You know your on a spirtual path when...

You know your on a spiritual path when out of nowhere the most wondrous and synchronistic things happen!

It was a beautiful May afternoon and I was catching up on one of the few shows I enjoy watching. I'm sure you have all heard of "Game of thrones"

I was watching the show and my mind started wandering to how cool it would be if Dragons were real. I have one that shows up in my mind spaces sometimes. She always brings joy to me, reminds me to lighten up I guess you could say. To leave all things logical behind and just be free to play. The very thought of her makes me want to run and play in forest's of all kinds and that is usually what we do.

As I was sitting there thinking about the show and how I wish they really were real. How beautiful and yes horrific that would be, a nearby candle extinguished itself and I figured welp that one is done! Time to go buy another.

The smoke from the candle started filtering more throughout the room, started growing more or less and with the sunlight coming in through the closed blinds I got the sense of hmmm something smells, looks and feels different about this here smoke! So I did what I do. I said audibly to the smoke, "Heyas!!! Arent you just interesting to see!" Whilst thinking buckle up sweety, were gonna have one of those "me" kind of moments, where unusual things happen.

My husband was a bit started when I said "Heyas" audibly and turned to look at me as I quickly grabbed my camera and pointed at the smoke in the air. He just rolled his eyes and went back to watching the show. But I knew something was happening so I opened myself up a little more inside and just said internally to the smoke "Hi! How are you, who are you, what are you?!!" Then slowly the smoke started forming into a dragon and I smiled, giggled and raised the camera to take more photo's all the while thinking to myself. They DO exist!!! Wooot, ahhhh haaah, I knew it!

Well needless to say I had my own kind of conversation with this smoke dragon and it all just reminds me that if one is not running amok upon planet earth being encumbered by oppression and fear then oftentimes the most wondrous things can take place.

I hope y'all enjoy my seriously true story there lol and I'm hoping the powers that be of this website will be kind enough to post the picture I sent in of my visiting smoke dragon :)

I wish you all well!

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That's phenomenal Wynde! thank you for sharing the photos with us and uplifting the energy in this lovely way!

Much love

You are all so very welcome in my sharing of this!!! It's my way of the universe giving me my own momentary need of look here!! I like proof of existence in whatever I seek sometimes, so work with me..Cmon you know you want to lol :)
That way I can show others that yes, wondrous crazy extraordinary things really really do happen!!
I got to thinking last night though that the dragon really isn't mine to claim per say, it kind of just is what it is. I'm just thankful and oh so grateful that this happened and I got a photograph!

Wow Wynde!!! thank you for sharing your story and these amazing pics!! So cool =) xo Jen