Using my voice to speak to an injustice

Hello Openhanders,

I have manifested again a situation where I feel tightness based on an injustice I see in the outer world resulting from an abuse of power. One of the online communities I am part of which supports entrepreneurs building online businesses posted something yesterday that deeply triggered me. The founder of the Facebook interactive community which now has over 2,500 members posted an essay which details how a member of the community stole her content and has marketed it as her own in her online business. She chose to "out" this person (the accused) within the community by sharing her name and a link to her website. As I read the comments I felt very uncomfortable as what I saw unfolding was nothing short of a mob mentality. People were hopping on board to berate and condemn the accused, along with "outing" her in other online communities, some that I am a part of. This situation feels nothing short of a women being dragging into the town square, where she is shamed, scorned and criticized by her community. It feels like bullying and people are intentionally trying to sabotage her business.

A number of years ago I resided in a northern community of British Columbia where there was a high first nations population. I was introduced to a process called Restorative Justice, a tribal practice which focuses on the needs of the offended, offender and the community. My heart aligns with this approach as it doesn't involve blame, shame or abuse of power.

I have dropped into the feelings that are arising for me. I feel a sense of anger as I witness this attack, and I feel called to speak from a heart-centred place to bring awareness to this injustice. As I further deepen into my emotions I sense a fear within me that if I use my voice I too will be persecuted. I awoke this morning feeling somewhat powerless, and considered remaining neutral and leaving the group as the best coarse of action for me. But as soon as I resigned myself to this decision I felt like I was standing by and watching an injustice take place, which left me feeling even more powerless.

Using my voice to challenge a thought, belief or situation 1:1 or in a small group is not uncomfortable for me. Using my voice within a large community is another story. My deeper truth is telling me I can't settle for the status quo. I feel I am being called to use my voice in a compassionate and pro-active manner.

I will sit with this today and peel back the inner layers.


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Thank you Sandra.
I suspect many of us will be able to relate to this circumstance. I'd like to commend you for realizing all those levels of feeling and of potential action and consequences. I'm not always that wise!
I am learning that for me to speak up and speak out is fine, as long as I do it only after I've been able to release judgement and criticism and stick strictly to my feelings and perceptions around a situation. I've learned too from that that no one can come back at me - my feelings and perceptions are mine. I have a right to them, accept responsibility for them and realize that they might change.
I do really appreciate Open's suggestion on timing - on allowing the negative to subside and yet to not have allowed the issue to go cold. How to find that point of balance?
I look forward to hearing how this resolves itself.
There's the saying "mi casa es su casa." Is there a saying for "Your learning is my learning"?
Again, thank you for sharing Sandra, and thank you for that wise and invaluable input Open.
Sooo grateful for Openhand and the forums.....

Thanks for sharing Sandra - there's much to the exploration.

I can feel you exploring a karmic past-life - an 'outing' as you put it, where perhaps it wasn't sensible to speak out; where times were more brutal.

So the key is that you manifested the situation - you manifested the community - to experience that. Hence we must embrace the tightness that arises; to soften into it.

And yes, I reflect back to you the will of your soul - the warrior energy - which is also clearly arising.

I'd consider going back into the situation and addressing it with the warrior spirit - but without loaded energy - it'll cause you to tighten probably, but then invite you to open through it. Having been in this situation before myself (something similar), I came to see (and still frequently do) that it's also a question of timing. In these group situations, you have to get the timing right. Wait until the main wave (of negativity) has washed itself through - then come in with the alternative perspective.

At least I can offer this reflection to you.

Open :-)