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Guided Meditations

Ascension Meditation

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A powerful audio meditation to help you let go and allow in the Ascension energies of higher consciousness. People have told us it's deeply releasing, catalytic and evolutionary.


Higher Guidance Meditation

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Connecting to the Higher Self
Here is a powerful meditation that you listen to for free, to help you connect with your higher self and draw the lighter, more connected energy down fully into your being that you may benefit from more powerful guidance in your life. Ultimately it will help you become your higher self and live it in every moment. Enjoy!!!

Liquid Gold Meditation

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Meditation releases powerful endorphins into our system which can block the effects of negative energy and make us feel more joyful, empowered and rejuvenated. That is the purpose of this "Liquid Gold Meditation" with "Open" (formerly Chris Bourne) which we recorded on one of our retreats. Be uplifted...

Global Gaia Meditation Sharing

Here's a recording of the Global Gaia "Flash" Meditation, that Openhand led for Lightworkers around the world to come together and support the shift of Gaia into the New Paradigm of Being. It can help you understand the wider shift happening, why it's needed, to process resistances, inspire your own shift, and help Gaia in the process (sharing is around 50 minutes).

A Celestial Journey Meditation with Trinity Bourne

This celestial meditation encourages transcendence of the mind with integration of a deep primordial knowing, beyond thought,to unfold your true spiritual nature. Trinity's approach is gentle, yet deep, with an ethereal quality that acts as a bridge into a higher paradigm. Her own expansive affinity with unity consciousness, sentient life and innate connection with the angelic realms, allows for a celestial journey beyond the veil; a soul to soul communication that transcends words, inviting the unleashing of divine beingness.

Relax & Unwind 'soul massage' meditation

This is a meditation designed to help us rebalance, unwind, relax and find a place of calm amidst daily life. We're guided into a space of surrendered relaxation as the soul 'massages' every fibre, from the feet all the way through to the crown. This meditation is ideal to download and keep on your MP3 player to play whenever the need arises. Listen on a train journey, during a long lunch break, after a hectic encounter that has left you frazzled, anytime of day, wherever you are.
(Note: Was previously called 'Everyday Soul Massage Meditation')

Healing the Divine Warrior meditation

A deeply moving meditation to heal the divine warrior 'the wounded dragon' by Open. The divine warrior (divine masculine) can be found within both men and women, yet in most of us it has become distorted or wounded. For some the divine warrior may be overly intense, expressed through control, consumptiveness, power-over or aggression; yet for others it may have been repressed and hidden by fear. This powerful meditation guides us back to a balanced harmony and fearless creative expression.

'Mists of Avalon' Chakra Meditation by Openhand

This is a meditation that frequently came to me earlier in my journey, shortly after I moved to the Sacred Isle of Avalon in England. It's a spiritual journey from the the lower paradigm of the 3rd density, through the mist, into a higher vibrational paradigm. We transcend through the mists, as it dissolves from around us, unraveling from the crown, one chakra at a time; until we are fully bathed in a world of higher consciousness.

Releasing Entities Meditation

This meditation is designed to help release entities within our own field. We work on the basis that entities are only able to co-exist if they have something to latch on to. This meditation works to release the blockages within us that send out a beacon to negative entities. The spoken element of this meditation is about 22 minutes long, beginning with a deep mediation to relax, unravel and create the space to release entities. There's a further 8 minutes of gentle relaxation music to follow.

Ascending with Gaia: meditation with Open

Free meditation download connecting deeply with Gaia, drawing her Kundalini Energy up into our body and through our field. Breaking down the dense matrix of mass human subconscious, throwing it off like a worn out overcoat. Allowing the rising energy, supported by the song of the whale, to surge up through us, unleashing positive waves of energy through our being and into our world. 25 minutes of liberation, transformation, empowerment...