A simple sharing of my personal Journey :)

This Morning working through past karmic experiences (Distortions); A sense of Humbleness came over me, realizing that it's ok, to accept and surrender to the re-occurring experience :) To trust in and let the hand of Benevolence guide me, patience I am learning is a must, not easy to surrender, I always thought when such karmic experiences happened I was to use the law of Attraction and will them away through positive thinking, hence create a bubble affect I guess, I never saw this as ignoring this distortion, the ego kicks in automatically and wants to continue this limiting program and will it away...I am on the right path to working through this now and through the guidance of openhand my awareness has heightened and I am able to catch these limiting programs and I am more aware of myself, hence the Observer in me is gathering momentum :) I feel blessed to have found the guidance of Openhand :)

I am also very happy as I can share all this beautiful knowledge with my 18 year old daughter and help her through some difficult times in her young life. already I see it has made us closer and I feel I am able to better understand and answer some of her questions and experiences :).

Kindest regard

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Good Morning all :)....I made a commitment yesterday, achieving to walk the path, when you are truly ready and committed to make this commitment in the words of 'Open' just say "show me!" " be really sure before you make the statement. Because once you do, it's like taking the lid off Pandora's Box: there's no going back - there's no 'blue pill' "Then situations will configure to reveal your attachments felt as resistance to the path and tightness"...well I can confirm I was heard and Distortions of resistance are definitely popping up, wow not easy! Now more than ever I require Openhands catalyzing tools as guidance and they are working :)

I am using this little blog as a journal :) to help me see any patterns I might have :)

It's a continual Journey that I am happy to have finally found awareness of, Much work to do and the funny thing is all the work seems to gather around just being our true authentic selves, self acceptance and love, who would of thought this could be so challenging! :). Openhand , yourself, the forum and others sharings have been a great source of valuable information to integrate and catalyze my journey, One day at a time :)

Good Morning all....
working through karmic experiences, distortions (energy blocks) yesterday, the distortion or energy block centred around the emotion 'Irritability' a uniquely bad day, Utilizing my guidance tools from Openhand I remember to try and Just let go, let the Observer in me Observe, accept this distortion, ease into it and ultimately surrender, hence taking away the negative energy block from and around my field... as the day wore on and into the evening I continue to try and Let Go, Surrender, then Synchronicity, as I am surfing through the Openhand website I stumble upon an Audio from Trinity, the Audio called 'Releasing entities meditation' ultimately this is what is feeding off my negative energy block in my field I believe....after listening to the 30 min Audio I go downstairs to find my kitchen sink was leaking profusely from the bottom....this surely was the straw that broke the camels back so to say....slouching my way back up the stairs to get towels to clean the mess suddenly a feeing of Nothingness comes over me and a smile...I then say to myself 'I do not have any more energy to give to this, I surrender" then I start to feel a letting go and ease of mind and start to laugh...All this to say that Trinities Audio catalyzed my removal of the energy block and distortion, We all have these and I highly recommend this Audio to everyone :) Love n Light.

Holy bad day! Wow seems like the opposing consciousness is grabbing on to me solid today! Gotta keep thinking this is a mirror to me and a great opportunity to learn! Seems like the feeling or emotion of "irritability" is where they are feeding off me today....Deep breaths required....