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I see, I can't post anymore in the last personal thread I started as it says, this is outdated. So I'm starting a new one. A new beginning maybe! Wink Emoji

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Hello and Greetings dear open, how are you, am always delighted to see your updates and thoughts. It's uplifting to see your good work and sharing. Have written to Aspasia before about my recent experience in an email, if you can go through, am better otherwise but could you suggest any self help/ meditation on how to feel more clear. Is there a way to speak to you personally

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It's been a while I have shared any personal experiences here. I need some suggestions as well. I have been continuing intermittent fasting for several months now. Almost always skipping dinner. I havnt fully overcomed the feeling of hunger at night and have been loosing body weight alarmingly yet again. Its also because I engage in a lot of physical activity like farming, hiking, sports, yoga etc. Ana the calorific intake is not just sufficient to maintain my body weight. I don't suppose spiritual evolution has to come at a cost of bodily health. So I think intermittent fasting is not everyone and certainly not for every situation. I guess it would work if you take lot of high calorific food. So I guess I will be switching back to a 'normal' diet and see what changes I might encounter. Having plentyful time when you skip meals is worth mentioning. 

These lockdown times have been generally good for me. I almost feel guilty thinking and saying it aloud as I know millions are suffering. Especially in a country like India where draconian laws are being passed without the slightest consideration of the population, majority of them being poor financially. Recently we have seen, thousands of people walking thousands of km to their hometown just because they can't afford food or water where they are. We refer to them as migrant workers. There is a feeling of powerlessness I feel, as nothing can be done in a physical sense to put brains into those who are in power. I have seen, one of my friend who has been volunteering to put food on their plate getting really frustrated as she feels nothing is ever enough. I guess for most people it's easy to just trust what the government and media is saying as challenging these may open up a Pandora's box. And there is no reference to put what is happening into some sort of sense or context. 

These times have been productive to me in a sense that I have a lot of time to engage in activities that I'm passionate about. And I'm really excited about the prospect of improving through them. I often wonder how much of this self improvement is founded on ego. It doesn't have to be. The feeling of excitement and enthusiasm is definetly a soulful feeling. When I really move from my usual ways and challenge reality to a degree, I can see it synchronistically supported by some external reflection and a sense of connection to something beyond. But it's not enough to say that I'm following the flow. How do you follow the flow and synchronicties all the time? 

I have been meditating regularly - Chakra attunement, Openhandbow, connecting with nature or just sitting and yawning by myself. And it's not something that I do anymore, it's a necessity just like drinking water or sleep. I can sense that the need to improve must be coming from an inherent sense of lack eventhough it's backed up by positive feeling. But I guess I have to just step into it and find it out myself. There are no mistakes in a spiritual path right!? 


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Hi Vimal - it sounds like things are progressing pretty well for you - no worries.

With regards the intermittant fasting, yes, if you're doing lots of bodywork like that, you'll have to intake more callories. You can eat all you like in a six hour window and still be intermittant fasting.

Remember the flow of synchronicity comes from beingness - the more you uncover and express beingness, the more the synchronicities accelerate. So keep focussing on uncovering and expressing new facets of beingness and all will be well.

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I think if I set up everything nicely, make it proper, finish it, arrange everything in its nice place, so that I don't have to think about again, then I could kick my shoes off and rest somewhere and I will be relieved and be happy. Its the attachment towards outcome forgetting that it's about the process than the outcome. I got a reflection where I was so happy that I completed something and was so relieved to have it almost perfectly only to know that I will have to do it again. But the great thing is that I can see through it. What's being invited to learn. I understand that I don't have to hurry myself to death, overanalyze and think too much that If I had ticked every box while I'm in the process. Maybe I will have to do it again and all of it will be a mistake even and that's ok.

Paternal projection

Another thing I'm seeing clearly is the paternal projection towards an authority, those in power, someone I could rely on, tell my answers, show me the way. Someone from which I want something in return - appreciation, acknowledgement, permission to exist, approval and acceptance. And the more I see it, more it provides the opportunity to step out of it and detach myself from it. I take back my power and soveigrenity and the freedom is incredible. This article provided a very good insight into it. How we project this paternal and maternal projection towards the government and how we can reclaim our personal soveigrenity. Thanks Megha for sharing it in Fb.…