"Openhand First Sunday": Connecting with Christ Consciousness - Hampshire 4th Dec

Submitted by OpenhandTeam on Sat, 10/01/2005 - 06:42


As the name implies "Openhand First Sunday" takes place on the first Sunday of every month to practice the Openhand Meditation techniques. We build together a high vibration which helps spirit draw closer, thereby enhancing our daily awareness of guidance from higher consciousness in our lives which in turn facilitates the integration of enlightening wisdom...(click 'read more' below)

This will be the last Openhand First Sunday before Christmas and so we will take the opportunity to spend time connecting with Christ Consciousness. It will include approximately 2 hrs of meditation and experiential exercises followed by a light buffet lunch (please bring a food contribution). It takes place at Aragon Hall in Odiham Hampshire at 10:00 am ending at around 2 pm.

There is no fixed cost for the session. You are invited to make a free will contribution at the end based on the value you feel you received in line with what you are able to afford.

Anyone is welcome to attend but please inform us you will be coming. Call 07817 360195 or email...click here

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