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Hello Courageous!  This is my journey and my experiences about my Vision which was inspired by Anastasia's work, Openhand and the unfolding Shift - Island In The  Storm.  They say there are three main ingredients to a successful project: The Vision, The Commitment and the Team.  I have the first two and I need the Team. 

I believe there is already the Team and support from the Higher Realms. What is required now are the boots on the ground so to speak.  Have you ever been in the Eye of the Storm? Probably most of have to a degree - finding the peace and center what there is a shit storm around us.  And there is a lot of shitstorm out there which will only intensify.

To me, Island in the Storm is not only what each one of us can find within.  It can also be a physical manifestation - Living, Breathing Space of Love which can host transformational events/gatherings like Openhand and others.  It is also much more - community on the grounds, self sustainable, respect for All Life, Everything is Sacred and so much more.  The possibilities are limitless.  

I decided to engage with the Matrix by enrolling into one of the transformational venues where I will have an opportunity to present my vision and inspire/enroll the Team.  Yes, the venue is a bit matrixy to me and I don't resonate with everything there but enough to see a value. Does it mean that it won't work?  I think it is possible to work even deep within the Matrix and mainstream spiritual stream and have a Ripple Effect.  No idea how it will turn out but I am jumping in.  What is there to lose?  Nothing but Fear!  I will keep this thread updated with my experiences.  Time is Now!

I am going to need to engage all aspects of the Soul for this work. Also, I am sure it is going to trigger a bunch of stuff for me - So What - Now What!

With Love,


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Our team and myself had to go through some tough breakdowns and breakthroughs to get up to this point! Definitely some heavy karma and density processing and still unfolding.  It is tough to get a team alignment which is natural in our reality construct.  I personally had to go through some tough shit to the point of wanting to quit and just back to my comfort zone.  I don't give up - I reinvent and redefine and still working on it.

Besides all other crazy things going on in the program and outside, we are progressing with our legacy project to build a mobile community center. If interested, see the link below for details. Yurt is time tested, light on environment and natural permanent or mobile living space. Can be constructed even from bamboo. I see this as a building block for other possibilities to support the Shift in Consciousness.

Therefore, I am forming a non profit to continue our team's legacy to expand on the idea of mobile community center which could grow into retreat center and/or self sustainable community.  I feel passionate about it.



Hi Vimal,

Whenever we step forwards with something new and entrepreneurial, something adventurous, there will always be the doubters and detractors. So a couple of things will be important: (1) before you share your new idea within anyone, be clear in yourself it's what you really want to do - check it out with the Universe first and feel the reflections (2) if you think you have to involve others in the setting up, make sure you intuit and feel who would be supportive and enthusiastic to help - not that they have to always agree with you, but that they'd be generally supportive (3) when you come forwards, don't be put off! Let the reflections allow a deal of questioning yes, but work to unravel self doubt about it - keep remembering why you began and checking in with the wider guidance of the Universe (4) if at first you can't find the right people, don't settle. Open the space once more for new possibilities to come through.

That has been my general approach with Openhand that has served me well.

Much love

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Hi Anatoly and Open,

I like jump in with an experience that's on the similar thread.
Some days ago I woke up with an idea in my mind - an idea to start or expand a business with some of family members. When the idea landed, a synchronistic image came to my mind mirroring the same. I was super excited and enthusiastic about the project such that found difficult to rest with. But when I conveyed the idea it was not received well and after a while the excitement waned and now I can't find even a tinge of it. When I think about the hard work involved I dont really want to step in that direction. Yet the excitement felt good and authentic. It also reminded me of the time when I was running a business network few years back. There was a lot of attatchement to the outcome and perfecrionism, the authentic self had very little space to come through. But still there was satisfaction that I had not experienced before.

In this case, I can't proceed without a full cooperation from those involved and I may have to take some risk and initially step into a leadership role. I welcome any reflection if you have any.


The team has selected me to serve as a captain of the Legacy Project to create self sustainable community space, a retreat center - a place which could host transformational retreats like Openhand and others.  Well, I have selected myself first to be in this role as it provides for me the most challenging situations for growth.

All my life, I have been feeling as misfit when it came to being around others, not fitting in and definitely not  taking any leadership roles.  There seemed to be certain source pain associated with abandonment and exclusion. Well, I had to breakthrough that pain and engaging with the team and taking on the leadership seems to be effective so far in my journey.

The impulse came through and now the elementals are gathering in "How" phase of the project.  I can feel the clouds are swirling for us to create something new.  We have a core team which is passionate about the project. Now we need to enroll the rest of the team and the whole World!

Mongolian Yurt - is an amazing invention, gentle to earth and time tested. 

Stay tuned!

With Love,


Hi Anatoly, it's a great question, that we hear in the spiritual mainstream a lot - the idea that the Earth needs some kind of 'critical mass' for mankind to awaken and the shift into a New Paradigm to happen.

Personally I think it's a major misconception!

You (and others here in the Openhand community) have been travelling and infolding for some considerable time. What does it take to process all your karma? Decades of dedicated commitment to the path! And what would the journey of self-realisation be about if others could realise it for you? What would be the point of your journey - what would be the point of your soul?!

I think however there is some degree of truth in the distortion. In that when you hit some kind of critical mass, all talking and working towards some common higher dimensional destiny, then it does encourage and reflect more to those people around them.

But you still have to do the critcial inner work. There are no short cuts to higher consciousness!

Best wishes

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On my journey working with mainstream spiritual, I ran into this concept of critical mass.  It goes like this - If we only get enough people onboard (2% of all humanity), the shift happens and all the rest of humanity will change and their would peace and harmony everywhere or something like that.  They cite an example of monkeys observed off Japan coast (Emo monkeys).  

Now, it may be true for monkeys but I think it is different for human beings having individual free will.  So this story doesn't quite resonate with me.  I am thinking even if there would be 2% critical mass, what right does this 2% have to impose the change on the rest 98% in the same reality if that what they are choosing or not ready for a change.  What are your thoughts and take on it?  Feel free to share.

With Love,


Hello Courageous!  I noticed that I can overwhelm my 'Nerd' by being uncomfortable outside of my box doing things I normally wouldn't do.  At some point, the nerd in my just can't catch up and give up! And feels like freedom!

Much Love,


That's tremendous Anatoly - having the commitment to put yourself out there so as to activate the discomfort - it's a sure way to process it and let it go.

Way to go!

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So far the journey took to places and events where I had to clear and purge some dense energy around the source pain of rejection.  This time it had something to do with a group.  At one point during the team excercise, I felt very sick, nauseous and suffocating. Had to stay in the room though to work with it but not participating with the rest of the team.  Eventually had to make myself throw up when I went outside.

Nevertheless, I kept putting myself out there into all kinds of uncomfortable situations to work through the source pain.  Was rejected by the team a few times when I proposed myself to be a team captain. I did that to challenge myself knowing that I don't have the right qualities for the job like having a loud commanding voice and good communication skills.  At some point, the team agreed to make me a captain as I explained that I needed the challenge.

Well, I made it through.  Feeling much better now and Ready for the next part of the journey.  Will keep you posted!


So far, the first fear I had to breakthrough was the fear of public speaking.  I have to put myself over and over into the uncomfortable situation to speak out.  The first time I was given the microphone - I didn't know what to do with it.  It is like being put on a spotlight!  Someone said that they did a research on the subject and found out that fear of public speaking is stronger than fear of death.  If that is true, then an average person would rather be dead that speak out!

Moving On,


Hi Open, Yes - I have read 'Divinicus' and was inspired by it.  Those Earthships look beautiful - I will add it to my list of resources along with Transition Network initiative.  Thank you!

That's tremendous Anatoly - awesome - thanks so much for sharing.

Did you read DIVINICUS? There is a whole chapter dedicated to "Islands in the Storm", which came directly from Gaia through an experience on Dartmoor, UK.

Have you heard about Earthships? Check this out...