soul journey

Hi, I'm Sharu, I'm a pranic healing student and a traveller. I'm new here and so happy to be a part of this community.

A few months ago, I was travelling to Gokarna, where I met Vimal, a soul friend, We travel together since. He mentioned to me about openhand teachings, and for me, it was like a lot of realizations in a short amount of time. about the actual purpose of meditation, about surrender and acceptance and about judgments. actually, I was so really resonating with all of that. I could really feel a light in me. I was a person who used to run away from negative situations and from this perception I understood that negativity helps a lot in our spiritual growth and I was so able to find out the balance between the two polarities. and I really understood everything is spiritual, and I got much clarity to most of my doubts. I'm so happy that I find a place that so resonates with my being. 

thank you so much for bringing this light to me.

and I wrote a poem in Gokarna, I wanted to share it here.

soul journey

nothing else,

I want to go this path of my soul

if it's emptiness

it's happiness

if it's sorrow or narrow

I won't be judging

I'll be accepting as it is

and I'll always be grateful to you...


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