RESURRECTION: Reclaiming our Divinity and the Planet

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The divine spark in Humanity, has all but been stamped out, by a nefarious Intervention that’s pulling the strings of our reality. It’s manipulating practically every walk of life, from Big-tech to the Media, to the Financial systems and religions, and spirituality. It’s even manipulated human DNA and the morphogenic fields of Gaia, so as to receive its controlling influences. Its agenda is to create a limiting bubble, a synthetic reality, divorced from the true nature of life.

Benevolent energies from across the cosmos are responding to the challenge, gathering in the multidimensional ether, to confront the energies of the Intervention. Meanwhile, a Grand Galactic Convergence of cosmic cycles is gearing up to Shift our reality into the next paradigm of existence.
How can you be sure to join that?

We’ve got to break down the karmic ties that tether us to the old reality construct. We’ve got to journey deep within, and part the seas of the 4D Karmic Plane, to fully unleash the new humanity. It can all be done, when we’re fully aware of what needs to be confronted and how to work. This is a true life story of one man doing exactly that - a historical figure, reclaiming his original identity, and with that, pulling key foundation stones from the bedrock of the system itself. Who have you been in past lives? What are you here to do and how can you best apply yourself? RESURRECTION is crafted to help, by offering illuminating reflections and powerful guidances, in these complex times of great transformation.

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1) Inspirational true account of Enlightenment & Ascension of a spiritual master - a historic figure
2) Deep insights into how to approach, and deal with, 4D past life karma
3) Illumination of the Soul-Harvesting trap of the Shadow and how to avoid it
4) How to work with your guides and Guardian through the complex integrations of your soul
5) Indepth insight into the current status of the Great Shift of Ages into 5D.

About the Author

I am a Higher Dimensional Bridge - which means I help people connect into the Higher Dimensions to access their True Self and realign with the natural flow of the Universe. To achieve this, I work with a team of Ascended Masters working in the ether that I call "Openhand". Energy is transmitted through written or spoken word, and at gatherings by resonating frequencies of authentic beingness. People begin to notice, free up, and integrate lost aspects of themselves. I'm working closely with the Benevolent Mission in the ether around the earth to support humanity's shift into the Higher Paradigm.

RESURRECTION - Reader Testimonials

"Wow! It’s really going to blow the lid off for a lot of people! No spoilers, but it joined up so many dots for me. The only problem was trying to read it slowly enough to digest everything in there, but it was hard not to get carried along with the story. I failed miserably and will be going back to it soon to reread it as there is so much in there to contemplate and integrate (as there always is in Open’s books). In my defence it is both compelling and illuminating in equal measure, so I kept finding myself saying ‘just one more page’, ‘just one more page’"…Pam

"It is an amazingly powerful book, that offered a great number of reflections that spoke into my own journey and opened doorways into further inquiries. As well as a few of those awesome, Aha! I get it! - moments, where suddenly the internal landscape shifts, the view shifts, and you see and understand things you didn't see or fully understand before. It is also a great, unfolding tale of one being's continuing inquiry into past and self, into energy and identity that kept me hooked." ... Joy

"I found it difficult to put the book down for a few days. Some of the chapters in the books made me hold my breath, curiously waiting in anticipation to know what was going to transpire next. This book is a revelation and stands boldly in the face of organized religion, which took power and sovereignty away from the people. Read it patiently, and it can illuminate many of our distortions where we stopped trusting in ourselves. The book empowers you and inspires you to take it back from the guru on the pedestal or any supreme authority and to know the God-self within ourselves as a felt experience."... Vimal

"The book is written as a story which I found made it both engaging and easy to read.  I could feel the truth in the words and they unlocked a deep soul level remembrance in me that I found comforting.  I'll have to sit with that and explore to gain a better understanding.  I feel I'll be able to read the book several times and go deeper into my consciousness each time."... Ann

"This book follows the narrative of a soul with profound implications for our stories in the shift. For me, it's a passionate cry from the heart, through the ages. of the redemption of truth, meaning and ultimately our personal salvation, through the vulnerability and service of another. We are so blessed to have this resource." ... Andy

Author's Note

"This book is the fourth in the Openhand's "5D Ascension Series", which is a framework of exploration for your own evolutionary inquiry. I suggest you take your time when you read it, pausing at key explorations that resonate for you and work to apply the revelations contained within the text to the situations you're currently facing. That way, it becomes much more than just reading a book, but rather powerful inspiration for your shift into a higher consciousness." Namaste, Open.

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This Book is a part of Openhand's 5D Ascension Book Series. Discover more...
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