Finding Lightness of Heart in Abrupt Accelerating Climate Change

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An Iceberg the size of Trinidad and Tobago has just broken off the Antarctic Ice Shelf. Personally I find this deeply significant in the Great 5D Shift - only a couple of years ago, plenty in the spiritual mainstream were pointing to the growth in Antarctic Ice to deny that Climate Change was warming the planet. I know this is 'inconvenient'. I know it's not the kind of thing you necessarily want to read about. But, as evolving people, I believe it's utterly essential to take note. We must attain higher dimensional consciousness by transcending the lower ones - we can do it, and there's nothing to fear. Such circumstances will serve to make us stronger and more complete...

Inconvenient and Unpopular, but Necessary

Here on Openhand we've never been afraid of reporting the 'inconvenient truth', even if that makes us unpopular. We believe whole heartedly that to truly evolve, you have to pass through any attachment and fear based ties that connect you to the old reality. You can't simply ditch it - you have to dive in and through it. With that in mind, check out this short video on the shift in the Antarctic Ice Sheet from the Guardian. Let's embrace the truth, so that we may expand out with lightness of being...

Turning a New Corner in the 5D Shift

We've definitely turned a new corner now in the Earth's phenomenal transformation. Up to this point, it's been relatively easy for many to put the 5D Shift on the back burner, whilst getting on with the 9-5. But now with increasing regularity, climate change statistics are landing with the potential to shock deniers to a new awakeness, like.... Gaia's Great 5D Shift...An Arctic Without Ice? This is my drift - for those who deny reality the way it really is, and try to pretend something else is happening, the denial creates polarity within, and so when something pretty mega happens, like this huge Antarctic Ice Sheet Breaking off ((The Watchers), or discovering that society is now consuming over 1 million plastic bottles per minute, then eventually, either the denial or the shock, binds people into the physical reality through the polarity they've created inside. We don't have to limit ourselves in this way! We are glorious cosmic beings of light. As we embrace and live that now, we can expand out of any limitation. Here's how...

Flowing Freely with Active Kundalini

When we embrace exactly what's going on, and let it become a part of our daily reality, then we integrate wholeness within - there's nothing that can shock you back into polarity. Thus your soul is able to flow freely with active kundalini through all situations. It means you're always connected up to the source, no matter what is going on. Then as reality continues to shift, even through dramatic situations such as these, you unfold and unveil your Cosmic Being - you can express freely from that place without fear. Denial leads only back to duality. Truth, on the other hand, is the only thing that can truly set you free.

Finding Lightness of Heart through it all

With lightness born of truth in mind, finally, I felt to share a bit of climate change humour with you. When you're in the truth, you can ultimately make light of anything...

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See you down the flow!

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