Last year I was awakened to seeing entities. One summer night in May, my dog woke me up by coughing and what I saw was a dark colored dog bounce away from her as I said her name out loud. At first I thought it was my pittie, but my pittie was laying by me. As the dark dog ran out the door, that’s where I saw what seemed like a “show”. It was like people were working or living their daily lives but in a different realm. 

What followed was concerning. I was seeing dragon types entities in my walls giving sermons to people that were shaking from fear. I saw torture. I saw a shaman type black figure that seemed to be in charge. The experience was overwhelming. One night I took a video in the dark and saw this figure hovering in the room as I replayed my video. I decided to move. 


The apartment I moved to was the worst I had experienced. I was seeing beings from all over. Coming in from closets and walking around freely. I was seeing entities above me hovering being romantic. I saw people being escorted out of a place. I decided to view from my camera and what I saw was a cave in my walls through the lens. I saw people trying to escape. There was a king type man sitting at a chair that lead into my bedroom. It was insane. I’m two weeks, I moved again. 


The entities followed and the visions continued. I did a cleaning, soul retrieval, read the holy book, I have turned to God. 


What I see now is an eta from the 1800’s. I see this as I wake up. This morning I remember seeing two eyes looking at me from above. I saw a carriage the other day. I’m seeing old fashioned clothing. I have a constant vibration running through me at times. If I lay down in bed, the bed shakes a little. I see energies in my subconscious. I sing like sleeping during the day time since I can see eyes, faces. 


But even with my eyes open, I see energies hovering above and infront of me. Imagine little hairs just floating around, non stop, 24/7. I see an eye with long lashes just with me all the time. 


I have turned to my faith. I’m hoping I can get back to normalcy soon. 


I used to be a former substance abuse addict, which lead to my awakening. I’ve tried black salt, moldavite, sage spray, chakra balancing, but they exist. 


Any suggestions what I can do to live my life in my reality and not anyone elses?



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Hi Beyondthehorizons,

I've come across what you describe a number of times, where an ET group is literally 'looking into' this reality through the eyes of someone here by means of an energetic implant behind the eyes. That person may have had a previous connection to the group. Assuming you don't wish this kind of interference anymore, then the way to remove it is to be really clear you don't want that connection any more. To be clear that your field is to be totally sovereign and anything that doesn't have your highest interest at heart, is to leave.

I believe it would help you to download the Openhand meditation for Removing Entities and Implants

Wishing you well

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I was reading in the psychic attack that we may have chords. What are the techniques to remove them? 

A few weeks ago, I was laying in bed and see an eye approach me while I was between sleep and waking up, this eye got a TV out and started screening my eye. As crazy as this sounds, but that is what I saw. 

I think when one says to let the energy pass through me, means is to accept them. Therefore, that is what I will try to do. There have been many blockages in my path and its time I live the life I an destined to live. There are times my pets get uncomfortable and leave the room too. 

I feel like my every move is being watched. As I type this email, they are are reading what I am typing. :-)

Hi Beyondthehorizons,

Greetings, welcome to Openhand Heart

Firstly, as challenging as your experiences clearly are, yes there are plenty who've had, or are having, similar as the field around them comes into view. Such energies do exist there and have in many ways created the system we live in - one that we're emerging out of.

The key with these kinds of energies is that they can only create fear, which people react to, and then they feed off - they assimilate the fearful energy people release.

The first thing I would say, is to become 'as-nothing' in it. In other words to completely accept it. Work into your fears and let go. Beocme the observer of yourself and work into any reactive contraction. The reaction is what draws them.

It's essential to realise that all such life forms are of the One and move within the One. And since you are the One, to be that, is to allow such energies to move through you without contraction and tightness. Then they have no where to attach.

We have a whole thread here dealing with how to combat psychic attack which I would suggest reading through and applying what resonates. And do stay connected with the general inquiry here, because it's all an ongoing process of self realisation...

Combating Psychic Attack

Wishing you well

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