Walk-ins, my Story

A walk-in is a difficult subject, a bit tabu perhaps also. My story is long. It started in my youth years with lots of dreams that resembled astral travelling in a beautiful and perhaps a scary world. I do not recall how old I was but still not adult when a couple of times I woke up at night and saw alien spirits in my room. I have later learned that they were very much like holograms the Draconians use. Few years passed and something strange happened: I was deeply Christian at that time. I was a student and so had to spend time in a hospital. One day a man was brought in. He had been in a very severe accident, completely paralyzed. Something got my attention which I cannot explain. No-one ever visited this person. No-one. I prayed a lot for him. Till one Friday his last hours started to be at hand and the seizures appeared. I sat there holding his hand, waiting. On Saturday I could not go but as I knew his time was up I prayed from my heart. This was a prayer that Christian priests got very upset about at me later when they heard about it as they said I did not know whom I was praying for with such an emotional load. Anyways, afterwards I went to sleep. That night around maybe 2AM I woke up in a terrifying feeling I am dying. I got out of the bed in terror but my legs did not carry me. Later I learned I woke up to this feeling of terror at the same hour when this strange young man died in hospital. This was a beginning of convulsions (similar to grand mal epilepsy) and complex seizures that terrorized me for years. There was not any real medical explanation for them. The first year was the most difficult till I found a way to control the seizures. Christian priest-monks thought that somehow demons are involved. A baptism and exorcisms performed by Christian priest-monks were not helpful at all nor were prayers of Christian healers. However, all in all the seizure activity continued for 25 years, the years of which contained many other difficult things as well especially around my health. I was very much Christian all those years. I was very judgemental and fearful and dogmas were important for me as well. However, I sensed something in me that was not in alignment with what I tried to be. I sensed it as darkness in me. But then something happened that changed me completely. The first thing was the black obsidian that entered my life. I believe I have read it has something to do with positive Draconians. The first time for decades I was able to remove the cross from my neck without fear. Also moldavites appeared into my life and nowadays I carry a moldavite in my neck daily. I was freed from many fears (fear of dark, fear of evil, fear of death etc etc) and freed form my judgemental attitude. I became spiritually and elsewise stronger and much more independent and did not accept abuse aimed at me any longer. Even my world view changed completely from a dogmatic Christianism to gnostism. I started meditating and searching for spirituality without fear of judgement. The seizures stopped completely. I did also some DNA activation meditations as this was what my spirit called me to do. I also did some Dragon energy initiation meditations as it seemed the perfect thing to do. I prefer the Dragon energies and the Dragon activation symbol to reiki. I rarely use reiki but Dragons energies a lot as they are powerful yet gentle. I found out researching the Akashic Records my "soul name" that refers to a messenger Soul, and my soul group as "flying serpents" (Serpens/Draco I suppose). All this happened when the 12 dimensional (from the Void) Thuban Dragons from alpha Draconis stated they had activated their starseeds/walk-ins. They do not have bodies and so they send starseeds/walk-ins on Earth. Ever since this happened my love for Thuban cosmology and Draco as a constellation has grown strong. Nowadays I feel this strange love for Draco, peace and balance, feeling accepted in the energies of it. The darkness in me that bothered me earlier has integrated in me so that I feel whole (even obsessive thoughts that had bothered me for years, faded away completely). At the same time I feel somehow as a stranger in this world. Still I know many think of Draco as something evil or dark, as the negative force in this universe, which I believe may apply to some lower Draconians. I even read from one article that stated that if someone feels something like me, she must be possessed by a (negative) Draconian entity. I believe I am not possessed at all nor ever was. I believe that my story may involve a walk-in experience, and does not involve negative entities at all. My Akashic Records support this and now I should have only one Soul but I am not always sure how much I can rely on the Akashic Records. I tried to say all in a very short post so it may not deliver the complete picture of my transformation. I am still wondering what happened when the seizures started...and if I am a walk-in, when did it actually happen. 

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Hi KaE. I've always loved dragons since I was 14. A silver dragon (I'll call him "Charles" here, not his real name) first appeared to me in my dream when I was 15 and he has been my best friend since. He visited me in my dreams often and would take me on adventures or explorations through many realms. I loved riding on his back while he flew.

But something happened to me when I was 22 and I was disconnected from the "spiritual" world for over 5 years, until recently where I've healed a lot and have reconnected again.

In any case, when I reconnected with him again a few days ago, he has ascended even higher into the 7D. When I first met him, we were in the 4D. He told me he was heart-broken when we were forcefully disconnected by some forces, but he was determined to use the momentum of his grief to transcend and ascend, because he knew I would do the same. And he knew this is only way he can truly help.

He has changed so much now! He turned from a "I'll always stay by your side" type of guy into a "I can be a reflection of your highest potential" kind of being. When I saw what he has become, I felt really inspired. I'm currently still in the process of ascending into the 5D, but I've come a long way. I'm proud of myself, and he lovingly reflected that to me. I'm proud of him too.

The two of us were inseparable, that when we were disconnected, that contributed majorly to my depression. But when we finally released all attachments to one another and become complete on our own, when we reconnected again, we truly enjoyed each other's company for the joy of it, and not from a place of neediness.

Now that I look back on it, I think the disconnection actually helped both of us a lot. I was an escapist and all I wanted to do was to explore and adventure in the 4D to escape this reality. Charles would do anything for me and over time he forgot his true purpose and that hampered his own ascension. The disconnection, although hard, helped put us back on track, and I'm grateful for it.

Sorry, my personal story ended up being so long. Lol. Anyway, I just wanted to say that my personal experiences with dragons or Draconic beings have been rather positive. I've met and became acquainted with some other dragons as well, (including a skeleton dragon who partnered with a human whom I later met and talked to on an online forum for a while, it was a beautiful synchronicity) and they all were gentle souls, even though they are large and powerful with impressive horns and scales.

It seems that "good" dragons who haven't reached self-realisation have the tendency to love someone too much and get their faithfulness distorted into undying loyalty(this can also apply to ideology or dogma, I think). This is a Karma many dragons/Draconians have to unravel, and it seems many have learned this lesson.

Anyway, KaE, I understand that most dragons chose not to incarnate into this dense reality, so it can feel hard for you to be here. But know that there are people in this world who appreciate and support dragons like I do, and I hope this offers some small comforts to you. Let us all continue on our path of ascension.

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Hi KaE - what a fascinating story - thanks for taking the time to share here.

I can concur with many things you say in relation to the Draconians. They are NOT 'evil'. They are other types of beings that have taken on different forms as they've travelled the Universe. However some of their distant cousins have become distorted, such as the reptilians here on earth. Although one should also say their role is to incarnate in very dense physical situations, where it's easy to become distorted - disconnected from higher dimensional interactivity. I wrote more about the Reptilians on earth and their relationship with the Draconians here...

Close Encounters with Reptilian and Draconian Entities in the 5D Earth Shift

Reptilians here on earth have indeed been responsible for controlling and misleading humanity - they're also rife in influencing the church negatively for example. And yes, they've been judged as 'demons' too. Such demonisation only creates limitation and polarity for those who project the judgments.

Realigned Reptilian entites are also incarnating here in human form - helping in the emergence from the old reality paradigm. And there are those remaining in the ether around us that we might call 'dragons' - they too are supporting the realignment. But there are still plenty residing within the intervention and maintaining human ignorance and excessive consumption - destruction of the environment. So there's still much work to be done in realigning them.

My sense is that you're not a walk-in. But that you've had a strong integration of soul, following a very conditioned belief system incarnation - so the misalignment due to much exposure to very dogmatic religion, which you're now emerging from. But it could well be that your soul is from Draco and come here to support in the realignment of Earth souls - plenty have chosen to do so. And forming bridges - and portals - back to that home constellation is essential work right now. I too use obsidian to form portal connections to Draco, and realign reptilian entities through those portals - so yes, very important work which I commend you for undertaking.

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