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Hi Open,

After listening to your livefeed today I checked out that greatreject site and watched Dr. Coleman's video about the jibjab and how it's going to cause mass problems this coming autumn season.  That would explain your 6 month timeline for things happening..)

I had thought the jibjab would cut the soul connection but he says people who get jibjab, their bodies will be a huge part of the problem of variants spreading that could wipe out mankind, incl. those who are behind this plandemic because they didn't realize how far it could get out of hand and thought they'd be safe, but won't be.  Wow, that's a shocker,  I'd call that karma.   I suspected those behind the plandemic were getting placebos as he thinks also. 

So basically the jibjabbed ones will be the result of powerful variants and we will most likely need to stay away from those who got jibjabbed so as to protect our immune systems.  He feels the ones who refuse the jibjab will be blamed for the worsening variants, when in reality it will be the jibjabbed ones that will cause the worsening problems.  It's all very interesting as he says mankind can potentially be wiped out but not for the reason I was thinking..but because the jibjab caused antibodies will override the bodies natural antibodies and nobody going to be able to keep up even with making constant new jibjab potions.

  Ok, I'm a soul having a human experience and I'm an energy worker.  Got that part figured out.  Question...if we're energy workers and healers, can we do anything on an energetic level to bring healing to those who got jibjabbed or is it too late for that now that so many millions will become the real super spreaders?  He states his claims based on what the vaccine specialist who worked with Bill Gates has since stated but nobody is being told.  Have you watched his newest video?  

Are the benevolent workers wanting to assist us going to help in healing those who got jibjabbed or try to stop the spreading of powerful variants?  Or will we just face death along with everyone else as Dr. Coleman's video seems to suggest, and so that's the reason for ascending to 5D?  My curiosity has got the best of me now... hopefully an intervention will come in time to stop the potential of wiping out mankind this Winter.  I've felt for a while now that time was going to be much shorter than 30 years for things to end.  If the VIR really may become out of anyone's control, that would be like other planets that were instantly wiped out and the reason we lightworkers are here in the first place.

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Hi Open,

This is a follow up to my first comment.  Dr. Vernon Coleman at the site has his latest video on there today.  Have you listened to him and if not, will you listen to what he says about the jibjab and then give your perspective on that for me?  If what he says is true, we would appear to be facing another Atlantis, or Pleaidian disaster again, possibly by the end of this year.  I'd love your perspective on his video.  Personally, I've been feeling for some time now that this planet or the souls on it won't go another 30 years.  After watching his 22 min. video, I can see why I'd be sensing that shorter time frame.  What are your thoughts?

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Hi Sherri, always, always, always, what draws you in to an inquiry is asking what does it say about me?

I actually don't feel to watch the video, because my sense is there's too much speculation and potential fear mongering. No one knows exactly what the machinations, shifts and flows will be. We have to take things step by step. It's even possible perhaps that the whole intervention will break down with a widespread uprising.

Sherri it's necessary to be wary of the self-fulfilling prophecy. Also that the opposing consciousness feeds in these negative stories (into the benevolent side) so as to create the outcome they desire.

Let's certainly notice the density in the field, yes, but focus on the path of light through it all.


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