"The Event", 11:11 Synchronicity & Galactic Superwave

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If you've been intimately involved in the Shift you'll likely have been following transformations in the sun, if not, it's high time you were. Empathic sentients the world over feel strong transformations happening with our 'heavenly father', the Solar Logos. We're entering a Grand Solar Minimum, but that doesn't mean the sun is inactive, far from it. Cyclical evidence reveals that the Sun is likely on the brink of a Nova, probably to be initiated by a galactic superwave, that would impact the whole of civilisation. How will these shifts affect our Ascension? And what might the 11:11 synchronicity be revealing to us?

The 11:11 Synchronicity - connecting the dots

I will start by saying I am only able to offer a perspective, just like anyone else. My approach is to come from the spiritual angle, but enfolding my sense of the science too. I believe it to be impossible to properly integrate these phenomenal concepts without coming from the consciousness space, which becomes more an interpretation, a relativistic perspective, rather than an absolute. So it's important you explore and find your own truth in relation to it. My purpose is to inform, inspire and to catalyse.

Everything is interconnected through consciousness. We cannot effectively consider our individual shift and Ascension without considering our interrelation with the wider cosmos. It's clear that Gaia is undergoing a major shift right now, but that's also happening in conjunction with shifts in our Solar Logos, our solar system itself, and cyclical 'pulses' from the galaxy too.

In fact to me, that's what the 11:11 synchronicity really points to. It's inviting alignment of 4 key centres of consciousness: your own soul, Gaia, the Solar Logos and the galactic core. Whether we know it or not, these are all interrelated and moving together.

If you think back to the galactic alignment of 2012, much has changed on the planet since that time, and many more people are waking up. Movements in these centres of consciousness will stimulate the activation of soul - they're like tuning forks resonating each other. But as I explained in a previous article, Exposing the Myth of the Critical Mass Ascension, that doesn't automatically mean you'll ascend with the Shift. You have to do the inner work too in order to process out karmic density and integrate buried fragments of the soul.

Our Solar Logos can help, as can Gaia, but you still have to do the leg work!

Cyclical Movements in the Solar Logos and Galactic Core

Any empathic sentient that's been tuning into the sun will feel the strong underlying changes that are going on. We're moving towards a Grand Solar Minimum, where solar irradiance quietens. And this can cause a cooling effect on the earth, which may well be offsetting the impact of global warming - for a time. But it would be false to think that because the sun is quiet, then there's less impact on the earth - the reverse is true. Firstly the more compacted solar magnetosphere allows more galactic cosmic radiation to enter our space and the overall magnetic changes are causing increased volcanic and earthquake activity, and dramatic changes to the climate, through the now rapidly Accelerating Pole Shift on Earth.

By tuning into the sense of the Sun, you may well feel the impact on your system in various ways. To some people it will elevate the soul, you'll feel lively and energetic. To others it will pull on and activate buried karma, so you might feel heavy and go into process.

Whatever effect you feel, it's essential to turn right into the experiences and process them through.

It's also essential to understand these changes in relation to 'pulses' that occur from our galactic core. Extensive research on these has been conducted over a 30 year period by the astrophysicist Dr LaViolette (check this Interview with Project Camelot). He has collated data from spikes in cosmic dust residues buried in the ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland. They reveal patterns of galactic impulses that happen in at least 3 cycles: every 5,700 years, 11,500 years and 26,000 years. The latter is intriguing in that it's exactly the length of the Earth's Precession of the Equinoxes and also a key periodicity in how the solar system passes through the galactic centre. Everything is interrelated in consciousness. It would be foolish to see ourselves as somehow separate to the movements of our celestial 'father', the sun, and in turn our 'grandfather', the galaxy.

A key aspect of Dr LaViolette's work reveals that these galactic pulses, or superwaves, are cyclical and over a window of time have a massive impact on our solar system, causing solar micro novas and transformations on every planet, including our own Mother Gaia. LaViolette states clear evidence that we are overdue another galactic superwave. Personally I maintain we're ALREADY witnessing the quantum (consciousness) effect of a new 'pulse' by changes happening on all the other planets in our solar system. And the sun is already beginning to appear white in the sky, another indicator that it is moving toward some kind of Nova. Plenty of empathic sentients in spiritual circles prophesy such an immanent "Event", a key trigger for the culmination of the 5D Ascension.

The Role of Solar Outbursts on Civilisation

These galactic trigger events to me, maybe considered as a giant cleansing mechanism, whereby out-dated and distorted realities - karmic constructs - are broken down and reality reconstituted through a Shift into a more harmonious alignment. Distorted civilisations have been devastated before, in events that concurrently precipitate a wave of souls ascending into higher vibrational realities. It's crucial to say that such catastrophe is a double-sided coin. For those that have done the inner work, the cataclysm becomes the catalyst for higher dimensional transition.

Plenty in alternative circles have been following the illuminating work by Dr Robert Schoch, who upset the egyptology apple cart by daring to suggest the Sphinx is far older than the history books would have us believe. Rain weathering and alignment with the constellation Orion in 10,450 BC indicate it's at least 12,000 years old, way before it's said advanced civilsations existed. This civilisation was obliterated at the culmination of the last Ice Age around 11,700 years ago, where it appears a solar "Event" (brought on by one of those galactic pulses) caused rapid melting and global 'Atlantean' flooding, that correlates well with accounts by Plato and countless other tribal myths. How ever expressed, they all seem to point to the same event - the sinking of Atlantis.

The best overview interview with Robert Schoch I found is contained within this video about Micro Nova by Suspicious Observers, which although is quite scientific, you might want to watch in its entirety. But definitely do watch the interview with Dr Schoch between 2:50 and 10:10...

The "Event"

Now here's my main point:

We are ALREADY overdue a galactic superwave, the last one of which likely caused the sun to micro nova around 11,700 years ago that brought the Atlantean civilisation to an abrupt end. It's synchronicity: distorted realities bend space-time-continuum around them, drawing in a realigning cosmic effect. And I believe we are ALREADY witnessing within our solar system the early quantum resonance of the next wave. 

I also believe there's strong evidence the powers-that-be know of the likelihood of the next superwave, due to the classification of important scientific material revealing it. Clearly, they don't want you to know what's going on. What we're talking about here would be the likely collapse of society, and liberation of people from it, as they then set different orientations in life (that process is potentially already happening, at least in part, due to pushback against the plandemonium - 2021 update). When I incarnated in 2002 as a soul exchange around a life threatening car crash, I saw powerful visions of the Earth being bathed in a cleansing ball of fire, precipitating a wave-like shift (by some) into a higher vibrational reality. I now believe I was actually witnessing this Event, as future landing now.

To be clear, it is NOT my intention to spread fear, nor to sensationalise through drama. In any case, where fear exists, it is always a gateway through which to expand - it's a brake on the evolution of consciousness, which must be confronted and released. My purpose is to inspire action so that people may equalise and normalise in the Shift that is ALREADY happening all around us. The system wants you to be glued to your smart phone, and therefore distracted, so as to continue 'business as usual'. That way you can still be manipulated, and potentially diverted off into some blind AI allyway.

What's needed now is for us all to see the bigger picture of where these cyclical interrelated events are all bringing us to. We need to expand minds and consciousness into the bigger picture, that people regain their mutlidimensional selves and emerge as the next evolution of humanity. But that's not going to happen by being buried in social media and the 'smart' phone. This "Event" will happen. For me that is certain. The only question now remaining is how many people will be actively engaged in it?

Getting Actively Engaged in the Shift

The real question now is how do you actively engage in the Shift?

There are many different spiritual truths emerging at this time, many of which I believe interrelate to different aspects of the same overall landscape. Here at Openhand, we've developed the 5D Ascension Program to help illuminate the path through the Shift, which enfolds the 5GATEWAYS routemap and Spiritual Compass to help attune to your soul, which is the crucial aspect in engaging with the Shift.
Check out Openhand's 5D Ascension Program

And there are many distortions of truth too, which is understandable, since it takes a great deal of time, diligence and commitment to peel away the veils and fully integrate.

I felt it important to deal with what I feel to be one key distortion here, which is the idea that a solar Event will 'raise humanity's collective physical vibration into 5D'. I don't believe the science or previous experience supports this. The physical is exactly that, a lower density vibration designed to sit within a particular standing wave within the Universal Torus. If you somehow raised the body to 5D consciousness, there would be so much energy flowing through it that it would explode! What we're really talking about is elevating the vibration of the SOUL and activating the Spirit Light Body, which at the appropriate time, will carry you into the New Paradigm of the 5D/6D/7D - the soul moves into it.

This Shift may be considered in the metaphor of the Apollo rocket, which is very synchronous, since we're talking about Solar Nova, because Apollo was a Greek sun god! You have a vehicle that gets you up into the outer atmosphere (of the 3D), but which then falls away as another vehicle carries you through space (the 4D), before finally you land at your destination (the metaphoric 5D), in another vehicle (the spirit light body) synchronistically called "the Eagle".

So the real key to Ascension is to progressively integrate soul by following it's calling through the daily trials and tribulations. You're retrieving soul fragments that have gotten buried amongst the sediment in the bed of the river of life. As you do so, the progressive Activation of Kundalini expands you into the higher dimensional vehicles and brings them alive. Whereupon you're beginning to live the higher consciousness here and now. As the Shift then completes and the 3D reality is cleansed through something like this "Event", then you continue on in the Spirit Light Body in the New Paradigm.

A crucial stage to this is having processed all your 4D karma. If that hasn't been completed within this current window, then you'll likely come back into physical incarnation over other cycles to integrate more soul fragments by processing remaining karma.

Do check out Openhand's Video Diary on the subject, then tune in here again for part 2 on the top 5 approaches for embracing the shift...

Top 5 Approaches to the Shift

I felt to share what I consider to be the top 5 approaches to the Shift, based on my own experience and having worked with hundreds of people around the globe...

1) Learn to tune into your soul and follow it: there is being awake to the matrix and its system of control, but this is NOT the same as being awake to the soul, which in turn is NOT the same as following the soul. These are various stages of awakening. It's about becoming the observer of oneself in daily life, taking ownership of the reality you're manifesting, and surrendering into the interconnectivity with all of life, experienced through the soul. It's about then following the impulses of the soul felt through the heart and as the instantaneous landing of higher knowing.
This is all explored in Openhand's spiritual text book 5GATEWAYS
2) Turn into fear and karma:
fears and concerns will come up for sure, which is absolutely necessary in order to evolve, because they reveal where you identify and close down. There is ultimately no fear in a self-realised being. So get to know how this feels as tightness in the various bodily vehicles (physical, emotional, mental and karmic). Develop a daily process for working through them by equalising and breaking through as The One.
Explore this Openhand Approach to Daily Karmic Processing
3) Get to Know the Movement of Kundalini and how to Integrate it: Kundalini is the natural free flowing energy, down from the Source, through your various bodily vehicles and back again. Due to the distortion of society and past life karma, it's been fragmented and disrupted, which enslaves people in lower behaviourisms. Kundalini will likely activate as progressive shifts leading to one full blown completion. This process will be highly challenging, but by recognising the effects and that it is beginning to happen, can greatly ease the process.
Openhand's Top 10 Signs of Kundalini Activation and How Best to Respond
4) Activate Your Spirit Light Body:
the higher dimensional vehicles are progressively activated through integrating soul by processing out lower density. This naturally liberates free flowing Kundalini, which then animates the higher vehicles such as the Spirit Light Body. You'll start to get senses of living the higher  5D paradigm here and now. We're currently living in two worlds, and you unfold into the higher by progressively attuning to it, learning to live it here and now.
Here's more on Living in 5D Consciousness Now
5) Fully express your soul:
you may get the feeling at times of 'what's the point to it all?' Especially when you come to realise the upcoming Event is going to obliterate the 3D reality. But the underlying point of the very Universe itself is expression of Self. There is nothing else going on! So if it serves you to be conscious and protect the environment anyway, then do respond to that calling. Or if you feel compelled to help relieve the suffering of other sentient life, then go right ahead. If you knew the world would come to an end tomorrow, would you still plant that proverbial apple tree today? I put it to you that a truly awake being would. Let's find those behaviours in life that bring us alive, connect us to the underlying flow and shines the light for others. What animates your soul?

Blessed to Be Here At This Phenomenal Time in History

The evidence is abound that the Shift is unfolding and accelerating all the time. The more inwardly conscious you become, and the more you disentangle from the programming of society, the more you'll likely feel it. As the realisation dawns that we're AREADY transitioning through some almighty Event, you'll likely want to stop for a while, contemplate and integrate. What is really important to me as a soul right now?

How long do we have? It could be 3 days, 3 decades or 3 centuries. It's impossible to say. Except that as you feel the rising tide of consciousness, you might well feel like me, that it's likely to be much sooner rather than later. Awareness of such an Event will likely activate fear, yes, that's entirely natural. But fear is always a gateway through which to step, because you know that's where you're identifying with reality. And I believe in the importance of sharing this awareness with those who're ready to hear - it brings us more into the moment of now, and forms a more authentic multidimensional landscape through which to operate on a daily basis.

Do be prepared that many will not want to hear and will likely get projectional, attacking and even chaotic as events unfold. Get to know what is real for you, what is true for you. Be mindful of how and where you share, but do look for the vehicles through which to express your soul, because this is the phenomenal opportunity of the unfolding Shift. We are blessed to be here at this time in history right now. It is hard to imagine a more opportune moment for the forging of soul.

I wish you well in the Shift. And if you resonate with the general thrust of my sharing and feel Openhand might be of service to you in your unfolding, do check out our work:
Openhand Ascension Portal.

Bright Blessings

Open 💎

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If only a small amount of people will 'shift', what happens to everyone else?

In reply to by Lalva224 (not verified)


Greetings Lava - welcome to Openhand 🙏. Yes, a good question indeed. Right now, only a small number of people are actually orientated toward the Shift. What happens to those who don't go with it?

I see two routes for those that pass on (everyone) but are not ascended:
1) There will be those who are not ascended to 5D consciousness, but are correctly connected into the Universal Torus - these will go to the angelic realm and take up further 3D incarnations elsewhere in the cosmos. I don't see it being possible to reincarnate here on Earth for some considerable time - if at all.

2) Plenty are already going into a 4D harvested bubble. That's happening right now. Souls are acquiescing and acclimating toward the Simulation, which is established by a planetary-wide interdimensional intervention. Many are being duped that way. The Intervention will likely try to survive the Shift in some measure, still on this planet, with the Simulation in tow (and souls trapped in it). Benevolence is working hard to ensure this doesn't happen. Alternatively, the Simulation will be stripped from the planet as Gaia ascends to 5D. It will likely try to move onto another planet.

I would say to everyone who can see and hear this, and who has the will, the drive and the commitment to do the inner work, that Ascension to 5D is by far the best option!

Well wishes
<<< Open 💎

In reply to by Open


A very ancient, wise, masculine, gentle, loving being has come into my field.  I can't identify this being although he feels very familiar to me.  He brings the following questions forward.  As benevolence works to unravel/re-align Ra, what happens to the souls contained in the 4D bubble?  If the bubble bursts, won't that create the same level of trauma as when Sirius exploded?  Is the angelic realm prepared because if not, even if Ra is no longer in the picture surely some other opportunistic energy will arrive and recreate a new bubble.  And most likely will be considered a "savior" by the souls its able to collect.

In reply to by Ann B


It's a good question Ann.

I've experienced 'exploding' several harvested bubbles - it felt like a degree of shock for the souls, but absolutely nothing like the explosion of Sirius. I experienced them going to the angelic realm.

Open 💎


19/08/2023 Shift Update: Catalysis & Change

It's essential to extract from your usual landscape from time to time in order to reflect, to open deeper to the Universe and to allow in new infusions of consciousness. That's why I've been here on the Volcanic Island of La Palma, and I already get a sense of where the work is shifting to for the upcoming academic cycle beginning in September. What came, whilst up at the volcano was "Catalysis & Change". I could literally feel Isla Bonita, the soul of the Island, a degree twisted in my abdomen. She'd been blocked on the mental plane about worries and concerns for the population here.

But life has to change and transform, inline with the natural Toroidal Flow of the Universe. Otherwise, it becomes toxic. Isla Bonita, and Gaia, now accept that, and are surrendering to it. Hence I feel the Earth is ready for faster energetic change. What is that likely to look like and what will that mean in all our individual lives? That's the next exploration we'll be having with you all in the academic year ahead - how to bring the new energies of the accelerating shift through your being and into your life. What would catalytic change look like for you?

You might already feel a degree of trepidation or anxiety. Don't worry, because greater sense of alchemy and adventure are on the other side of the same coin. We're here to help you maximise the possibility on your path, to lift your vibrational speed so you can capitalise on these strengthening energies. It's going to be a thrilling ride!

Bright blessings

Open 🙏


11/11/2021 Openhand Journal Update

People the world over are still witnessing the 11:11 synchronicity - personally I see it all the time! It's essential to understand therefore what it might be  pointing to. For me, and in the Openhand work, it's all about finding the correct orientation within your soul to bridge and mediate through the tumultuous changes ahead. If we find this natural alignment and respond to it, then we'll make choices in rightness: either that peel off karma or create a new landscape around you as the shift continues to unfold.

I'm tremendously excited therefore to be sharing this viewpoint in seminar tonight at the Glastonbury Town Hall - we've always had amazing events there. And it is our commitment to film it so we may share it with you all in the wider community. But if you can't be there and tune in tonight around 6:30pm-9pm I'm sure the energetic connection will be worth it!

In the meantime, do review this lead Openhand article on the subject, especially if you're relatively new to the phenomenon. It's a long article, with lots of references and video, so do take some quality time out to review it....

"The Event", 11:11 Synchronicity & Galactic Superwave

In these profound times, blessings to all!

Open 💙🙏


09/08/2021 Journal Update: people often ask me, "How much time do you think we have left before the 5D Ascension completes? The answer is... "not long!" It's impossible to say for sure, but with each passing day, if you're feeling through into the wider field, the sense is it's getting ever closer. This is the subject of today's exploration at Avalon Rising 21 - The World Ascension Summit. It's a big subject to take in - but I encourage all to familiarise with the possibility. That way you normalise with it more, which means it becomes possible to let go and transcend it. With that in mind do read the main article above...

5D Shift: "The Event", Galactic Superwave & 11:11 Synchronicity

Tonight at Avalon Rising, we'll be treated to a private performance with the magical Jont, put here for sure, to carry a moving and uplifting vibe through these tumultuous unfolding events on earth. When I hear his music, it always encourages me just to let go into the flow...

Much love to all in these mystical times

Open 🙏


14/04/2021: Openhand Journal Update - Essential Understanding of the Event

I felt to feature this article again today to encourage all to read and to really begin to integrate the phenomenal magnitude of what has begun to unfold across the earth. You may look out and see merely the ongoing shenanigens of the pandemic and the shadowstate, but let's be clear, this is merely a smoke screen for the main story, the main event. It is intended purposefully to be a distraction from it to pull you in. Don't let it. See the drama, feel where it hooks within, but then extract yourself from it.

And I would say to everyone tuning in at these times, how essential it is to maintain perspective - to keep your focus on the bigger picture. No matter what shenanigens society creates in the name of the "plandemonium", it is all just as "shuffling deckchairs" as the Old Paradigm unwinds and finally sinks. Because the convergence of Galactic, Solar and Earth Pole Shift Cycles, that are leading to the "Event", will literally eclipse all of this in the immediate future ahead.

That's why I encourage all to familiarise themselves with what is probably one of the most important pieces of Openhand work we've produced - our sharing above about the completion of these cycles...

5D Shift: "The Event", Galactic Superwave & 11:11 Synchronicity

In fact I would go as far as to say the Event is exactly why the shadowstate has become so emboldened and desperate - the powers that be also know exactly what is set to come in the immediate future. Through NASA and various other scientific bodies they have all the science to understand these cycles; in fact they've even censored key science over the years - such as science proving the Pole Shift - so as to throw people off the track and keep them "comfortable on the sofa".

The sofa is not the place to be! As I'll be sharing in my next Livestream this Saturday 17th April, the Shiva energy is now descending upon the earth, which is going to accelerate things no end. So it's essential to find your right orientation and alignment within this accelerating shift (more details on the LiveStream to follow tomorrow).

So I encourage all to explore the Event, what it might mean for you, then process any fears that come up around it so as to normalise and equalise with what is to come. And if you continue to engage with Openhand, we'll for sure help illuminate the pathway through it, all the way into the dawning of the New 5D Paradigm.

Best wishes to all

Open voltage emoji iconPraying Emoji
PS - and if you do have any questions you'd like a view point on, do feel free to inquire in commentary below.

Open HeartPraying Emoji

In reply to by Open


yes, Yes, YES! i'm starting to feel the excitement of this adventure. Still so much density i'm holding onto but so much more aware of how holding those nasty energies just reflect them right back to me in the outer. And the realisation that all this pain is simply resistance. Doing your ascension activation meditation this morning i was able to relax and let go much deeper than before and the pain disappeared! Of course it came back when i came back but this is a big deal! And something else new...at one point i felt as though i had no body and was just floating. Although as soon as i became aware of it i lost it, would you have any suggestions? Really starting to see how trying to push and control things not only does not work, but can make things worse, but not forgetting that the lesson is always in the mistake. I am EXCITED! Thank you!💜💜💜🙏

In reply to by barbfromkingston


Hi Barb,

Sounds like you're having a productive time with the meditation. Thumbs Up Sign

It's a classic "problem" you ask about...

As soon as ( became aware of it I lost it!

Usually it's because of a disconnect happening in one aspect of the psyche. What do I mean? Firstly the aim is not strictly to go out of body but to transcend it here in time and space - meaning to steadiy dissociate from it by equalising with it and thereby passing through it. Yes, there can be the tendency to simply go out of body, which can happen a lot to people. Hence you're disconnecting one aspect of awareness - perhaps the mind. So the expanded state suddenly "jumps up on you". That's why there's a degree of "shock" when you look into it and therefore you suddenly disconnect from that state. Better is the progressive transcendence and then the expanded state becomes a familiar part of your experience - because you've equalised with it, then it becomes a natural part of your inner landscape. Therefore there's no "shock" because you suddenly notice it.

I know this may sound a degree complex. But I'd say the solution is to very extremely intimate with all of the feelings and awareness as you progressively go into the expanded state.

Something to explore for sure.

Open HeartPraying Emoji


please tell me when humanity ill go crystalline?


I learned a meditation where you can, if allowed, check out now. I wasn't pleased, why would you abandon your loved ones. Why?

I also came across this information at about the same time, mixed feelings.

A year on and I am reconciled with this scenario. I find that this is the elephant in the room in spiritual and western shamanic circles. No one wants to accept this is a real possibility. 

But it won't be us we are not asleep, they say. Move on! No one wants to consider this at all. 

Anyway, I will have that extra peice of cake, why not.


In reply to by Keith (not verified)


Hi Keith,

It's always a big one that comes up when people journey with Openhand through what is likely to come: "what about loved ones who are not ready for the shift, what happens to them?" And then the expression of various levels of attachment.

What I often respond with is this, "would you want someone to walk your path for you?" Naturally the answer is no! "Then why are you trying to walk their path for them?" Because their soul is chosing a particular stream of experience at this stage, including NOT to ascend. And that's entirely okay, entirely fine for them. They will need to have the experience they ultimately get in order to forge their own soul.

It's important to recognise too that the love you hold for another always stays with you, in your heart. Heart

And also, by the Law of Attraction, if someone is meant to journey with you again, then they will.

Finally, even though we shift and move at different speeds at different times, we are never truly separate.


Open HeartPraying Emoji


Here's a video update from a favoured alternative cosmology site, suspicious observers, where he's talking about a summary of interesting factors. Firstly, anyone know they're from Orion? Well Betelgeuse is on the point of Solar Nova, which when it does, we'll likely see in the night sky, even from 600 light years away. Heaven knows of course what that will do to life in the rest of the Orion system. We also gain an intimation on how diminshed coronal hole activity on the sun as we go into the Grand Solar Minimum nevertheless causes an increased impact on the earth, because the diminshed magnetic protection allows in greater amounts of cosmic rays (I'd say that's why we're sitting in a storm here in the UK right now). Plus he concisely plots the telemetry for the completion of the next Pole Shift on earth, plotting it against other previous Hominid extinctions. Let's be clear, we're just 30 years or so away from the next one. To be informed is to be able to normalise, then to equalise...


So here it is, clear as whistle, the mainstream is going to the moon and beyond, with space capsules called "Orion" (yes, really) and a lunar outpost for deep space missions called "Gateway" - hmmm, an interesting juxtaposition. As I've said for some time, here in 2020, there is a clear divergence of direction for humanity. As the people in the film spell out, "We are going!" (to the moon). Time to decide where you're going. For me, it's definitely in the other direction - inwards through the 5GATEWAYS!...


When I made the Openhand short movie about galactic superwaves in 2019, I said that I believe you can already feel the early quantum effect of the next wave arriving in our solar system. I just came across this article explaining that astronomers working from the Keck Observatory in Hawaii reported light emerging from the galactic core 75 times brighter than usual. Since the superwave moves just a little slower than the speed of light, then as soon as we can observe it from earth emerging from the galactic core, then it is ready to arrive in our solar system.

Big energy boosts are for sure heading our way - are ALREADY arriving.

That it will come to transform the earth is beyond doubt. But let's benefit from this huge infusion of light right now. Let it resonate more of your soul and become all that you can be. There's no longer any point in playing it small!

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
Anais Nin

Black Hole at Center of Milky Way Started Glowing Mysteriously



I greatly admire the work that "Suspicious Observers" are doing in relation to observing the cosmos and its direct effects on Earth - especially in relation to what many (including us) are sharing as the upcoming (highly likely) Solar Nova event. To understand what that is, check out the article above, and for the science on why it's happening. Here's a short new video by Suspicious Observers on the latest evidence for this Shift of energy (shared in a more scientific way)...


Hi FT,

I understand the anxiety, plenty are feeling this right now. It's because the field is strongly changing and we're entering a point where literally anything out there could happen.

But the key is not to focus on the 'out there'. You'll not resolve that because it's meant to reveal its shadow crazy side as it gets exposed by the intensity of infusing light. So watch it, but don't try to fix it. And don't worry if it can't be. It's all going the way it's meant to.

What you really need to focus on is the inner journey. And if fear comes up, that's where you need to work. Using something like the BREAKTHROUGH APPROACH that we practice on our courses. So work on the internal and use the fear as the gateways through which to pass. Right now, spiritual practice is essential to process through.

Wishing you well

Open HeartPraying Emoji


I’ve been feeling really unsettled this last few days.. I’ve got this horrible feeling that something horrible and scary is about to happen... clearly all the evidence around the climate points that way, Open you think it’s coming soon, and every time I hear the news it just gets worse. People in my town are getting increasingly polarised, and Boris Johnson turned up last week and the divisions really came to the surface. Today I looked around me in the supermarket and I had this feeling that something unpleasant was activating in some of the people there. Either I’m getting paranoid, or something funny is happening... I’m trying to be ‘in the world and not of it’... but the fear is hard to live with. I have dropped my meditation/spiritual practice of late so I know that will help. Reading this has reminded me how important the practice is. Thanks for the inspiration. I saw an article in the paper last week saying scientists are baffled as Mars has been emitting pulses of electromagnetic radiation from it’s poles... I need to learn how to process my karma. I think I’ll try and get to one of your retreats soon! I need reminders!


Wow Megha. Someone is clearly tuned into the sun and the transformation we're coming into!

Thanks for sharing Thumbs Up Sign

Open Heart


So I went to see a movie last night after I read this message  . And I kid you not this was the ad we saw . For a phone called One Plus . I love it 😀😀😀. Name of the movie ? Dream girl ( from Anastasia's post ) . I can't stop chuckling :)


I felt to feature this one again today, even though recent...

5D Shift: "The Event", Galactic Superwave & 11:11 Synchronicity

It's a lot to get one's head and heart around and for sure, you'll likely hear a lot more about it on other websites too in the months and years ahead. It's going to effect us all and essential therefore that we equalise with it.

Do share your thoughts and feelings, I'd be happy to offer a supportive reflections.


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Now that is news! Here's a clip from the article...

In news that reads like the beginning of a dire science fiction novel Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy, has emitted a large burst of infrared radiation brighter than anything ever produced by that black hole. The black hole is well-known to scientists, and was one of the subjects of our first ever efforts to image the cosmic beasts, but its still throwing up new mysteries all the time.

After observing for over four days using the Keck II Telescope in Hawaii, a team that has been studying Sagittarius A* for 20 plus years noticed the infrared light increased by 75 times. 

Possibly this is physical evidence of the next Superwave?

The scoentists will have been viewing light from approx 28,000 years ago, which is the time it takes light to travel from the galactic core. Since the physical element of the Superwave travels at just less than the speed of light, if this one is heading our way, then it'll show up any time 'soon'.

As I said in the article and video, I can already feel it!

Thanks for sharing

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Hi Jami - nice to see you Slightly Smiling

Okay, so are you ready to go deeper?

This jumped right out and off the page...

Each morning I feel into the flow of my soul, embrace gratitude, forgiveness and self love

Has this become a program? A layer of identity? What's wrong with just getting up and being. The One doesn't need to specifically embrace any state - gratitude, forgveness and self love. It just is.

Yes, we may work on these things to break down self-limiting programs where the soul has gotten identified.

But the point about the relationship with the soul and The One, is that it's free flowing and spontaneous.

There are definitely plenty of spiritual identity programs out there that people get lulled into - because there's some degree of truth in them. In terms of unwinding and attuning with the soul. But the soul is spontaneous and free flowing from the One. If you crystallise around any aspect of it, then you actually lose yourself as the One. It's always good to check on the things in life that become routine.

In terms of the disturbing dreams, how are you disturbed? If they're visions, is it at a mind level? and perhaps the emotions? In which case, these may be popping you out of the underlying karma which is at the source of them. My suggestion would be to strongly animate your feelings (emotional thoughts) in relation to the dreams, but then come into a degree of stillness and watch for any subtle inner vibrations, such as in the heart. I get the sense to watch what happens with the breathing too.

When you pick up some kind of unusual vibration, which could be very subtle in the beginning, then work into this with initimate awareness. Bring attention to it and see how it wants to move. This way, you'll activate the buried karma.

Do let me know how the inquiry goes.

Much love

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I woke this morning with a complete sense of self. I seen every dream, situation in my life and reason I moved out of different areas of my life as of late. It was all because of a lack of freedom. The freedom to be me, when I want and how i want. When I feel into why I felt restricted in any of these areas that is it. Freedom is what my soul desires in ever moment. Thank you Open for the reminder to not just feel into it but inquire where is comes from. I also realized that a lot of the practices I take up and become rigid in are because of this desire to have a “purpose.” Then I remember I am here to experience myself as the absolute. That nothing in the external world will bring a sense of completeness. And ever time I take up any of these practices or identities it just leads to a feeling of restriction. Freedom! I choose the freedom to flow into every moment with an open heart, to trust in my souls calling and the divine art of universal consciousness. 

Unconditional love to all always❣️




I have been working through all the feelings and changes that come day to day and feel very much in the flow. There are a couple things I do struggle with. One is the very disturbing dreams... like something out of a horror movie. Every night for weeks they are vivid and disturbing. And also during these last few weeks I struggle to meditate. I get into a deep calm state and then I am over taken by these disturbing images much the same as my dreams. Each morning I feel into the flow of my soul, embrace gratitude, forgiveness and self love before engaging in my day. I am trying to feel into and move through the disturbing images but I feel almost blocked from the guidance I usually receive. I use to see and hear my guidance and now I have to feel into my heart space continually through the day to reconnect. I feel like I am constantly being bumped out of a computer program and I have to log back in. I am trying to embrace the change but feel like I’ve been dumped some days. 


I found this a really useful seminar to watch by the egyptologist Dr Robert Schoch, who does indeed go by his namesake in turning upside down - shocking - the accepted history of modern day egyptology. Check out this clip about the impact of a believed solar outburst on the early civilisation of Egypt. It's important because plenty will likely have karma relating back to these kinds of events...


Hi Marije,

Well clearly the dreams fired off density - so they must have gotten you into new layers, which although of course will be uncomfortable, are definitely beneficial to work through.

This is the work now, this is the cleansing - the unravelling and emerging through.

Onwards and upwards!

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I guess I must be tapped into something similar to Marije... after a very long rest (over 12 hours) on highly volcanic land in Myvatn, Iceland, last night I later became convinced that a cataclysm was coming to the world in the immediate future (I felt the floods I have seen before or something major was coming) and that I need to be on a plane to Alaska ASAP.... I am still not sure if it is true or not, but I definitely processed a lot of emotions about it today and even looked at air tickets  ... I started driving to Reykjavík only to turn around and help a hitchhiker out who was going in the opposite direction and let fate be what it will be and see what the signs say tomorrow...


Yes indeed Marije, for anyone connecting with the soul, awareness of the magnitude of such events can become the inspiration to truly follow the soul. It makes the trials and tribulations of the microcosym of our lives much less imporant - except in terms of unravelling from them.

Your dream sounds like a fascinating and illuminating past life story for sure - it could well relate to some cataclysmic flood - Atlantis for example.

Remember with these things, it's not so much the detail that matters, but rather the influences that we carry forwards.

How did the experience (the dream) shift things for you?

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We often encounter the karma of the Sirius Shift here in the Openhand work, but I don't specifically recall an incidents of cataclysm in people's karma from around 12,000 years ago, and especially in Egypt?


In this video I came across fascinating evidence that a previous Nova blew the granite casing off the big pyramid on the Giza plateau, around 12,000 years ago. Assuming it's true, it seems highly serendipitous to me, considering the pyramids were a bastion of an earlier control agenda...

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Yes, for sure.

My experience of them is that they were used for multiple purposes. Plenty who knew their energy when fully active would have experienced them as highly alchemical. They could indeed heal the Homo Sapiens vehicle, which is why (I guess) plenty find them helpful. Although consider that Homo Sapiens is a downgraded hybrid from Original Humans. When I visited them myself, I experienced several effects: (1) a tendency to go out of body into 4D - which is not necessarily a good thing, because it can leave you living in a bubble (2) they seemed to have a lowering effect on Gaia's magnetic frequency, which is possibly why she has two base freqeuncies not one - although the effect is now very mild because the pyramids are mostly deactivated from their original purpose.

For me, they were constructed after the destruction of Atlantis and when the floods had supsided - by the Opposing Consciousness as a means to regenerate society. I've talked about this in some detail in the book DIVINICUS.

Best wishes

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Dear Open,

As ten years ago my grand mother passed away, she sat there in her chair and very peacefully faded away. Later the day we had a small ceremony with just the family and i had this moment of absolute clarity that her being was not gone and never will be. So since then, fear of death was no longer relevant on my path. 

The last days i was very busy doing inner work and outer cleansing and during the weekend found something inside of me that i was searching for ever since, my identity and sense of belonging. This gave me a new sense of clarity and focus about what life is really all about. I am most at ease when thinking about the planetary shifts going on right now with all the devastation - that even keep accelerating. I created an island in the storm, the ones you, Open, are speaking about, which is on one hand physically existing, but much more importantly a solid and well-tested base of trust, that everything is connected (say cause and effect) and that in order to see the perfection in all things, we have take a step back to see the greater picture.

In the last years i curiously researched on cosmic cycles so for me what you write makes total sense. Interestingly for some weeks now i find myself not only aligning with the sun but also the galactic core and the great central sun. 

Heartfelt greetings,



My article above ("The Event", Galactic Superwave & 11:11 Synchronicity) is one of those defining one's for Openhand, attempting to bring the big (big!) picture more into consciousness. But not many have responded yet - I guess it's a lot to get one's head around. It begs a question...

How Would You Live Now, if Your Knew these Days Were Your Last?

No one can say for sure how long we each have. But that's always been true, cosmic "Event" or not. I believe the real value in the article is helping people see how EVERYTHING is interrelated. You have the microcosm of your daily existence, but now the evidence is clear on how interrelated this is with the grand picture. It begs another question...

Why not live the grand picture every day, every moment, right now?

The galactic superwave is already here, it's aready arriving. I am in no doubt about that. Above all I can feel it. I can feel the wave of consciousness focussing inwards, just as a wave on the ocean pulls inwards before it rolls up onto the beach. The wave is shaping our reality right now, the old existence unravelling as the wave pulls consciousness towards it, which is infuencing every aspect of our lives and ALREADY inviting you to ride the wave of alignment through them.

What I find personally about this, when you contemplate it deeply and work past the fear, is how relieving it all is. Take some quality time out today and contemplate all the challenges you might have, in your job, your relationships and general living circumstances. How do these ease when you realise that you're a part of this overall galactic transformative process? One that is here to cleanse all the distortion away? So can you just let go?

And if everything you're striving for in a 3D sense will get unravelled pretty soon anyway, well then how does the point and purpose of your life now change? What now do you focus on?

I can only speak personally, and only reflect what it does for me: I feel to be completely me, without reservation. I feel to express all that I can be in any given moment. And above all, I want to be a part of that wave. For me that is reality, beyond the illusion, hype and distortion - this is the pulse of life, right here, right now. It's the realignment delivering us on the shores of a higher harmony. To me that has great meaning and value.

So how does this awareness invite you to live right now?

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Good morning to everyone.  Open, I just posted ...to someplace... the intensive buildup of solar energies  that were so evident yesterday and had nothing to do with temperature.  The Lion's Gate?  May it be a build-up to what we can expect on or around the 11:11 event?  In the meantime, I have been totally healed as of two weeks ago from a incurable disease.  I no longer even claim it in any way.  and am now rebuilding the damage caused by it with an energy worker/personal trainer who is also a musician I have worked with as his keyboardist.  I am planning 2 books, a new children's school, coordinating a neighborhood block party the Saturday before Halloween that will feature  the ''Thriller'' dance to all who want to participate (the dance tutorials are all on You Tube so those who are interested, and there are many so far, can do their own prep work without rehearsals...maybe one just for a sound-check), moving my Steinway Grand piano from Springfield to my house here in KC and learning to play the piano reduction of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto #2...and send this beautiful piece of  of music to the stars and beyond. the same with 2 organ pieces...The Franck A Minor Chorale which is all about the story of Ascension (the awakening of humanity and choosing to follow The Path towards conscious unification with the Divine Consciousness) and the J.S. Bach's Toccata, Adagio and Fugue, which is all about ''the new wine in new wine skins''  which the old wine skins of 3rd Dimension cannot contain without bursting apart.   Again, I play to an empty house, but not empty at all.  The ancestors are there, the intrestellor  beings are there, the trees are there, and so is all of creation, and the Supreme Divine Consciousness....God, Allah, Brahma, Chi, Ta-Tonka, whatever it is called by whomever, smiles.



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Hi Sandra - this is all wonderful - I'm very glad about your cure. When we integrate and infuse deeper consciousness, then these spontaneous 'miracles' can occur indeed, especially in our times of accelerated consciousness The Sun Emoji

Personally I don't believe the 11:11 synchronicity that people are seeing is a timing, but rather an invitation to connect 4 key centres: your soul, the earth, the sun and galactic core.

I wish you well in your healing.

Much love

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Interesting “coincidence” as I found myself chanting over and over the other night that “I am at peace in the center of the earth” and that “I am at peace in the galactic core”... with visuals as I tried to take my “friends” with me into those spots for disintegration.... or reintegration.... I just added the sun into the mantra.   😊💥


Hi Zee,

Thanks so much for persevering in your posting - I'd say your comment and situation describe what many are challenged with living in the 3D world.

And I'd say that's exactly what the 3:33 synchronicity is about.

When you catch the wave of soul in any given moment, at some point, it's going to pull on density in the lower three bodily vehicles: physical, emotional and mental (causing frustration for example!). Because the soul is working to integrate and be free - to ride the wave all the time. So it has to activate situations that reveal where it is stuck.

The key is to always be attentive to what's triggering in you. To explore why? What is it you're attached to, what outcome do you (think) you need? Then to work into these densities and unravel them. Then the flow will be restored.

We're using the Breakthrough Approach here at Openhand to help people achieve that....
The Daily Process of Karmic Processing

Wishing you well

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Thanks open, 

Well I have an essay to post this time ha ha!

This morning as i woke I had a memory come up that was triggered a few days ago from another post I put out there.

It was when I was in grade 3 or there abouts. It was parent day at school when they all come to see the kids work etc. I remembered that noone came for me, I felt invisible,left out and extremely disappointed like i didnt matter. So I stayed with the feelings and sobbed heaps. 

 I reassured my inner child that she did matter to me, I heard and felt her pain and she wouldnt be overlooked by me. I felt like I broke through a pattern that has followed me through my life. I now feel that even if I am not acknowledged or seen by people it doesn't  matter any more because I see me and many other unseen beings do too.  Its like another piece of the puzzle fell into place or like a veil lifted.

Which brings me to an amazing experience i had a few days before.

I woke at 5am, did a meditation and all these ideas for the day came to me unlike many days when I feel overwhelmed and find it hard to face the day ahead. I felt lighter somehow. And the words-if it was your last day on earth how would it look and be came to me. 

As i had my cuppa of tea and watched the clouds I remembered a few months ago when i was watching one particular cloud as it morphed into about 15 or so animals one after the other, it was incredible! I wondered if it would happen again and blow me down, it did! Not as many as before but just as riveting.

I then had to drive to the local village for some groceries along a back road through the forest and sent my energy out like tendrils to the trees as I often do, loving and thanking them for all they do and are. This time I felt their energy coming to me, each tree had a slightly different energy, it was so beautiful I was in awe. 

I felt so connected to them like they were my family! I was reminded of this when i was processing my inner child stuff. They are my family as are my animals here on the farm. I am SEEN and LOVED by them, it was so encouraging. So I dont feel as alone as I did before, its wonderful and gold to me. If life could flow like this all the time Im in!!

I think I'm  finally getting the hang of not dropping the hot coals yay! and what it feels like to breakthrough! yeehaa! 

I just wanted to share and even if its not acknowledged its all ok. he he!



Ocean of all

Quietly journeying alone
yet not alone it seems
crack in the door
opening wider
feeling connection
to all

intricate tapestry
a flowing sea
moving changing
wonder awe
no one is here
just all


It really freaks me out some days! And on other days I seem to connect to an amazing flow.

At the moment I am trying to face into the fear of the disintegrating 3D and survival. I guess it is really for me to accept death of the physical form. I know it with my head but on another level I am shit scared of the suffering, actually I'm  terrified.😨

When I was in the christian camp I believed the end was nigh and Jesus was going to come rescue me from the suffering of the end times ha ha, not going to happen! It was a hard one to swallow. 

Now its up to me to move through the various quagmires and find my soul bits. 

Im not sure why I am sharing this or if its relevant. I figure this is an accepting, encouraging forum so I am putting it out there.

I haven't been awake very long and its alot to take in. Some of it doesnt make sense yet there is a weird feeling that its right. 

Also I keep seeing 3:33, I dont know much about numbers and there is so much out there to wade through, what's your take on it?

And I guess I'll give the 'bow' a crack and see if I can shift this terror! 

Tally ho! 


I always seem to have trouble putting things on here, I type away then end up deleting it or doubling up my comments.  aargh v frustrating! whats my lesson? post or not to post that is the question!


People might wonder in my article that I expressed I could already feel the next galactic superwave. How so?

It's not the physical effects I'm referring to. And it won't be seen, because it's travelling at the speed of light. However you can feel it in the 'ether', in consciousness space.

When I put my attention on the galactic core, I can feel a strong sense of being drawn toward it - it feels very concentrating and 'fixing' (not in an unpleasant way at all, but in a strong 'grandfatherly' embrace). This at first might seem contradictory, since the wave is projecting outwards. But consider that you're in the ocean and a big wave is building and coming your way. As it builds, it pulls the water from in front of it towards it. So you feel the pull AWAY from the shore and towards the wave BEFORE it then sweeps you up and carries you back to the shore. This is what I'm feeling in consciousness space.

Check it out, see what you feel.

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As I published this article today, I heard California suffered a 7.1 earthquake, which is almost certainly the effect of the ongoing shifts I've outlined. Let our prayers and hearts go out to anyone who has suffered.

In loving support

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You may find it interesting what else is out there in the Mojave Desert near the location of the epicenter of the earthquake in Ridgecrest that happened on the US “Independence” Day...  your retreat this fall will be close by too....

I saw the Sun explode like a Supernova during Divinicus, have seen clear images of floods, and still feel like I am on some sort of clock to finish things up before I pass... maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think so.  I was on board with the solar event phenomena years ago... been waiting for it to materialize ever since...