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Hi Everyone, 20:20 promises to be a big energetic year, with infusions of energy impacting us from the galaxy. It's sure to offer great possibility providing we have our orientation aligned. I felt to offer some free appraisals here to memembers of the community. Share with me an insight into where you are in your life process right now, what's coming up for you, what's important for you going forwards? I'll readily tune in with your energy field and offer some free intuitive guidance.

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Hi Karen - it sounds tremendous what you're doing already - it's great that your blog had such a good reception.

Just keep following the flow. There are practically 7 billion people out there in need of illumination.
It's the biggest growth opportunity in human history!

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Thank you so much Praying EmojiStar Emoji

I like that in Step 1 the passion is often at the convergence of 3. I have felt this before, but not sought to enter into it more deeply. I feel very aware and excited that this is the time. Slightly Smiling

I was writing a blog for the year 2018-19 about my journey by way of helping others to recognise the 'signs' that in the past had taken me very much 'by surprise' as I had no one else to particularly consult with at the time but at the moment I feel there is much more I can offer/do. To date it seems to have had almost a thousand 'hits', so I hope that refers to it having been useful to some! 

A friend is about to embark on the journey of facilitator, so I will now endeavour to keep in closer contact with her! I will meditate on clarity and for continued guidance, being patient with the emergence of the expression.

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Karen Heart




Hi Karen,

Great to hear from you. I wish you a bountiful 2020 The Sun Emoji

It's a wonderul example to others that you broke the cycle of abuse. And no worries about being 'publicly humiliated' in the process. Attachment to some kind of squeeky clean reputation must also go on the path to The One!

I also concur that whilst it's an essential requirement to build self-real-eyes-ation, sharing together in groups and reflecting back to each other is utterly esential. Thumbs Up Sign

So, onto self sustainability - a great question and great opportunities are unfolding out there right now. There is literally a growing wave breaking away from mainstream kinds of employment and into self-employment. How might this best work?

If you have some kind of art, personal craft, service or are looking to be a facilitator, then you're definitely moving into this abundant stream that is opening up. On the Openhand Facilitator Program, I guide an approach which dates back to the early adopters of the internet, but with some evolutions of my own, based on personal experience. It's a five step constant cycle to build an 'ecosystem' or 'community of common interest' around what you have to offer. Put simply it goes like this...

Step 1: Uncover your natural beingness and how it wants to express. This then becomes your passion, which is often at the convergence of 3 particular interests. Start to express your passion as much as you can, without being concerned about getting any kind of return - except that is, supportive feedback from the Universe in signs and synchronicity. Whatever your passion is, begin right now, where you are, with what you've got.

Step 2: When your passion has formed to a reasonable degree, start to take the opportunity to share the expression of it with those who naturally appear on your landscape. Best to begin this locally. But it could then branch to the internet, perhaps with a social media page or something like that. Most importantly, express freely and openly without any need of come back. Just do it because it's a natural and authentic expression of you.

Step 3: look how you might develop a community of common interest around your expression and offering. Look to create 'stickiness', a reason for people to want to come and exprience your offering frequently. And also where they might communicate with each other across your platform. It's all about people coming to you because it resonates an interest in them. This becomes your 'community'. It could be local (in fact I would advise doing it locally first). But then it could grow more widely if you offer something across the web.

Step 4: give value freely to the people who start to gather in your community. Do it genuinely because it comes from the heart. This will be felt.

Step 5: You then need to 'harvest' your platform so you can continue to offer and continue to grow. You need resources yourself in order to do this. So what might you offer that people would then be prepared to pay for? What is different about it? What is unique to you? It might have similarities to other people, but always look to find that which is the unique expression of yourself. And then, constantly innovate what you offer, because it's breathing life into yourself and those around you.

Once you get into this, there's masses much more to develop, but that's the general outline.

One final tip, right now, there is an explosion in the use of the internet and social media. If you can provide unique value by offering some digital service or product then this can succeed well. You can make a self-sustaining income. But in this field, there is masses to learn. So don't expect it to explode in one go! It's something you have to watch and learn as to what are the best techniques to get your service/product seen.

And final final, above all else, make sure it's totally AUTHENTIC. Let it be you. And use it as a vehicle to express more of you, in order that people can feel more of themselves. And then the flow will sweep it up, and you will find a way.

Besy wishes with your endeavours

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Hi Open,

Wishing you a wonderfully progressive 20:20! Thank you for this offer of new year appraisal. *hug* 

My journey of real-eyes-ing that from being physically born into many previous cycles of abuse, grief, separation and rejection, I was one given the strength to endure the necessary breakthrough in an attempt to release these familial behaviours. It has been my honour to do so, even though the ultimate breakthrough itself was very ugly and messy indeed, not to mention publicly humiliating! I remained determined, endured and now I'm 3 years a newborn after receiving the gift of the 'lightening bolt' as a reward. This is now emanating throughout my family!

For the past 2 years I've attended local spiritual meet up groups which have been a constant source of support through the process - I would recommend to all attempting to access/secure this whenever possible, as it can often take several different areas of support, ie. medical, counselling, etc. (and Openhand of course!) to help pull you through the veil, and I know from experience that feeling as though/trying to do it alone can have disastrous consequences ~ literally the difference of the fine line between life and death. 

Moving forward I would like to create self-sustainability either through writing, arts or being a source of support to others. I still hold a tentative 'niggle' about letting go of employment, as I'm 13 years divorced and never sought to re-engage in a partnership. Having been singly financially responsible for myself and my two children, I have always been employed as a security exchange for my home. I want to employ myself, perhaps I could do both, as I currently only work 3-4 days a week anyway.  My grown-up children left the nest 5 years ago so I am aware that no one holds me back, except as is usual for many, my physical self.

I know you will get a sense of where I'm at, and I appreciate very much the time you have taken to read and guide. 

Many blessings,



Hi Melynda - yes I well understand the challenges - I've experienced a lot of projection my way too in this incarnation. What I've found though, is that if you confront it and allow the experiences to 'barrel around' inside, then it's tremendously cleansing - it hits all the triggers and tight spots.

It's not at all easy though, and so I honour your journey Heart

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Hi Vimal - good to hear from you.

The conscious community sounds a tremendous opportunity, in many ways. From what you've described it will present many possibilities for doing things that feed your soul.

It's also good that you see the patriach projection in the lead character. This is not a problem, providing you see it. You have to activate it somehow in order to process it. So having all these things come in in awareness is a positive move.

In terms of 'teaching' kids, I can offer from the experience of home education with an emerging star soul (what you might call an Indigo). The most important thing I've found is to help empower them rather than teach. So it's to encourage their own realisation into something... "what so you feel about this?" "What is your truth on that?" And when they are engaged in something, "how could you do that better?" "How can it feel more 'right' to you?"

I assume you'll have some standard work to get through and that you might have to follow - which is fine. But as much as possible, seek to empower with a question and maximum involvement.

Do share how you get on - I am intrigued!

Much love

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Hi Melynda - thankyou for your sharing and kind words of resonance Heart

I completely feel for you in your challenge and can greatly empathise...

I have always been a bit ahead of the wave with understanding, galactic connections, seeing and experiencing spirits, deep inner knowings and a relationship with the divine that just being me set me very far apart from others and has always felt lonely. In the past When I authentically speak my perspective/truth I was mocked, disregarded and invalidated. I fear rejection as though all the power/anger/passion and intensity may take me over.

Yes, if you're following this work, we are ahead of the wave, so sometimes it can feel pretty lonely. I've had that to deal with myself. But there's a great opening right now, where people are ready and willing to embrace the greater cosmic picture. So take heart, we're on the cusp of change The Sun Emoji

A couple of things land intuitively. Firstly to inquire, what circles were you expressing your truth in? And what did that look like? Discernment is going to be utterly essential to us. Some people will be so afraid of what is coming they have to attack the messenger to protect their landscape so they don't have to fully confront the truth. My advice is to let go of any need for them to 'get it'. Quite simply, the majority won't! And trying to get them to understand you or your higher truth will likely only wind them up.

In which case, how to honour your own soul? (because this is essential too of course).

What I find is that when I'm in dialogue with people who are unwilling or not ready to get it, the tendency is to say much less. Not to agree if I don't feel to either though. Just allowing whilst retaining the inner smile about your own truth. But what we can also do, is feel the connection at a soul level - because a dance in the ether will be happening too.

I can sense that there might be some karma around persecution in a past life - for having a higher dimensional view - being some kind of Oracle. So it will be important to process this. My suggestion is to picture yourself stepping out into a landscape that might not accept you and feel the inner contractions/reactions. Let them animate and express. Become as-one with the situation - not needing it to be any other way. Then looking for the new aspect of soul that wants to come through and be awesomely okay in the situation. What does that feel like?

So these would be my suggestions. Knowing that now is the time to step forth and be all that we can. But choose your 'battles' wisely. Be careful of your boundaries.

Much love

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Honestly I was just simply being myself with friends I had known for years, it seems like the more I grow and align in my true self the further away everything I have known becomes. I think my awareness just shifted and I could see the truth of how little I was really ever received. 

It has seemed to come back numerous times to an inner knowing that I was persecuted for simply being me, sharing ancient knowledge and Being in my alchemical powers. This knowing adds to my feelings of separation, almost as to throw me back and forth into an inferiority/superiority complex. My fears of being seen and heard are large. It is Extra hard to share my Divine gifts of singing the sounds of Spirit when I am so afraid of being misunderstood.

It feels like moving through the feelings and landscapes will be very helpful. 

Thank you so very much, Open.


I would like to share some recent changes I have been having inside myself as well as on the outside. I got selected to be a part of a sustainable community and school called sholai placed on the majestic Hills of kodaikanal. It was founded by a man called Brian Jenkins on the vision of J Krishnamurti on education. The place itself is very beautiful with various opportunity to unleash the soul like games, organic farming, music, art, carpentry etc. Its my first time being within a conscious community. The pull to connect with the sholai came directly after I had a breakthrough while doing Openhand bow - feeling and softening into the density picked up from the meaningless and absurdity of the institution I was part of recently. It sparked off with a tiny idea in the mind. 

The very few days I have been there, it has been immensely challenging for me - feeling into many distortions at the same time mainly to do with patriarchal distortion, feeling of not being enough, feeling like not belonging, rejected etc. The Openhand breakthrough approach has been of great help to deal with the density. I was experiencing a holographic projection into this man who founded the community and experiencing all sorts of fear of wanting to be accepted, limited by it, fear of authority and the behavior which stems from these. Its surely one of the conditioning I picked up from the indulgence on my educational background! Its very interesting when I breakthrough the density and limitation how different I find the reality actually is. I think it's of utmost importance to discern between what the actual reality is and what our projections are. And when I talked with this man - he seemed like a very different guy from the way I imagined to be. I  believe there is more of this projections going on and that is going to challenge me every bit.

I'm not sure exactly what my role is. I'm supposed to teach some subjects which I'm apparently 'good' at like maths and physics and I'm also expected to teach philosophy which I don't have any idea how I will move forward. This last one is actually giving me some anxiety already. Where do I begin, what do I talk about. Maybe I talk about the flow and Openhand philosophy. And would that even have any positive impact on the children. Im also a bit concerned about how the fixed timetable from morning to evening and being with the kids is going to impact my soul which is so used to solitude and plenty of free time. I'm not someone who enjoys responsibility so much.

Though I had applied for teaching position when I reached there all I wanted to do was just volunteer in the organic farms which I thoroughly enjoyed. There is a river flowing through the school and mountains to trekk, so being without much responsibility would give me the opportunity to indulge in what I really enjoy. I have an inflammation in my right eye which happens once in awhile when I'm moving through some transition. Maybe it'd speaking about the decision making aspect. One thing the people around me especially family appreciates is having a job which I can proudly say and I wonder if that's impacting my decision making and I what I really want to do. Or is it more coming from the fear of being inadequate and lack of confidence. And can I find an aligned ground between these two. 

I wonder what is the openhad philosophy about educating young minds. Is teaching necessary at all. To me the point of education or anything at all for that matter would be to be free of limitations and find joy in the learning process. It's comes as a very heartful welcome that there are no exams for kids till 10th std and there are no rewards and punishments which I fully agree.
Through all of these my confidence levels gave been extremely challenging especially since I can't seem to express myself so eloquently in English language while everyone around seems to do so with little effort. But breaking through then unleashes feeling of being enough supported by synchronisity even while I'm feeling into the density and pain in the heart. 


Thank you so much for your contributions to all that is ❤️ You are an absolute Gift to Humanity.

The last 5 years really has tested me with the most intense traumas upon myself and my children.  I was pushed to the edge of insanity but somehow rekindled a graceful warrior from inside of myself to accept the things I couldn’t change and rise up. I have spent the entire last year pretty isolated, learning deep self love/care, working with healing my inner child, delving into deep mirror work with my Twin flame, owning my stuff and deeply healing my fragmented pieces. 

I let go of 20+ year friendships that were not healthy reciprocating friendships. I was guided by spirit to turn inward all of the love I had freely given to everyone around me for years and to develop a deep Love for myself and my journey. That is exactly what I have been doing.

I am navigating uncharted waters. I feel very Confused as to how to operate in the world or how to connect with people because I am very different than I was a year ago. 

I have always been a bit ahead of the wave with understanding, galactic connections, seeing and experiencing spirits, deep inner knowings and a relationship with the divine that just being me set me very far apart from others and has always felt lonely. In the past When I authentically speak my perspective/truth I was mocked, disregarded and invalidated. I fear rejection as though all the power/anger/passion and intensity may take me over.

Im scared to re-emerge into the world after so much pain and healing. Maybe it is a sign that I’m not ready?

I guess I’m seeking some form of insight on how to co-exist/operate in the world after such huge Transformations?

I apologize for such a scattered writing, this expression has brought me traveling deeply into my subconscious very vulnerably and I seem to struggle with that feeling.


Melynda Mae

Hi Pam - what you're doing sounds very productive indeed. Especially the fee wheeling aspect. I think this is something that's so often overlooked in spiritual practice, and why it's such a central part of the Openhand work - it's all about recognising the free flowing nature of the soul.

Some people will think this is too hard to apply in society - how can you be in a full time job, or a full time relationship and running a home that way? It's essential to realise this...

In your life, prior to full awakening, there will be essences of what you've created that are in truth, and others that are not. So as you awaken, some behaviours will need to fall by the wayside - some situations too. And people who don't serve the new consciousness. But you'll likely find that you'll take threads of the previous life and 'weave a new garment'. Everything will become more conscious. You may have a job or a career, but the approach to it will become different - it's more about how you can learn, evolve and grow in it. So the objectives become different. And in relationships, the nature of them will change and evolve too - some people may not change or evolve with you, or not provide the space for you to evolve, and so will fall away. But if the relationship is encouraging of your journey, then it will likely continue. So the soul has already been acting in your life, but not necessarily with complete freedom. Now is the time to set it free.

Pam, the 'pair of buzzards wheeling over your house' feels to me like it's saying something highly significant. Firstly since we don't have many eagles in the UK, they would be representative of them - eagle meaning to take the higher dimensional 'birds eye' view. Plus also I feel intuitively that the synchronicity is speaking about the Twin Flame wanting to come more active in your life. This often starts happening as kundalini activates. So the key is to be looking for Twin Flame reflections in the outer, letting this activate and stimulate energies within you, and then embodying them. Check out the Openhand View on... Connecting with our Twin Flame

One other thing that stood out was this that you said..."I struggle to remember to consciously feel how to be in the moment through the day"

I think what would really help now is more disciplined spiritual practice on a regular basis - to blend this in with the more free flowing aspect. Why do I say this? What we're really looking for is a natural state of beingness within. It becomes a first nature feeling, like breathing. So you don't have to be remembering to be in that state. Immediately you come out of the state, you recognise it. It's the same as if you stop breathing you die! You recognise that being in this authentic state is the only thing that makes sense. Because only illusion flows otherwise - and what's the point of being in an illusion?

I would suggest a couple of things: (1) The Openhand Bow - because it's immensely good at opening through density. (2) The Chakra Attunement Meditation - because it is excellent at allowing kundalini to integrate through the dimensional bodies

These practices are taken from ancient Kriya Yoga, and there's no need to worry about forcing kundalini. They're designed to help integrate kundalini through the inner layers progressively. It's only forced pranyama exercises to be wary of.

This is an exciting point for you on your journey Pam - with lots of possibility and opportunity ahead.


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Thank you Open – you have given me much to work with !

I did use the Chakra Attunement Meditation this morning and found as soon as I reached my heart I was moved to tears is a very beautiful way. Also I released blocked energy from my throat (I’m guessing the creative block) – it felt really positive! I appreciate that while there was a time to consciously move away from discipline and routine in my life that it’s time to bring back discipline so far as my spiritual practice is concerned and thank you for pointing that out.

I have experienced my twin flame before – (not sure how to refer to it but it felt like a ‘him’ – it was an energy not a person) he really helped in a supportive role at a difficult and crucial point in my journey and I was sad when the time came for him to take a step back. I would be thrilled to re-connect with him.

These are indeed exciting times for me, exciting and humbling.

I can’t express my gratitude for your encouragement and advice, but I hope you can feel it through the ether, together with my heartfelt love.

NamastePraying Emoji




Hi Open,

Thanks for your assessment and input, I can’t tell you how helpful it is.

I don’t have much formal practice at the moment. When I refer to working consciously with the kundalini I mean rather than when it is working without my conscious involvement (I am sure it is often quietly doing its stuff in my sleep and sometimes in the background during the day). From the start I made a commitment to work with Shakti as much as was needed (within reason) so we have developed a very civilised arrangement – if it is a day without firm commitments like work (fortunately I only work 3 days a week) she lets me know after breakfast if she would like me to lie down and work with her and I just let her move as she will, at the moment usually while I am in a deep meditative state.

Other than this there is often a pull to do some 5 Rhythms, walk in nature with an eye for synchronicities (usually with the question 'what would you have me know today' in mind) – I love watching for the synchronicities best, the most exciting being that a pair of buzzards seem to have made their home locally all year round (they are only 'supposed' to be in my neck of the woods in spring) since I had some very powerful eagle synchronicity. They often wheel over my house or above me when I sit in the woods, sometimes calling out if I haven’t thought to look for them – how cool is that? Other than that my meditations are usually silent or with some 432 MHz music. I have used the Openhand kundalini and chakra balancing meditations, but I confess I am wary of forcing things forward rather than letting them unfold at their own pace as it has felt very natural and organic working the way we have so far.  I will start working with the chakra attunement meditation though, if you feel I won’t be ‘forcing’ the process.

Having a chronic butterfly brain (the curse and blessing of Geminis) I struggle to remember to consciously feel how to be in the moment through the day, although I think I have been doing this spontaneously to a certain degree when interacting with people, but I am aware that I need to be more mindful of this. Now I think about it, I seem to have more of an awareness of how NOT to be rather than how to be – interesting…

Sometimes when determining how to go with the flow in free time I wind up aimlessly wandering about like 'a tit in a trance ' to use my dad’s expression. There is a strong pull to explore my creativity artistically, but also a strong resistance to this (lots of paint at home but no artwork!) which I haven’t yet managed to clear, even though I am fairly sure of where it comes from (my mother was very dismissive of any artistic leanings I may have had as a child).

I have been aware of ‘butting heads’ with the lower ego state sometimes (I named it after my least favorite person) and sometimes I try dealing with it nicely and sometimes I confess I have told it to ‘fuck off’. I’m not sure which works bestThinking

Thank you so much for the opportunity to explore my current situation - I always feel much more awkward putting my stuff out there online than face to face (probably a fear of embarrassing myself without picking up the fact from the energy of the recipient!) and this has really helped.Praying Emoji


Hi Open

A few weeks ago I had an accident at the gym and tore 2 ligaments in my right knee. I have to wear a knee brace to keep my knee stable. I was wondering if you could reflect on why I may have created this for myself at this point in my journey? I have been looking at a new career path, but am not sure if this has anything to do with it.

Thanks for you help!



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Greetings Helene,

This is quite classic of the path, even though inconvenient! The right side of the body usually points to changes that want to happen from a spiritual guidance point of view and higher spiritual connection - a problem on that side would mean that more attention is being invited to the spiritual connection in terms of decision making.

With regards to the knee, intuitively (to me) it says that you need to be more flexible in the steps you take from a higher knowing point of view - likelihood is there's a rigidity in your approach to decision making. It's no accident then that this would reflect into a career path. You might want to contemplate the nature of 'career'. What does 'career' mean to you? What do you think it means to the soul?

Wishing you well

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Hi Open,

Perfect timing (as always) – your offer has given me the opportunity to try and quantify/clarify the odd feeling place I find myself in at the moment.

I have been experiencing a kundalini attunement quite intensively for the last 9 months (working with it consciously for around 4 hours a week) and the energy feels like it has moved through the chakras including the third eye. There have also been some odd sensations in the crown chakra and most recently when sitting quietly or in meditation a gentle rotation of my head anticlockwise. It seems to have moved on to a stage where sometimes it feels like the energy is merging/integrating with mine throughout the body, which is very beautiful, although this sensation does not last. There is a sense of waiting for something to happen before it completes it’s journey, but I have no sense of what needs to happen.

Also, something very odd which I have noticed is that my ‘previous life’ has taken on a very dreamlike quality, like watching someone else live it and with little or no attachment to it – like it has lost it’s reality, which is a very strange feeling. I don’t know if this is what ‘normally’ happens as density is increasingly released. In fact the only thing that really feels ‘real’ at the moment is meditation and my work with the kundalini energy.

I am also struggling to be engaged with life and the world in general – it’s a very apathetic feeling (although as someone who has spent most of her life fighting for something, I have a problem differentiating between apathy and acceptance sometimes; acceptance and surrender are relatively new ‘superpowers’ for meSlightly Smiling) and it has become hard to feel passionate about anything.

Any insight you can offer on these feelings and what needs to happen for me to move forward would be very helpful as this journey feels to be one with very few signposts!


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Greetings Pam - good to hear from you. It sounds like a very productive development. The activation of kundalini in this way is very advanced. The sense of detachment from investment in 3D life is a good sign and also the dreamlike state. No worries if the movement of energy does not seem to last - it integrates into our waking experience and so becomes 'normalised'.

My intuition was drawn to the opening of the crown chakra and what that means, plus also the statement 'working it consciously for around 4 hours per week'. What I get a sense of is the next step being to open the crown more through meditation (like the Openhand chakra attunement meditation), but thenm most importantly, seek more to follow the flow in a moment by moment way. The sense is that 50% of your attention setlles back within, so you feel more like being in a dream like state. But then whilst allowing this sense to persist, you watch how it naturally wants to guide you in the outer by the sense of knowing and heart-felt feeling. Spend plenty of time free wheeling - allowing the flow to guide you and simply watching for signs.

This also brings me to the third eye - I feel this is ready to open up more. So as you follow the knowing/feeling flow, the third eye is looking into the world noticing signs and reflections of how to be. There's then a conscious attunement to this beingness, which then starts to shape its own pathway through life.

Be prepared though that it will create 'inconvenience'. Because the higher flow will take you often against the programs of the lower ego state - but this is how we confront the programs and finally integrate kundalini.

What practice have you been consciously doing thus far?

Great progress!

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