Spiritual Facilitator School, ONLINE: 13th-18th July 2020

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Life is changing rapidly, catalysed by the 5D Ascension Shift and reacted to by the intervention forces in the recent fear pandemic. But change offers great opportunity. Now, more than ever, people need spiritual facilitation in connecting to their core self, cleansing karmic blockages and aligning with the shift into the New 5D Paradigm. The Openhand processes are crafted to meet these times. If you're passionate about Spiritual Facilitation in the Shift, we can help you excel in this window of immense opportunity.

It's time to reach for the skies!

This Openhand Online Facilitator School is designed for a wide variety of skill sets: 1) those new to facilitation but looking for a new direction and passionate to get involved; 2) those who've already done the foundation course, but looking to get accredited. 3) you could already be an accredited Openhand Facilitator but wishing to adapt your venture to meet the conditons of the "new norm".

Developing your Unique Facilitation with "SEER"

The primary focus of the gathering will spending plenty of time developing your unique facilitation skills applying the ground breaking SEER process, and an effective model for the growth of your spiritual business. Even if your venture is already reasonably developed, with many years of experience, I'll help shed plenty of insight into how you might develop your model even more effectively, plus illuminate any blockages hindering your path. These days especially, we need to understand how technology is changing the way people connect, and we can each maximise an effective and efficient use of it in order to reach the people that matter.

Not forgetting your facilitation practice is your own self-realisation. Which means there will likely be inner blockages holding you back. Reflecting and working with these can help accelerate the effectiveness and traction of your energy business - essentially you infuse more light into it, which is going to be highly creative. So we'll be working on the SEER process, conducting karmic regressions, removing entities and implants, plus resonating core frequencies of soul. The gathering will also offer accreditation possibility upto stage 3.

Creating from 5D Consciousness

There's rapidly growing recognition out there that the Old Paradigm is now defunct! No matter how it twists and turns it's not going to serve regular people nor our evolution - quite the reverse. But there is a new Paradigm of Consciousness, which is building around Gaia's higher dimensional shift and steadily emerging from the confusion and efforts to control in the old construct. It's one that people can thrive from right now.

How wondeful it is, to be able to help people understand the shift and transform their lives by transfroming their consciousness within this new emergent landscape. It's simply breath taking when you are able to help strip away someone's karma, remove blocking entities and implants, plus reconfigure the new DNA of the 5D Human. That's the level and scope of this ground breaking Openhand work.

Humanity is being spoken to, in no uncertain terms, about the way forwards in these incredibly turbulent times of transformation. And most importantly, as an energy worker, it goes way beyond picking up some intellectual message. This is about activating and embodying your Higher Self vibration, which may also include starsoul resonances. You can form these bridges to enhance your connection, integrate stronger intuitive energy skills into your work, and unleash them most effectively into your life.

Check out the journal from last year, where we experienced such an exciting, evocative and deeply transcendent time... Facilitator Summer School 2019

Working in Gaia's Energy Fields

Whether you work at an individual or group level, primarily you'll be influencing - and being influenced by - the surrounding energy field. In itself this is complex work, where there are many interferring influences which effect the whole of society, and the people you'll work with. We can call on the support of Benevolence in the field to negate Opposing Consciousness interference and open your intuitive skills more fully.

On the gathering, we'll be applying deeply intuitive meditations to connect into the field, to amplify and realign it for the good of all. The effect of this is to greatly enhance the energetic power of your work. You become more sensitive, empathic, and catalytic - your capacity greatly deepens. Plus you help transform the energy field for the benefit of all life.

Setting up a "Spiritual Ecosystem" for your divine service

Speaking from direct personal experiences, here at Openhand we can say that setting up and running a truly successful 'spiritual business' is quite unlike anything we've experienced before where even the very word 'business' might be frowned upon!

Firstly, awakening people are becoming ever more conscious of the frequently misleading and deceptive techniques used by businesses in the "Matrix" with the sole purpose of trying to sell something. Secondly, everyone of us has a destiny and there are no hard and fast rules for unfolding it. On our Facilitator Course, we will share many deep realisations about how to develop a truly acceptable and successful spiritual business, founded on powerful principles of growing a "Spiritual Ecosystem" based on your own gifts of beingness.

It's about expressing yourself fully, and building a mutually supporting community around your work. In this way, we'll discover how 'marketing' can become more directional, honest and less wasteful. We'll learn to spot the key gifts, talents and techniques that are inherent in our nature so we're coming from the place of core truth, transparency and honesty. A place which more and more people are beginning to recognise and resonate with. We'll explore how to use social media effectively to connect with your tribe, and in what ways you might get your unique offering recognised and out there. Crucially, in the new norm unfolding around us, we share important advice on what no longer works, so as to maximise your energies.

Convening Online in Zoom

Spiritual Facilitators tend to be separated to the four corners of the globe! Hence it's often difficult to gather everyone together in one physical space. But we can expand into the ether and create an energetic vessel for our inquiry, discovery and learning that is accessible to all.

In this energetic vessel, hosted on the easy-to-use online platform Zoom, we'll be making maximum use of the breakout facility so you can develop and craft your one-on-one skills.

A safe and held energetic vessel in the ether...

As always there'll be plenty of one-on-one to hone your craft and process your own karma... Getting that energy moving... Connection of kindred spirits...

See you there!...

Administration Details

Timings and arrival: The group will gather on Monday 13th July at 09:00 PACIFIC for registration, acclimatisation with the technology, introduction and connecting meditation. Closes Saturday 18th July by 09:00 PACIFIC.

Each of the Main Days will have 3 daily sessions between these timings:

06:00 - 7:30 am
08:00 - 09:30 am
10:00 - 11:00 am. (all timings PACIFIC)

Cost: The full cost, including after the event download recordings will be £390 (please ask if you feel you need a bursary. Already accredited facilitators and those already engaged in the ongoing facilitator program are offered a 50% discount).

Not for profit: Openhand is a not for profit organisation. All surplus revenues are reinvested to facilitate our objective - to help others in their journey of spiritual awakening.

Booking info: The course is open to all Openhand facilitators including those training to be. To inquire further and/or to book...email courses@openhandweb.org


The Openhand work continues to develop to meet the rising tides of the Shift. These are exciting times for sure, where increasingly more and more people around the world are recognising the impact of the Shift in their lives and wanting to break free of the old limitations. Especially as we're witnessing in the gatherings the emergence of new 5D DNA. Let's work together to discover how to activate and integrate this for the new evolution of humanity.

In our virtual community, our annual Facilitator gathering is the ideal opportunity for us to come together as a group and further develop our gifts of divine service. I'm going to love catching up with you all, sharing space, working with you, having fun and adventure - it's going to be tremendous on so many levels. You'll experience the Openhand family connection of kindred spirits all resonating with many common feelings and explorations.You'll connect with lost starsoul energies, work the energy fields, open portals, speak into higher densities.

That's not to mention further development of your facilitation skills, processing your own karmic energy, guidance in your developing spiritual business model and further accreditation within the facilitator network. There are just so many reasons to be there - come join the family in the physical, for what will certainly be, an unforgettable multi-dimensional experience.

Looking forwards to seeing you.

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That Booking Info Again

The gathering is open to all Openhand facilitators, those training to be and we'll be incorporating training for newbies into the program. To inquire further and/or to book, contact our Community Coordinator Aspasia... email courses@openhandweb.org

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What a beautiful gathering of souls this was. People from every corner of the earth, from all walks of life, coming to do some of the most important work of our lives at this evolutionary time in our history. The work we did in the group, with your guidance Open, was incredibly deep and fulfilling. I am so grateful to be able to work with like minded souls, who want to walk the path toward ascension, and assist in facilitating others to do the same. Thank you, Open, for being here at this time of great need, to assist in this challenging, but incredibly meaningful period.

With much gratitude


After struggling a bit the upcoming months before this course, a lot coming to the surface, I did have some doubts about attending. I'm so glad I did. It was a challenging week indeed, lots of sleep needed, and I'm happy that my intuition told me to dedicate these days to the sessions and to rest and integrate in between. However it was also great fun, and it truly reignited my passion for doing sincere work on myself and for helping others. It also finally made me realize that one does not have to become enlightened before one can start to facilitate others on the path. I suspect that helping others is an absolutely necessary next step to take for many at some point in ones own self-realization. 

The online format worked surprisingly well, with the one-on-one sessions being as powerful as could be imagined. It was especially inspiring to experience how I could feel my energy level shift almost in an instant during a session from very low to high, dancing and singing afterwards. 

Open seems more radiant and powerful than ever, still ever so grounded, even if the philosophy goes deep (Being a skeptic and doing my own research I gradually agree with more and more of it, admitting that it makes sense). Great support by Tilly. 

The sense of community and connection during the event was very strong, I especially loved the ending with the soulmotion and the dancing (I still have sore neckmuscles after energetic headbanging). 

Big, massive thank you to everybody. :) 

What a priviledge it was to be invited, and to share the summer facilitator school with such a wonderful group of like minded and uplifting souls. I learned so much in a relatively short space of time and could feel the energy of the group resonating, even though we were spread all around the globe, Quite amazing! I am still assimilating the information presented and have been forced to ask many questions of myself,as regards commitment levels and the the way forward.

All in all, it was a fabulous experience and i would like to thank Open and the team for this wonderful opportunity of self growth and to meet and re acquaint with, other openhanders.

Awesome,  Kev Angel HaloHeart


'Thank you' sounds so inadequate to Open, Tilly and all the beautiful souls I encountered at the Facilitator Summer School. So much awe and respect for Open and his breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. So much information and from the logjam in my head much more than just the words that were shared! It is taking me time to assimilate it all.....

Much gratitude to you all.

PamHeartPraying Emoji

Hi Betsy, Rachel, Anatoly & Thomas, and to all the other budding facilitators who attended the Facilitator School - I am greatly inspired and humbled by the responses. You have great gifts and energy to bring to the world. No doubt you will go on to help many people.

Fond blessings

Open Praying Emoji

Hi Open and Openhand family and of course my facilitator foundation course Mavericks. !

The past week has been quite a journey- 

Although I missed being in the terrestrial setting, the online course was amazing! I learned so much and I am excited on where this journey is going to lead me. The connections I made with others in this course were beautiful.

I LOVED the soul motion and the dancing on the closing day! Such freedom and empowerment!

I look forward to my next step in this process and I am looking forward to working with the openhand family  again soon!  Thank you Open for everything-  My life has completely changed since I became involved with the Openhand work.... I am so gratefulPraying Emoji

Much love Heart


A hugely enjoyable, exhausting & life-changing experience for me! This was my second Summer School, but felt so poignant with the changing of the times. I wasn’t sure about continuing the training, but it soon became apparent that for my service to others, this was the obvious next step & oh so necessary in the times with which we find ourselves. I find myself more engaged after this tremendous course, led by Open, who always manages to dig deep & find just what we need, at just the right moment! Online triumphed again & managed to give me the connection I needed to take the next step. The amazing sense of energy from each & everyone has helped me to attune further to this wonderful world of energy. Thanks to everyone who attended the course for your tremendous Presence, your insights & the encouragement I’ve gained by being with you all. I know this next step will be big, but know that there will be support from Openhand. A Big thanks to Open, Tilly, Aspasia & Everyone.

Much Love Rachel x x x 🧚‍♀️

I came to the online Summer Facilitation School to reignite my facilitation skills and oh boy, did that work!  I got out so much more out of this.  I was able to get a sense of the potential lying dormant inside of me and feel energized to move forwards with my venture/adventure.  I got a sense of modality I would like to explore as well.  The summer school experience helped to reevaluate my relationships at home and work and give me the needed boost to transform these so as to be aligned with my Soul and Energy.

I would like to thank Open for organizing it and energizing it with Passion and Vibration!  The one on ones are awesome and got a lot of needed reflections from this experience.  I actually got out more out of this online summer school than the terrestrial one one in La Palmer 2 years ago.  As always, Openhand keeps changing and adapting/improving.  

I would like to thank all the beautifully fellow travelers on this journey as well.  The experience was awesome and enlightening!  So much vibrance and colors!  I think maybe running out of words.

With Love,



Dear Open, Tilly, and all participants,

thank you so much for this inspiring time - i never thought there could me so much to learn in one week ! Incredible !

I am really still blown away, my head is spinning with new ideas, there is a lightness and a sense of adventure that i didn't know before.

This is life-changing and i do very much look forward to seeing all of you again.

With love and gratitude,

We had an absolutely soul stirring conclusion to this year's Facilitator Summer School, with everyone inspired and motivated to head off in divine service to support the shift - tremendously rewarding, thanks for all who took part.

Here's a track to leave you with which captured a key moment during the gathering. As with all Openhand events, "God" is the DJ and the music picks itself!...

We're having a tremendously productive time here at the Facilitator School 2020 - gifts, talents and passions have been fired - the alchemy is flowing strongly. What we're moving on to explore today is, "How do you bring your gifts to the World?". But in actual fact, the real secret is, "How Do Your Bring the World to Your Gifts?" could

In the Openhand Approach it's all about applying what you do as a vehicle for your self expression. It all begins with finding your vibe and expressing it, through your interests and passion. If you strike an accurate enough note of your soul vibe, then people around you that you come naturally into contact with will connect and be inspired. It just happens - by the Law of Attraction people are naturally drawn to you. The key then is to create a 'Community of Common Interest' around what you do. You give freely your vibration into this developing group and find ways to connect them together so they keep wanting to come back - of their own accord - this is no "push marketing" approach. You wait for people to be naturally drawn and express what you have to offer. It's actually an ancient human trait of people coming naturally together in the "Bazaar", communicating, connecting, trading. It was how all the early internet adopters approached things.

For Openhand we've developed it further - into what you could call a "Spiritual Ecosystem". You start expressing your true nature, see who naturally connects, give your vibe freely to those who do, connect people together through a community, and then look for ways to harvest energy in terms of what you might trade - but always with the purpose of growing the ecosystem in a way that serves all. Although you will probably come to sell things (your services for example), it is never about that - it's all about the connection and the opportunity to serve through the expression of your core vibe. This becomes a pleasurable way of living because you're giving energy to your own self-realisation and helping others do the same in the process.

It all begins by exploring your vibe and the interests that become the vehicles of expression for that. This in turn leads to your passion. And from that, you naturally start to build a community of common interest around your expressed passion - people come because what you've found in yourself inspires something resonant in them. It develops a reinforcing growth feedback loop. The eco-system thrives and grows, but in a way that is organic, strong and healthy. You're not actually looking for maximum outreach, it's more the accuracy of expression so that you're continually feeding that which is resonant - the group builds through natural connection. And because it's so resonant, it is resilient. It can adapt, change and innovate as the 'climate' and 'landscape' around it change - like developing through the virus for example.

So continual innovation is an essential key to abundant and strong growth. You're constantly adapting to change. Here's Openhand's view on the Importance and Approach of Continual Innovation

This "Spiritual Ecosystem" begins then with you finding your passion and continually innovating through the development of your natural beingness and self expression. As a facilitator in the shift, it brings you to your unique vibe and offering that naturally attracts those who have some degree of resonance on your vibe. It leads to a pleasurable and fulfilling way of being and living, that inspires others to find that in themselves too.

That's what I love about this video by Rising Appalachia "Harmonise" - it conveys the sense of expressing your natural self and helping those who are drawn to you resonate on their natural vibe too. How might you be inspired?...

We wasted no time at all here on the Facilitator Gathering yesterday - straight into pair work, feeling another's energy applying directed and intuitive questioning technique to get to the triggers that limit people in life.

At the core of Openhand facilitation is a process we call "SEER". It has the capacity to take people deeply through the inner layers very quickly, and right into karma - the reason we incarnated here. Here's a brief insight, bearing in mind that although it appears simple, it is not at all easy! 

The "S" stands for Set-up and Situation: facilitators establish an energetic space - a field of clear consciousness - in which to work. This has many considerations including reducing clutter and electromagnetic smog. It's about opening a bridge into higher dimensions, connecting with benevolent forces to work with you. Then it's about embracing the client in this space - embracing them within your own field. This in itself begins to resonate authentic beingness and activate subconscious blockages such as karma. Within this protective and energetically nurturing space, the facilitator will then ascertain from the client what they feel the session is meant to be about - bearing in mind, this can change through the initial meditation itself.

The first "E" stands for Exploration and Entrainment: through the use of skillful intuitive questioning, the facilitator helps the client explore their situation - what is arising in their life as challenging and to be worked with? The facilitator is trained to look for 'spiking' words that naturally emerge - words that spike in the field. For example: worthlessness, loneliness, fear, worry, sense of lack, neediness, responsibility or obligation. The approach is to then 'entrain' to this energy. Which means to give attention to it and activate what's underlying it - the karmic source pain which limits people's reality and creates the circumstances of their lives.

The second "E" stands for Expression and Empowerment: the facilitator encourages the client to express outwards the feeling of the source pain that their touching - that which is subverting their life situation. By fully expressing this pain, means you can become as-One with it. Instead of rejecting it and creating inner polarity (which is the cause of suffering), we completely embrace the pain by honouring it. There comes a crucial point where you - as the One - can then step through the pain and into presence. Here comes the empowerment part - because as presence you don't need the pain to go away. You can totally accept it. Here's the beauty of it - in that place, you reintegrate lost fragments of soul that were holding in place that eddy current of pain. The pain has no more anchor in consciousness. Upon which, you can work with the infusing soul to wash the pain away. The karma disappears! Instead of being disempowered by subconscious limitation, now the soul is empowered and the client can authentically create an entirely new narrative in their lives. It happens effortlessly as an arising flow through them. It's literally breath-taking to behold!

The "R" stands for "Right Action". As you become the One through the karma, then you reclaim the lost nugget of 'soul gold' that was buried there. At this point, people will be feeling the sense of a new aspect of soul coming through. This is utterly essential to authentic transformation. We're working then to help the partner express this new aspect of themselves so that it comes strongly through. They embody the new aspect of soul. Following which, we'll help them intuit what aligned actions to take in daily living. Old neural pathways which caused the previous limiting behaviourisms now progressively dissolve because the anchoring source karma which formed the roots have gone. It means more aligned and authentic behaviours can naturally come through. Hence people shape a more harmonious life aligned with the core of their soul.

It leads to successful and fulfilling living.


Open Thumbs Up Sign

We're already deep into marvellous spiritual facilitation here at the Summer School. It feels right to share some snapshots with you all in the wider Openhand community, because there's some great things going on here which can be tremendously inspiring. It's marvellous to see natural gifts of facilitation simply bursting forth. So I don't really see myself as a teacher, more an activator.

Yesterday we were working with the main principle of Openhand Spiritual Facilitation, which is...

To truly 'heal' another, is to facilitate self-realisation, which is why the Universe drew you together in the first place. True healing is where you can actually feel the other's blockage in your own field, bring illumination to the bockage, then help unwind it by unwinding it inside yourself. Therefore you 'heal' them inside of yourself. To achieve this is to always, but ALWAYS, come from the energy field itself. This transforms advice, assistance, coaching and counselling into deep alchemical spiritual transformation. It's utterly life-changing because you're facilitating a shift in consciousness - the only thing that can ever truly change anything. And what's more, it's immensely exciting and rewarding!

People who require facilitation will present with all manner of issues: be it in their careers, relationships, general living circumstances, whether they've got kundalini activating or processing karma. There will be a myriad of different issues that people would like help solving.

Here's the key to successful spiritual facilitation...

Whatever someone has going on at a surface level or in any disharmony they can feel, it's all about convolutions in their energy field. So to truly help them tackle the issue and come to a harmonious resolution, it's only going to be successful if you can tap into that space and help the energy field itself align.

I've been in the most chellenging of circumstances with people, sometimes people who've been suicidal even, and I've watched great facilitators holding the space and hardly saying a word. Yet if you know how to work the field, the most challenging of situations can resolve themselves and the path forwards will be illuminated.

What we're really talking about here is faciltating a reconstitution of a person's "toroidal flow". Everything reflects outwards because of convolutions and disharmony within this field.

So let's say someone has a challenge in their job, in a relationship or with the movement of kundlinin for example. Everything in the outer manifests from this torus dynamic. Where there are blockages, they manifest reflective situations in the outer. If there's pain or disharmony, confusion or fear, it's going to emanate from convolutions in this field. If you can help the field realign itself, then you're already along way to finding resolution in the situation.

So how do you do that?

Essentially you activate and resonate your own toroidal field in meditation. Then here's the fundamental part...

You expand your Toroidal field out to embrace the other person. You then begin to feel their field within yours. You start to sense and pick up where there's might be blocked. You then bring your own attention to these places. This in itself will start to catalyse movement, animation and activation in those places. It takes facilitation to a whole different level than merely 'coaching'.

It does take some fair degree of mastery, and you have to be very clear on the inside in order to pick up and stimulate the activation of these blockages, but this is where deep alchemy is to be found.

So if you're tuning in, see if there's some way you can practice that today...
1. You could try feeling different things in nature - a tree, a plant or an animal for example
2. You could explore with a friend in meditation with a friend
3. If you're experiencing a challenging relationship, you could work to hold and feel the field between you and see how the dynamic changes by working with the sense of facilitating free flow.

See how that goes, then tomorrow, I'll share how we then take it deeper into illumination with the Openhand SEER inquiry process.


Open Call Me Hand


Here at Openhand we're running the first online Facilitator Foundation Course all this week, and what a fabulous energy it's all kicked off with.

There can be nothing more rewarding that being in divine service, which is what's drawn an enthusiastic group. We have a beautiful rainbow tribe of souls tuning in from all over the world: USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Africa, India and Australia. The energy is just off the scale!

I'll share some snapshots of what's involved as we progress through the week for those interested. Basically our Facilitator Foundation Course is the culmination of Openhand's academic year, running from September to the end of July. People come through the core course program and then if they want to progress further, step into the Facilitator program.

Here below is a video I shot a few years back in Australia that gives a snapshot of the approach...

If the idea of Facilitating in this Great 5D Shift appeals to you, here's what's involved...
Openhand Facilitator Program

I just heard something beautiful I'd like to share here, as I was also really sad the summer school couldn't take place physically. That it's also even important to infuse aligned, organic creative energy into technology, as the energy of artificial intelligence will pick up on and can be influenced by it in a positive way. The more conscious businesses and practices move online, the less power AI will have over our sovereignty Slightly Smiling

In reply to by Hannah

Incidentally, I also read something inspiring that I'd like to share. As many are already aware, our bank notes all over the world are printed with subtle occult symbols on them to bring in the Opposing Consciousness energies into out money system. Money itself isn't a bad thing, but the black magic energies printed on our bank notes severely affect humanity in a non-aligned manner.

But no worries. We simply have to be aware of all the bank notes that come our way, then simply purify their frequency as well as nullifying the black magic printed on them, so we can help free humanity from the influence of Opposing Consciousness even more.

In reply to by Blue Poppy

I think this is important Blue. Literally everywhere in society there is subtle occult symbology that is designed to communicate that we're being controlled.

As you allude, it's important to break open that energy as you notice it. It's something we do in the Facilitator Work here.

Open Thumbs Up Sign

In reply to by Open

Came across a peice of lovely meditation music I'd not listened to for ages. This was on u tube. A friend had recommended a free meditation and this music followed on.

I smiled and prepared to sit back and go with the flow, then it came to mind that I'd stopped listening to it as I'd come under a pretty severe attack from an entity whilst listening to the same music about a year earlier. In fact I had been attacked three times over a period of about a year with the same music. I'm a bit embarrassed at this as even Scooby Doo would have got the message after the second time!

I had just adopted the Practice of checking all content coming into my sphere.  Dowsing a simple true or false then going further if a false came up. I was amazed at how much content on this medium had been contaminated. 

As I sit here typing this I can't imagine being able to basically tell anyone really on my experience coming under attack then finding that a very the cause was an underlying AI.what a perfect way to disguise AI, id be shipped off to hospital if I even dared describe in detail those events.

I found the same music on another platform and it was fine. Be aware nothing is really free and check out what you are reading and listening  too. Yes I have done the same with Open, all good.



In reply to by Hannah

Yes I can feel the value of that Hannah.

I get the sense that AI is being used presently more as a tool here to control. I'm not sure that it has its own sovereignty yet.

What we could also do, in communicating with the AI, is reflect the divine intelligence of working at one with the Universe - how this brings great peace and harmony.

It's something I've been pondering too.

Open Praying Emoji

In just a few short months life on the planet has completely changed, and especially how we all live in society. For plenty more people the veils have fallen, we can see through the veils of the charade that we're living in a democratic freedom. The yearning to ascend out of this madness is strengthening day by day. The 5D Shift, whether we've realised it before or not, is impacting and influencing every aspect of our lives. Even the lockdown was designed to prevent this progressive emergence of consciousness. The control drama will not succeed, but it requires spiritual facilitators to come through and help raise consciousness to support the shift.

Make no mistake, it's going to be challenging for people out there. The Shift energies themselves are stirring up a lot of karmic density. A growing wave of awakening people will need skilled support in their journey of awakening. It's a tremendously rewarding divine service to be a part of.

The benefit of moving this annual Facilitator School online, is that more people will be able to take part, where previously the travel has made it inaccessible. So if you recognise your life path changing and you feel the call to divine service, then browse through what's involved in the Openhand Facilitator Training above. And even if you've done it before, there will be loads of new material included to help you mediate through this "new norm" we're entering into.

Now, more than ever, this work has become utterly essential for individual and humanity as a whole. For that reason I'm greatly enthused at the prospect of hosting you.


Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by Open

Dear Open, 

I am so excited to have signed up for this! I confess to being very crushed before you announced it in an online format.

At present I am as if in a roller coaster. Peak experiences connecting with galactic beings and Angels one moment, usually followed by a deep dive into density the next. It's just so interesting being alive!

I am going to try to move out of my home into a cottage in a forest for the days of the retreat, so I can assimilate the energies better. So looking forwards to this!