to be there - come join the family in the physical, for what will certainly be, an unforgettable multi-dimensional experience. I can just feel it's going to be the pinnacle of the Openhand work to date.

Looking forwards to seeing you.

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That Booking Info Again

The gathering is open to all Openhand facilitators, those training to be and we'll be incorporating training for newbies into the program. To inquire further and/or to book, contact our Community Coordinator Aspasia... email

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That's brilliant Megha - it's a classic example of realising some kind of blockage holding us back in life, but then the importance of locating the actual physical blockage in the field - in this case the throat chakra but connected into the abdomen - it's also typical that there's an interrelation with these things - threads of energy often connect them. The important thing being to get into the centre of the energy blockage itself and work it through. It sounds like the flu activated this for you because you accepted it and embraced the inner feelings of it. That's probably why it's processed as it has. Brilliant!

You'll make a great facilitator for sure. So yes, see you in Avebury!

Open HeartPraying Emoji

Dear Open, 

I am still throes of a cold that seems it will last forever. And that feeling being slightly I'll, seems to enhance processing like nothing else. A chance remark from my partner trigerred my abandonment would. Because I know it's there, I withdrew and felt rather than retaliating with anger or trying shut it down. 

My  wound is a black deep hole in my belly. I deeply felt into to it and then suddenly something got free and moved to my throat. And I was crying tears of grief.

In the past too, I have felt a block in my throat, I am unable to authentically express all the time. I feel like I play small to avoid attention because in the past attention has meant getting abandoned. And that's when I feel I have hit something karmic and very deep.

In my life that plays out as me dithering on telling my partner about wanting to be at Facilitator school. I finally did this morning. Without any drama. And I am coming to Avebury. 

It also means expressing myself authentically on social media against state sponsored violence. And standing my ground when opposed.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon ❤️

Hi Sandra - it would be a real pleasure to host you there. And I have opened the summer school up to new facilitators, people who've done a reasonable amount of the work before, which you have. So yes, it would be a pleasure to have you there. Avebury is a special place and we always get great connections. I'll ask Aspasia to coordinate with you.

Very best wishes from sunny La Palma,

Open Praying Emoji

Hello Open.  It looks like the July Avesbury facilitators retreat is the only one I will be able to attend, with your permission.  I am not an official facilitator but I am an active advocate and would welcome sitting with the group and experiencing their energies as well as the fields in Avesbury. Would this be possible


Sandra Zarins 

Avebury is one of those magical portals of interdimensional connection, with it's alchemical sites and copious stone circles. Not to mention this will be in the height of the crop circle season, and.... we have permission to run a highly scared fire walking ceremony to cap it off. It's sure to be a magical time with kindred soul family Victory Hand