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Hello everyone, I just wanted to get clarification on something I'v been experiencing and wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Sometimes while I'm meditating, ESPECIALLY when I'm doing it while listening to healing music, I start to see light getting brighter while my eyes are closed. I can't really describe what color it is, I've seen others talk about how they see white or yellow, but I just know that there's light and I start to feel tingling in my body. The annoying part about it is that it always goes away as soon as I start to observe and feel into it. I love the way this feels and so I try to feel it more and let it get stronger, but it's like every time I notice it happening it goes away. I have a feeling it's because I'm trying too hard to feel it, but it's like even when I just try to observe and let it do what it wants it still just disappears.

What does this light and tingling feeling mean? I've had the tingling feeling before without the light and have been told it's an experience of piti, is seeing light also piti?

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Greetings Hope2Day - welcome to Openhand The Sun EmojiPraying Emoji

I would say the tingling is the infusion of soul, that is happening because you're getting open to it. And I would also say that the light a metaphoric mind reflection of that - which is why you're not able to describe the colour. Clearly there must be some level of efforting and attchment to what it means - which is probably why it closes down when you observe it. So my encouragement would be to work more on just letting it happen without fixating to any particular outcome. Then it should just flow more naturally which will support your evolution.

Wishing you well

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