time, memory and dimensions

It's said there is no time and space on higher dimensions. I often have a hard time conceptualizing how that is like. it seems to me, without time everything would be still, nothing should be happening at all. So, how do things happen without being in time and space?? Also where do our memories come from? it seems it is our ability to remember things that gives us the illusion of living in time. but if time is an illusion, has anything happened at all? and what is history??

Also at Openhand you say the purpose of the universe is to move to a place of balanced equilibrium - nirvana. But if there's no time, how is that going to happen at all??

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It is very helpful! I do appreciate very much you taking time answering many of my questions. I have no idea where else I can ask questions of this nature and get sensible answers except in openhand. Thank you! :)

It seems to me the sense of timelessness is a particular quality of operating from the seer, where there is perfect stillness without a center and from which all appearances arises. do you resonate with this way of seeing it?

there have been talking of time travel technology, some say it's already been developed but has been kept secret. What is your view on time travel? is it possible? but as you say in traveling from a to b, when at b, a no longer exists (or past does not exist any more), so perhaps it's just jumping between different points in the space time continuum?

also do you know if the opposing consciousness in the fourth dimension experience linear time?




Hi Lei,

Yes a great question indeed. The answer is probably one that has to be more felt than intellectualised, but maybe my words can begin to point to the experience.

Consider instead of there being a past present and future, that there is only space time continuum. Everything exists in one moment of now. However, that continuum continues to change form. Now you might ask, if it changes form then that implies a time for the change to take place. Like if I'm moving from A to B, it must take time to move from A to B.

But consider that in moving from A to B, when you're at B, A no longer exists - because everything is one and connected. So the space time continuum (the universe) is in a certain state and configuration at A, but then 'moves' to another state at B upon which A no longer exists. Hence only one moment.

What about memories then? Well consider everything as energy. The 'memory' is not a 'memory' of something that exists in the past because the past no longer exists. What does exist, is the energy carried forwards from A into B. So energy held within your mind and causal body etc.

Likewise there is no future. But there is energy already forming as B begins to move to C. Now any sentient life that has mind will begin to join the dots together and see a path from A to B to C. If you identify with mind, then the only possible way to conceptualise it, is to give the dynamic linear time and live within that.

But if you don't live in mind, rather THROUGH mind, then there's no linear time. But you still would perceive a (kind of) 'path' from A to B to C. You'd still be able to feel and predict 'moving' trends because you're reading the patterning of the consciousness landscape (the shaping of space time continuum and your part in it). That's why it becomes possible to prophecise even though there is no such thing as the future.

A accurate prophecy therefore is really an accurate observation of how space time continuum is ALREADY forming.

Does that help?