Near Term Homo Sapiens Extinction...And Rise of the Divine Human

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We've entered the corridor now in this Great 5D Shift - that of profound evolutionary change, precipitated by abrupt and irreversible climate change. When you strip away the constant drip, drip, drip of fake news designed to distract so as to perpetuate "business as usual"; when you dare to confront your own fears about where society is truly heading; when you go deep into the heart and tune into Gaia - feeling her pain as your own - then you'll likely come to the conclusion that we're now facing the near term extinction of Homo Sapiens. But I am not a pessimist, for as one life form falls away, then a new one inevitably rises...

What is 'Normal' in an Arctic without Ice?

You'd be forgiven for thinking I'm being overly dramatic and life continues as 'normal'. But that's just what the insipid conditioning of society would have you believe - that it's all "business as usual". Except that it's not. Either this year, or in the next few ahead, we'll be facing an arctic without summer ice.

  • Why is this so significant?

An arctic without ice greatly accelerates the warming affect on our planet, because less of the sun's rays are reflected, more is absorbed, and contained under blankets of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Most importantly, the effect is accelerating the release of permafrost methane, which is 20 times more warming than CO2 and begins to affect immediately.

It greatly affects the jet stream, which is why we're witnessing the kinds of hurricanes that have deluged Houston for example and why millions have been flooded out in South Asia; or why there are flash droughts, which have caused a significant percentage of the US's wheat production to fail this summer. With just a couple of degrees increase in global temperatures, the staple food of the current configuration of society - grain - fails, and prices progressively hike, causing food shortages and starvation for millions. This is only the beginning. The Titanic has struck the ice and is holed beneath the water line. Right now humanity is in that denial phase - "she's too big to sink". But sink she will, and very quickly at the current rate of change. In global temperature terms, we are now already well above the 1.5 centigrade target set by the Paris climate agreement in 2016. Release of permafrost methane will likely add a couple of degrees to that within a few years. That's not to mention the spiraling affect of the strongest greenhouse gas - that of water vapor. Let's get real about it folks, humans have not been able to live on the planet at more than a few degrees above the current baseline.

It's only when we're in reality, that can we do something about it: we can adapt our lives accordingly and be inspired to do the only thing that can truly make a difference - a shift in consciousness into a higher paradigm of being. That's what Openhand strongly advocates and is here to facilitate.

Be in truth about what's really going on

Before I talk about the 5D Shift and how to work with it, I encourage you to take an important hour of free time and watch this documentary by climate change expert Guy McPherson. Packed with resonating factual observations, it's probably one of the most important videos you can watch at this time, if you're to be in truth about what's really going on...

A Dramatic Shift of Consciousness

  • How did we get into this predicament? Why will the shift need to be so dramatic?

As I've explained here in this article, Intervention on Planet Earth and in the book Divinicus, an intervening consciousness - like a virus - has downgraded humanity to fit within a system of control. When you look into our genetic coding, the true chromosome story, the megalyths of sophisticated early civilisations and above all, past life regression experiences, then even if you prefer not to believe it, the inescapable conclusion is that an Interdimensional Intervention has shaped humanity and the planet for its own agenda. That consciousness sits within the very DNA of Homo Sapiens. It's why people exploit the planet as they do, can actually see the damage being done, yet the majority seem incapable of change. It's the wiring of people's DNA, caused by electro-smog, excito-toxins in food, GMO, chemtrail geoengineering and in all of the synthetic chemicals regularly used in the average home.

It all creates a frequency that interrupts the natural resonance of the body, thus excluding the soul frequency from fully infusing. But once you know this is happening, once you get out of the density through meditation, then you can feel the dulling affect of this lower consciousness. It then becomes possible to do something about it.

As I've explained in Divinicus, and in this video here below, the collapse of the old civilisation, and indeed the very biosphere in which we live, is now inevitable. Sweeping change is set to grow across our planet in the near term. But I hasten to add, we are not confined at all to the limitation of this - certainly not! This need not be the end of the story by far! The cleansing is necessary to restore alignment, harmony and equity for all life here. This is happening through the natural response of Gaia - to shift her consciousness into the Fifth Density - and we all have an invitation to join her. It's why well over 100 species of creature are already moving on daily.

Rise of the Divine Human

Essentially the future path of humanity is now about transcendence. In other words:

  • transcending the confines of the merely physical, by confronting any experience within, that would confine you into some limiting box.

It's actually confronting what makes you tight, fearful and closed down - because this is where your consciousness is already deciding you are small (there is no fear in a self-realised being, whatever is going on!). And here's the paradox, the wonderful opportunity such circumstances present... Because you can now touch the limitation inside, you have the opportunity to expand through and out of it. I've talked about how, in the first of the Openhand book series Breakthrough. As you embark on this pathway of transcendence - of spiritual Breakthrough in every moment - then you begin to walk an inner journey through 5 expansions of consciousness - through 5GATEWAYS. You can watch the 5GATEWAYS documentary for free here and read about the 5GATEWAYS book here.

What we're performing is inner alchemy: by infusing soul in the daily choices we make, we're transforming the base metal of Sapiens into the shining gold of Divinicus - your divine beingness.

This is not theory - people the world over are engaging in this 5D Shift of consciousness right now. And it's not something you have to wait to enjoy the benefits of. Those choosing to live in 5D Consciousness begin to experience blessed and miraculous lives right now.

How much longer do we have?

Exactly how much time Homo Sapiens has left? It's a hard one to call, because Gaia is a complex and responsive being, so there will be many unpredictable twists and turns as she progressively shifts into the 5D. And I can feel in my heart she wants to be as compassionate and gentle as possible, so as to offer the maximum amount of transition time. But certainly, the time left, will be a lot shorter than most imagine. There is still all the time in the world - but no time to waste!

  • Put metaphorically, the Titanic - representing the old reality - has hit the ice, has been holed below the water-line, and is already beginning to sink. We're in the denial phase, but in the space of about a decade, dramatic shifts will likely affect pretty much everyone on the planet. I can feel that after about three decades, viable living for Homo Sapiens in the 3D will be extremely challenged. By 2100, I don't see any complex life on Earth in the 3D. Now is definitely the time to "launch the lifeboats".

Metaphorically, the "lifeboat" represents your spirit-light-body, which is your vehicle of ascension into full 5D Consciousness - the next chapter of human history on Earth.

The 5D Shift Project

Openhand's 5D Shift Project is purposefully configured to support people making this Great Shift of consciousness into the 5D. It facilitates a progressive transition in your daily life, so that you may successfully ride the flow of energy, and benefit from that right now - to live in 5D Consciousness. (Discover more about Openhand's 5D Shift Project.)

  • It's a blessed and miraculous existence - why wait any longer?!

But it's not about telling you your truth. You may have a different view on the changes taking place on Earth right now. You may have a different feeling on the timescale and what the ultimate configuration will likely be. No matter - the 5D Shift Project is a framework for inner inquiry. It's about asking questions based on observations and perspectives - then inviting your own soul to figure out what is true for you.

  • We may intellectualise 5D consciousness, yes, we may point to the gateways, yes, but we may only attain it by realising it inside.

Above all, the invitation is now to witness what's really your truth about the momentous changes happening. Not what someone else tells you or pontificates about, or is in denial about. Look out into the world about what's really going on. Take time out with Gaia and feel in your heart what she truly says. And then respond accordingly, but I suggest always with an open mind and heart, so that your view on reality may progressively evolve - then your consciousness will evolve too! Sending love, compassion and support to all, in these times of profound change.

In loving support

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I used to work in a very demanding job where work just kept coming and coming. My manager used to joke with us and say:

"You can run but you can't hide."

Apropos for these times methinks.

While reading your post, Open, the song "Nearer, My God, To Thee" ran through my head. It was apparently the last song played by the musicians on the deck of the Titanic as it disappeared beneath the ocean. It so beautifully and poignantly captures how I feel as I increasingly let go of this 3D reality and ascend to 5D.

I found a version of the song on you tube by André Rieu and felt to post it here. It moves me deeply and helps me surrender to endings and new beginnings and melt into Oneness. My heart will go on.

Who can forget this heartbreaking line from the film spoken so nobly by the lead musician when the band finished playing?

"Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight."

Yes, indeed.

Love to All,


Thank you for the reminder, Open! It is hard for me to imagine or feel fully how Gaia is still managing to support life and express Love in these challenging times on Earth! Only a highly evolved and compassionate being can do it and I have so much respect for Her and would like to help.

I resonate very much with this article and what Guy McPherson says in his presentation. Thank you for writing about this and bringing it out into the world. It's not easy expressing this perspective. I've found that my family just don't believe me, and my friends find me too 'intense' (I'm usually a fairly quiet person). Though I've made the decision to start talking more about abrupt climate change on my own website and articles. If one wants to work with change within themselves and the death of the ego, then climate change and our extinction absolutely cannot be ignored.

I can't say I have too much fear about it at this point, because I know that when pain and suffering arise I will process it. However, I must say firstly I've never been good with extreme weather so this is certainly a fear I'll have to go through when it arises. Secondly, I wonder sometimes for my kids who are still young and so will likely still be fairly dependent when the effects start getting more intense. I know this is going to bring up a lot of karma for me down the line around letting go and not being responsible for what happens to them.

Thanks again for the article.


It gave me goose bumps to read it - and honestly it activated a certain little degree of an old fear left . But i love when truths are openly exposed . It activates always something deep within and new shifts can begin . I also constantly am reflecting / observing how many out there i cross seem to be unaware of the global situation - their implications - and shifts taking place - its pretty staggering and at times painful to witness - yet empowering at the same time. Being seems more than ever the best way to support the shift . I am much more open to bring in that subject into many of my regular encounters with others . I constantly work as to find the best aligned way to share this abrupt perspective - because most may not realize how they could benefit or approach these turbulent periods of planetary shifts . My heart goes out for the guys down in Huston , Mumbai or Nepal - heavily touched lately .

It is five years since I first came across Openhand. And I've had five years experience of being confronted with my physical mortality: not as defined by Openhand, but as defined by life on this planet. I've been confronted by what each and every person ever with a terminal diagnosis has had to face; I've been confronted by the same thing those I have know who have died have had to face; I've been confronted by the fact that, even as much as my life is engrossing and totally absorbing in its life-full-ness, the single guarantee I have is that it ain't for keeps. And I have felt the truth of the Buddhist suggestion that only by contemplation of death can we be truly be in the fullness of Life.

So, at the point where this article gets hard to read and Guy McPherson's talk gets hard to watch (it took me two days - it's pretty hardcore). I have learnt to notice my reactions. (Right now the blood feeling like it is draining from the surface of my body to centre on the lump in the pit of my stomach.). I've have learnt to notice when I get tight and to give the tightness, the head ache, the irritability, the frustration, the pain, the whatever my soft attention. I've learnt to turn towards the distress - to be open to noticing what lies in the blind spots my everyday consciousness skims over and to go towards the centre of the pain be it physical or emotional.

Often it takes days, while simultaneously living everyday life (and sometimes supported by a facilitator) to penetrate the layers covering the kernel, the historic knot or origin of the distress. Then, softening and breathing deeper still, becoming at one with it, accepting it without needing it to change, giving it the light of my attention.
And in this process, as each layer falls away something magical happens - I become less bound by fears, shoulds, oughts, habits, expectations and history. Increasingly I have a sense of presence and freedom in each moment. I have unfolded gifts that society would have us believe are the stuff of fantasy.

So I say, whatever you feel reading this article, especially those little feelings lurking nearly out of vision in the half light, go towards them. And when the going gets tough, ask for support - there's loads out there.

Hi Richard,

A part of me still wants to scoop up my grown son and daughter and swaddle them in my arms, as I did when they were tiny babies, and protect them from what's coming down.

That said, the book and film "The Road" says it all for me about the kind of enduring love that transcends fear and glows like a candle in the darkest of nights.

What keeps me going is my burning love for my children so they will carry the fire as I do.

Father to son:

“You have to carry the fire."
I don't know how to."
Yes, you do."
Is the fire real? The fire?"
Yes it is."
Where is it? I don't know where it is."
Yes you do. It's inside you. It always was there. I can see it.”
~Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Here is the final scene from the film when the father dies and his son finds a loving family who carry the fire amidst the fear, madness, and mayhem. My tears flow like a river and carry me home.

x Cathy

Amidst all the potential death, destruction and the demise of humanity, I also think what a gift! Us humans seem very slow to learn sometimes and we need a hefty nudge to really see what's going on. Thank you Open for reminding those of us who want humanity to change its ways. We certainly cannot continue on our present path.

For me it's about 'noticing' and being as awake as possible to all that goes on in my life and in the world. I still notice I drift into automatic pilot a lot of the time and have to continually bring myself back to awareness. Such is the power of the mind and how the software has been designed. It takes conscious effort to be conscious but the power we hold in each moment when truly conscious becomes immense.

Humanity has to change its ways. I am doing my best to play my part by changing some of my own ways so I live as authentically as possible and from the heart rather than from the head, respectful of my fellow man and of this beautiful planet of ours. Yes, all that is going on can seem scary and overwhelming. However, if we all rise to the challenge and raise our game then I believe the gift that lies hidden in the cloak of the monster that delivers the fast approaching chaos, is going to be pretty amazing.

It is interesting that the above climate change video ended at 21 seconds (1:02:21 or at least that's what i noticed when watched for the second time) and we had solar eclipse on August 21. Or maybe it is just my imagination :)