Solstice of the North Shadow

Solstice of the North Shadow

It is within my shadow that I love to dwell.
Darkness and frigid cold air comforts me.
As Spirit of the Northern Winter Solstice,
I invite you to explore your own shadow
lurking in spaces not visited for so long,
it seems like another age.

Twirling in winter storms has made me bold but after
26,000 long years, series of processions over 13 zodiac signs
and five cycles later, I’m at a crossroad.
I tiptoe pass the road leading to the underworld.
Stopping to catching my breath,
I look through a window sitting directly on the horizon.
There, the Galactic soul gazes into my eyes and extends his hand.
We embrace.

Dancing with the stars, we perform an exquisite vortex waltz.
Matched in a solstice galaxy alignment,
our magnetism lines up with perfect divine expression.
This dance shifts with a burst of released energy
as we pass the galactic center. His hand lets go.

Then in no time, my essence slows into a calming stillness.
Nothing stirs except glimmering diamonds of my outfit.
They pulse so brightly, I wonder just when will you wake
and become aware of me?

Never mind, for now for we have crossed into light.
Sunrise appears above the horizon and shadows dissipate.
My lighter aspect shines because it is in the daylight
where lessons from the dark are exposed and then integrated.

Under the last visible beam of moonlight,
I scurry back to comfortable shadows.
As the Dark Spirit of Winter Solstice,
I offer you my gift of service.
I love giving contrast.


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