Unravelling Griefs Around Bygone Days

So this past couple of days I've been unravelling some Karma around grief, and I've been crying a lot. From this, I've learned that apparently, we can form distortion around not only "negative" experiences, but also around "positive" ones too.

During these couple of days many fond memories that I held dearly kept coming into my mind. Good memories from my childhood and even many past lives came up, and I looked at all of them until I cried. As I allowed myself to feel the emotion, I realised I have distortion around those memories because I believed those are good times that I'll never have ever again. The truth in this distortion is our love and desire to create beautiful moments or things. Nothing really last forever, but we can always create new, beautiful ones.

After I've unraveled this distortion, I can actually look at those memories like someone appreciating a beautiful artwork or a well-taken photograph of something beautiful. It's really liberating to look at them without any attachment or judgement.

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It's well seen Blue - that people also get attached, and therefore distorted, by 'good' experiences. You're absolutely right, it's also essential to be able to let these go. That way our kundalini energy is released from any previous construct and so can create a new.

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