What is your hearts longing? We're living in a society that's complex, challenging and deceptive. Many have lost their true connection to the Divine. Or else you've been on the path a while but hit some particularly intense karma or blockage. You don't have to labor or languish in that disconnection. Openhand's BREAKTHROUGH process is a ground-breaking, straightforward and simple way to get right to the nub of what's blocking you and why. By working with countless people on courses and retreats, it truly works and can launch you down a new, more vibrant, abundant and fulfilling chapter on your journey.

Here's the kind of feedback we get about the process...

"Thank you for your important work!!! Be blessed for it!!!I would not have ever dreamed that the worst karma from many lifetimes work trying to heal it (guilt) could vanish in one Sunday 2016. Now everything in this life is so logical... I'm more than happy, relieved, bewildered still, amazed... Beyond words! Be blessed and thanked! Words cannot express...." Arni, Finland

Breakthrough at the Openhand Academy

Whether you're new to the path or a seasoned traveller, come and experience the ground-breaking process of spiritual BREAKTHROUGH at the Openhand Ascension Academy, where you can...

1) Get started right away with a Guided Meditation
2) Download the E-book with tons of real life revelation
3) Join our ground-breaking courses, retreats and seminars
4) Gain one-on-one experienced facilitator support