"Sword of Truth"...YOUR inner Inquiry?

I've been out traveling and camping on Dartmoor in South West England, opening an inner space that new creativity may flow. It's inspired me to start a new Forum Thread here for everyone to share what happens when you go into stillness and inquire within? My gift is being able to offer an intuitive reflection, so I'll happily offer one if you'd like the feedback.

Feel free to share anything. Someone once said to me..."That was dull, I got nothing!" To which the intuitive reply..."Oh, so you touched the Void of Infinite Potential! Tell me what 'dull' means to the ego?" It usually goes really deep from there!

I felt to share a snippet of my own inquiry with you to get the ball rolling...

My final evening has been spent camping close to a favoured location - Brent Tor, with the Marvelous St Michael's Chapel on top. Generally I'm not too keen on church energy - I find the focused praying usually creates a fuzzy constriction around the head on the plain of the intellect. This time though, they'd installed a new roof on the church several months ago.

So as I sat and breathed, I could feel an expansiveness in the higher chakras. Also it's founded on solid granite rock, so it also felt very grounded and earthed. I got the sense of an excellent bridge between heaven and earth forming. It spoke strongly of the Openhand 'mission' here.

So do share your experiences with the inner inquiry. Even if its simply fuzziness - we'll be sure to bring some clarity to the exploration.

Here's the stunning Stained Glass Window of St Michael in the Brent Tor Chapel. With it, I hand the Sword of Truth over to you. What are you experiencing in the inner world right now?

In loving support

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Hi again,

Wow! Thanks so much! That actually explains a lot of things for me. Especially possibly having incarnated with the connection to the 4D. I’ve always been mind-boggled about why I’ve always had to deal with things other people never seemed to have to deal with, my whole life. And why this “dealing” with things never seemed to ease up for me. As soon as I cleared one thing, the ‘sh**’ would hit from another direction, without pause. It seems my whole life, my sole purpose has been to just clear garbage out. I do see the scheme behind it now, but I tell you, there have been plenty of times when I’ve been on my knees, looking up into the sky, literally begging to be taken back home.

It also explains one other thing that I feel I am ready to let out into the Open now. In my mid twenties, I was attacked by a very malevolent reptilian entity. I clearly saw its face and I know exactly the moment when it attached to me. I also know I was warned before it happened. Nonetheless, I couldn’t understand any of what I saw or experienced at the time, because it was like something out of the 80’s TV-series “V”. I discarded it as a figment of my vivid imagination, but that incident changed my life for twenty years to come, as I was forced to engage in a whole new dimension of battles after that. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, when a psychic asked me why there was a big alien lizard stuck to my aura, that I understood I had actually seen something very real. At the time, none of us could explain what it was or what it was doing there, but just having it recognised was a game changer for me. Having dealt with that mysterious experience, and the entity itself, I have to tell you what a relief it was to discover Openhand and the articles you have written about OC and especially the reptilians. Finally, someone explained it to me and I could just exhale and say, ‘Aha, that’s what that was.’

In regards to your question. I don’t have any siblings, and I have dealt extensively with my maternal relationship, as well as the absence of a paternal relationship. I feel I have been up and down that road so many times now, but as you say, if the full integration hasn’t happened yet, then there must still be something I haven’t uncovered. Or could there be any other possibility apart from parents/family?

with more gratitude ?? 




Hi Anastasia - what a journey you've been on. Just the brief insight reveals lots of journeying. The Sun Emoji

Yes, inner identities aren't necessary caused through parent or sibling relationships. It could be from friends, colleagues and also spiritual identities can form - especially if there's been some strong influence through the field - reptilian energy could certainly cause that. If that were the case, I'd say it's a question of working deep into the lower densities. It might be worth looking at sexual realignment if you'd not already done so - the reptilian energy has quite an effect at that level. We made this film about "Healing the Divine Warrior", which of course can equally apply to the divine feminine and how it might have been influenced by that energy...

Healing the Divine Warrior

Much love

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Hi Open,

I’ve watched the video and it makes a lot of sense to me. I have a very strong ray 1, and with it I recognise the typical distortions that seem to accompany this energy. I can also see how the reptilian influence may find a foothold in these types of distortions and ‘nurture’ them for its own purposes. 

Over the past week, I’ve been doing the meditation that is offered of healing the wounded dragon, and it seems to have an unraveling effect. It also seems this reptilian energy serves as a veil to keep me from accessing key information about myself. As this energy has begun to soften, there is some other identity issue that I’m beginning to touch upon. I haven’t figured it out yet, but it has to do with my cosmic identity somehow, of who I actually incarnated as. It’s quite complex to navigate, this part of the journey. Veils in all directions, and unexpected findings behind each corner.

When you mentioned ‘sexual realignment’, is there a specific method for that, or is it enough with the general guided meditation?

Thanks for all your help! ❤️🦋


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Ps. I’ve also detected a great deal of coagulated energy behind my eyebrows. It feels really dense and hard, and when I try to see or move through it, it feels like I’m hitting a brick wall. A lot of my attention is being directed to this area right now. Implant??

Hi Anastasia - I would explore the principles of tantra in sexual intimacy - so engaging in sexual intimacy, with yourself, or with a partner, and then working to be absolutely fully present, aligned, but also in full expression and enjoyment. This will help ensure the soul comes through but in an aligned way.

Yes it does sound like an implant. But work not to heavily focus just in that area - it sounds like you might have to defocus a degree, so as to soften it.

I trust this helps

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