Who REALLY has encounters with (negative) aliens/ET's?

As the subject reads: Who REALLY has (had) encounters with (negative) aliens/ET's? And who really knows what they are dealing with? What is their method of verification?

I am dealing with (I think) several different beings on pretty much a daily basis where I live. I can make a long story of it, but I won't. Neither will I mention specific names, because 'they' probably don't appreciate that and discernment can still be a problem. I just want to know how many people are REALLY aware of the ET Intervention of the 'negative' type and really have experience with abuse, manipulation and encounters? And how do they discern? Some of these beings seem to be able to fake anything, incl. other beings...

How do you know whether you're dealing with a real race (and probably several others - ET's) that seems to be very interested in using humanity, overall, for carrying out their own plans or, yet, faker beings.

Also, a shift to 4 or 5D may not be the answer either, since certain beings seem to be ACE in creating 'environments' (astral dreamscapes) to put people in and manipulate both the environment and the people who are trapped there. Imagine how easy it is when (untrained) humanity makes a dimensional shift? That seems a total disaster to me unless they are well prepared, which they are not. Yet, those beings I refer to, are VERY well prepared for humanity and they are always willing to learn more about our behavior instead of just taking out a target.

So how to discern?

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It's an important topic indeed - thanks for raising it.

I can tell you that when I share something about interdimensional entities, it's based on my own direct experience. The higher dimensions (and the entities in them) are just as much a part of my reality as the 3D. I've had countless direct encounters where to me, I experience them every bit as real as someone in a human body. And I continually work to unravel conflicting internal impulses through increasing sensitivity. My landscape is backed by countless past life experiences (over many lifetimes) of both my own and others too.

    That said: it is only ever a perspective. I believe what I share completely, but encourage all to nevertheless inquire with their own consciousness. Do not believe it because someone else says so: do so only because you've processed it through your own heart and mind and found it to be true.

From my perspective then, yes these 'negative ETs' (what I call "Opposing Consciousness") are skilled at creating illusionary realities. Yes they can implant the mind with deceptive visions. So how to know the truth?

Firstly one must keep questioning, keep exploring, keep feeling and testing the alignment of your feelings with synchronicity and that sense of 'rightness'. If the influence builds ego then it's sure to be some kind of intervention. Anything that tries to present absolute truth to you that you should take on board, is likely to be fake. That includes the basic 3D control system that most have acquiesced to.

Benevolence on the other hand works by exploring an experience with you and asking "how do feel about that?"

How do we know these entities are ET's from another star system? Because increasingly many people are having karmic flash backs and memories of the story and what took place - they corroborate and support each other. There are quite a few people in the Openhand network who for example recall experiences on Sirius and also other from the Plaiedies they came here specifically to help deal with that intervention and hold frequencies that can unravel and negate it. To those having them, it makes sense and feels right - there's a knowing. Like knowing who you are for example.

But actually it doesn't matter whether you think these are ETs or not. It doesn't matter if you know truth in the story. Neither would it be advisable to take on other people's views if you don't know them yourself. There are star souls amongst us who have great awareness and sensitivity to the issue. Other human souls do not. What matters above all is 'what is your highest truth now?' What feels right now? How do you feel to be now? What density can you peel away now?

External intervention or not, the inner inquiry will lead you to freedom. Likewise the 5th density. Keep inquiring because illusions ultimately burst as you feel the truth.

I wrote in quite some detail about testing these influences here...
Deception on the Spiritual Path


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Thanks Chris, I've read those articles of yours and appreciate them and it's one of the reasons I joined here.

The only thing I can say with certainty is that it's absolutely mandatory to work on myself, incl. writing down my character flaws/bad habits and checking where, when, and how they get exploited. Keeping a dream journal is a must too, which I've been doing for a decade or so, which helps remembering what normally happens behind our backs.

It's just that I don't think the majority of humans are doing this, and this is my point: what if there are too few who do the necessary introspection? What if people rather keep being glued to their smartphone?