Soulmotion & allowing myself to be seen

I took myself out for a walk around the lake this morning, a well deserved break after an intense day of processing yesterday following Path Between Worlds in Victoria. The warm temperature mixed with the moisture from last night's rain brought forth a plethora of spring sights, smells and sounds. Deciding to pop my headphones on and listen to some music, I soon started to move into soul motion as I walked. Wow it felt good! Nature was absolutely OK with me singing and moving expressively and then.....people.......eeek! I watched myself abruptly shut down inside and cease any expression beyond walking. Whoa what just happened?!

I felt my soul could not express freely based on what I perceived as the judgement of others. Where else am I doing this in my life? There I see it! And over there I see it too! - my inner light dimming as I tether my soul.

The words "let it rip" flowed forward and with my arms outstretched and the constraints of compliance removed I started to move. All around the lake I expressed my soul, onto the country road I expressed my soul, down the residential street I expressed my soul, and into the village coffee shop I expressed my soul. Some people stared bewildered, others smiled and one person I know started to move a little with me. Someone jokingly asked me what drugs I was on and another asked if it was a tribal thing (Deli to Dublin really gets me

How often do we shut down the fiery expression of our soul? And how often do we deny ourself the euphoric feeling of expression because of fear? My inner light is ablaze right now!

Unleash, express, flow, transform.

I'm not holding on to my hat any longer :-)


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Beautiful sharing Sandra, Very inspiring ....Lets unleash, express , flow and transform every thing around us...


I have so gravitated to the Victoria experience! And many times this past week I was present there, experiencing once again the Openhand joy. It reactivated, recharged, rejuvenated my Florida experience in March. But it also led me into the Eden experience which, for me, was a deeper and older blockage I had not yet released. I have long loved the myths of the first eleven books of Genesis and its compatible myths such as the Epoch of Gilgamesh that came from the ancient civilizations of what is now known as Iran/Iraq/Turkey/Syria. To return to and wade through the Truths there, and the eventual old distortions that we still are influenced by was huge for me. Soulmotion was/still is an essential part of that embracing and releasing. Soulmotion has also become a regular part of my yoga/tai chi practice, which I now do outside in the rain, in the wet grass....such a cleansing and freeing experience. The little duck and geese families enjoy watching me, as an added bonus.

So much love and gratitude for Openhand and for all of you...

For anyone not having experienced the Openhand work, soulmotion is our own, unique meditation in movement, designed to help people break through the density of the bodymind and instead, attune to the lightness of the soul.

There's a formal part which has similarities to yoga and is based on simple martial arts warm up routines but with breath integrated. Then there's a formless part of free flowing movement, often to music. We're frequently told how powerful it is for catalysing the path and realigning with soul. It feels absolutely lovely!

Find out more... soulmotion

This is a lovely sharing Sandra - deeply revelatory.
Thanks for sharing.

Open :-)

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for the deeper insight...I will have to ponder this in my own life :) I intuitively added soul motion to my yoga practice recently....what a way to fire up the soul <3

Maureen <3

Hi Fiona and Maureen,
Thank you for sharing your words of support and for witnessing what was for me, a real act of bravery! It's so awesome that you experienced a similar shift Maureen. Soul motion in nature is the best! I told a friend about my experience and she became very excited. She shared with me her resistance to bring more motion into her yoga practice, despite what her body is intuitively guiding her to do. As a yoga teacher she has been reluctant to step outside the box. My sharing yesterday gave her permission to do this. She's now playing with the idea of creating a new class which incorporates a form of soul motion.

My expression of soul felt amazing yesterday, and the real jewel for me was in reflection, when I looked at other areas of my life where I am repressing soul expression. This insight felt like a curtain had been lifted to allow me to see aspects of my beingness where I have been subtly holding back.

What a gift!


Hi Sandra,

Thanks for sharing! I was surely connected through the ether in Victoria last week as I had this same shift happen. I was at the beach sitting under a tree by the waters edge. I played my music, sang & did soul motion for hours. I had the best time ever! I felt a strong conviction that day that I wasn't going to suppress my joy anymore. If people judged it was their own fear and maybe I could actually inspire someone to express as well. Then I saw the music video, Brave, that Catherine had posted and I cried as this is how I felt that day. Yahooooo let the dancing begin!!

Maureen <3

Hi Sandra,

Wonderful, how inspiring! If you came towards me (and I didn't already know you), I would surely be smiling and feeling lighter inside. Yeah!!!

Thank you for shining that awesome light of yours, love Fiona