Evolving into a Higher Paradigm

Humanity is disconnected and straying far from the natural harmony of life, thus creating a disempowering 3D reality, which is set to break down. Many people are realising the bankruptcy of the old system and unravelling their consciousness from it. A new wave of human pioneers are progressively shifting into 5D.

First there is breaking through the layers of identity and actualising your Divine Being. You then join the natural flow of sentient life, which on our planet, is ascending into 5D consciousness. We're living and creating from an entirely different space, with every aligned step supported by the profound love of the divine. Life becomes richly alchemical and abundant.

Openhand Approach

The way to true success and fulfilment in life, is to recognise the one, underlying purpose of the Universe: to unveil YOU as a profound expression of the One. The Universe is constantly working in every moment to actualise this divinity. The Openhand Approach is a way - a spiritual compass - to connect you with your Sacred Ground of Being at the core of you. Then facilitating the emergence and actualisation of your higher dimensional 5D being. Your whole world re-shapes in the most magical of ways around this consciousness (discover more...Openhand Approach).

Openhand transformational tools

BREAKTHROUGH...breaking through into your Cosmic Self
5GATEWAYS...a profound spiritual routemap of Ascension
DIVINICUS...illuminating mankind's karma and destiny
Openway...a spiritual compass through daily life
soulmotion...moving meditation for attuning to your soul

Key Philosophical Articles

* 5D Shift: "The Event", Galactic Superwave & 11:11 Synchronicity
* The Metaphysics of Our Spirituality within the Universal Toroidal Field
* The Extraordinary Diversity of ET Star Souls on and Around the Earth
* The Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth
* Homo Divinicus - the shape of things to come
* The 5GATEWAYS of expanded consciousness
* Human Origins...how did we really evolve?
* 9 Essential questions on Ascension
* The Seven Rays of Divine Impulse
* Mastery of the Expanded Self
* What is Karma and what is its purpose?
* Intervention on Planet Earth

Videos to watch

* The Event, Galactic Superwave & 11:11 Synchronicity
* How to Raise Your Vibration into 5D?
* Paradigm Shift: into 5D - Full Documentary
* Manifesting in 5D Consciousness - seminar clip
* Who are You - and how to be that - seminar video
* Transformation of Humanity
* Transcendence - the path to freedom
* Choosing Ascension
* DIVINICUS - full seminar
* Transmutation - short doco
* Spirit Light Body
* 5GATEWAYS - full documentary

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