Pole Shift Update: How to Approach Dramatic Upheaval of Planet Earth

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A recently declassified CIA document details distinctly plausible science, showing pole shifts detach the earth's crust from the underlying mantel, leading to global devastation of biblical proportions. I share reference because it's my knowing that we're moving into one right now. However, if we can break through our fears and equalise with what's unfolding, then it can be a tremendous spur in our lives; a catalyst for the elevation of humanity as naturally spiritual beings. That's the great opportunity.

The Cyclical Pole Shift

Earth Crust Displacement theory is nothing new, it's been proposed several times in the past, and even supported by Einstein at one point, although a crucial key to the science has previously been missing, until that is, the declassification of the recent CIA document (see video below). What we have from the past in mythologies around the world are corroborative stories of sudden and dramatic floods going back through history that have decimated the earth's surface. But we also have clear geological evidence supporting very sudden upheaval of the crust; we have biological evidence in the fossil record of powerful floods followed by abrupt freezing.

The likelihood is that some of these cataclysmic events were caused by the completion of a cyclical pole shift, that unhinges the earth's crust from the underlying mantle and flips the continents around like peel detaching from an orange. Such a shift would unleash unimaginable storms across the surface of the earth, 2-mile high deluging waves, and rivers of magma bursting up through the crust. Little sophisticated life would survive. It's essential awakened people hoist this history on board.

We are perhaps 20-30 years away from the current pole shift completion, which is tying in with abrupt climate change, the lowering of the earth's magnetic shield and the increased probability of solar plasma irradiation, leading to what some in New Age circles have prophecied as, "The Event".

Personally, despite the copious evidence from wide and diverse sources, all stacking up pointing clearly to an epic conclusion of our current karmic construct, I still wouldn't be sharing it if I didn't ALREADY KNOW that this IS building for our immediate future. I have seen it, as future-landing-now, within the morphing space-time-continuum. It's what I saw during my car crash incarnation back in 2002, described in the book 5GATEWAYS.

Check out Openhand's Higher Dimensional perspective on the Event here

Why speak of it again now?

I still feel like humanity is sleepwalking to the cliff edge, including the spiritual mainstream. I can understand why - there have been too many stories and fantasies of biblical catastrophe. Why pay attention to another one, and how does it serve the emergence of consciousness? But what if there's truth connecting many of the underlying stories? What if the scientific evidence is already stacking up toward the completion of another cyclical cataclysm? But the biggest question of all then is...

How would your life change if you knew deep within your consciousness that such a dramatic conclusion - powerful transformation - was about to unfold? What would you do differently now? And how might it catalyse tremendous inspiration for change within you?

Dealing Directly With Fear

Of course, there would be the fear to deal with. Which, is why so many don't want to venture there. But fear is a double-sided coin offering the very gateway to your expanded cosmic self. You know everything is of consciousness, everything is shaped by it. Subconscious fear is the only thing that separates you from your divine birthright. But it's the direct confrontation of it, rather than burying it, that is the liberating force. People break through into their divine selves when they break through some kind of fear. That's the only thing holding humanity in limitation at this time (I've explored this in my recent article... A Life Without Fear).

Humanity has a tremendous opportunity right now. When reality shifts and shapes only slowly over a long period of time, the mirrors are less strong - you could cosily sleep walk through life. But where you're suddenly confronted with a rapidly transforming landscape, for those not burying their heads in the sand, there's much greater inspiration to take note. If you know how to look within at the constrictive reflections such transformation catalyses, then you now have a tremendous engine to break through (it's exactly how I came to develop Openhand's Breakthrough Approach).

Without further ado then, take time out to watch this video below from the very well-informed and articulate Suspicious Observers about the recently declassified CIA document (exactly why did they classify it in the first place?). It is quite technical, however, what's really striking from a spiritual point of view and impactful, are the first 7 minutes. And the commentator's approach comes more from a point of riding it out and how you might do that, as opposed to the Openhand Approach, which is more to go with the soul and take whatever shows up. That's the real point for me, how can the enormity of it set you free?...

So what is your immediate response to the information? It's pretty convincing, right? And people around the world can all feel we're moving to some kind of epic upheaval. You might be a degree numbed or shocked by it. It might be an inconvenient truth you initially want to turn away from. Don't. This is a very real cyclical process. It has happened before and it will happen again. That's why the document was classified in the first place and then heavily sanitised when eventually it was released. So this is a very real and plausible landscape that we're actually moving into right now.

My reflection to you is that I know it's going to happen.
It's what drew me. It's why I'm here.
And there is absolutely nothing to fear about it!

The only issue to confront is the very fear itself. From the moment you were born, and all life, you were immediately on a trajectory to your death - to your passing on. Stay with this a while, that's why I wrote my article (A Life Without Fear). Fear is a doubled sided coin. It's a tremendous gateway. Fear is what limits people into the smallness of life - but when you confront it and soften through it (my article explains how), then it's like taking the top off the genie's bottle - you expand into the bigger picture, the macrocosm, your miraculous cosmic self. And that's why humanity and the planet summoned this. That's why YOU chose to incarnate at this particular time in history. Your spiritual mastery beckons. A new home in the New Paradigm at a higher vibration beckons.

Why not seize your Destiny!

There are plenty of us here at this time who already know they chose these particular circumstances to help others break through and to forge their own soul in the process. Even the children right now are incarnating with vibrational frequencies that can greatly help in this unravelling process - the Earth's Great Realignment. I wrote my article to cause you to step out of the shell. To stop playing small. To be inspired to transcend any arising fear and use it as a vehicle for your immaculate expansion. The Universe is open to you.

So what now?

Living the Shift

It's all about choosing where your loyalty now lies. Is it in the Old Paradigm of control and restriction, where we live small and manipulated lives, in a reality which is progressively degrading? Or do you choose the emergence of your very own soul, which is yearning to break free? It's time to live large, to live the shift in all the daily choices you make. It's about learning how to tune into your soul on a moment-by-moment basis and coming from there.

And you have time. I'd say we have a window of at least three decades, and possibly several. It's enough, for anyone that's truly committed, to peeling off the veils leading to your Enlightenment and Ascension. It's enough, to inspire some of those around you to do the same. There are already plenty of people realising themselves and stepping forwards to encourage others.

In conclusion, there are two ways you can look at this: (1) either you keep pushing the inconvenient truth away, which is the truth of your soul that wants to break through and emerge; (2) you can be inspired by change and use this as the engine of your immaculate emergence. You can strip off any fear that keeps you in the box, to step out and then live a bounteous life of magic and miracles. If you knew you had absolutely nothing to lose (because you don't!), which one would you choose?

Inspired? Discover the inspiration that a growing wave around the planet are now diving into...

Let's positively Thrive in the Shift: Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright Blessings

Open 💎

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Here's the latest Pole Shift Update from Suspicious Observers. To be clear, to me, it is far from a spiritual observation. To me, and the work here at Openhand, the Pole Shift is absolutely necessary to cleanse the Earth from this gross simulation we've gotten embroiled within. It is part of the galactic cleansing mechanism, essential to the emergence of the New Paradigm in 5D/6D/7D. I do appreciate why people would consider the Pole Shift as negative - but it's only challenging the distortion of the simulation!...


19/04/2024: Pole Shift Impact Increasing

This is what they're not telling you, in either the fakestream or the alternatives - the growing impact on our planet of the culminating Pole Shift. I consider it our duty here at Openhand, to inform people of how these great cycles are playing out, how they'll impact us, and just why they're necessary to restore the integrity of Mother Earth. But then how can we equalise with the changes and shift into the new paradigm in 5D?

Here's just a snapshot of growing biblical incidents that, to my mind, are clearly pointing to the diminishing magnetic field of the earth: more solar and cosmic radiation comes in, which impacts the magnetosphere, which then cascades into the jetstreams producing tremendous turbulence. And as the poles shift, the tectonic plates begin to bend and detach, causing earthquakes, landslides and the activation of volcanoes.

Here's a just snapshot of some of the events that have happened in just the last 4 days (!!)...

Massive eruption at Ruang volcano forces mass evacuation, ash to 16.7 km (55 000 feet) a.s.l., Indonesia
Potential tsunami risk after major eruption at Ruang volcano, Indonesia
Severe weather in Pakistan and Afghanistan amid unprecedented rainfall
Strong M6.4 earthquake hits Shikoku, Japan
Historic rainfall in UAE results in major flooding, traffic chaos in Dubai
Heat records shattered in northern Japan
Severe floods leave 58 dead, thousands of households affected in Tanzania
Nearly 16 000 homes flooded in Russia, 111 200 evacuated in Kazakhstan
Flash floods in Afghanistan claim 33 lives, damage 600 houses
Heavy rains trigger major flash floods across Oman
Dozens missing after large landslide hits DR Congo
Destructive landslide hits Indonesia’s South Sulawesi

If you still think there's some kind of viable solution in the 3D, think again. Transcendence is the way forwards now...

Bright blessings

Open 💎


22/03/2024: Shift Update

Here's the latest footage of the Icelandic Volcano eruption, which appears to be strengthening. We can expect the various volcanoes around the world to begin triggering as the Pole Shift unfolds - it's the changing magnetic field of the Earth causing it...


21/03/2024 Openhand Journal Update

These are tremendously alchemical times, are they not?! And with so much happening and unfolding, it's all too easy to get distracted off the path. It's crucial we have an understanding of the landscape itself. Much is being purposefully hidden from humanity or else misdirected into shadow agendas that appear to some degree benevolent on the surface - using alien technology to create a sustainable society for example. Which completely disregards that the planet has a natural trajectory all of its own and got derailed by a high-tech alien agenda in the first place. It's high time for Gaia to return to Gaia and restore the eco-systems in a way that serves all sentient life here, not just the two-legged kind.

And so this leads me to the Pole Shift. Why is no one talking about it? Why do you get shadow banned and censored when you do? Put simply, because it's true! And the truth is being purposefully buried here. The shadow state hopes that it can either ride it out in underground bunkers or else develop technology in such a way, and fast enough, that it can take a sizeable portion of humanity out into the cosmos. I believe it will fail miserably.

The great realigning process of the universe will not be thwarted! And the point is, when you equalise with the flow of it, then there's nothing to fear. It's only the old dysfunctional construct that will break down. That includes the old hybrid homo sapiens body. A new form is unveiling right now, that of DIVINICUS, the 5D Being. And the Pole shift cycle, converging with the Grand Solar Minimum and Galactic Superwave is the trigger to unleash the new reality.

I do know it's a lot to take on board! Hence it takes immersion into the contemplation of it and working with the possibility of it. Even if you struggle to believe it's likely to happen and unfolding right now, then at least by the contemplation you can set your soul free - you start to unwind your fears in typical Breakthrough fashion. What you fear becomes the gateway for your liberation.

With that in mind, I encourage all to review the article above, including the highly illuminating video, and then explore how your orientation in life might now change? I would suggest, like the Hopi Elders, that the only viable solutions going forwards are spiritual ones. In this way, understanding the dynamics of the impending Pole Shift can be the spiritual springboard humanity most needs...

Pole Shift Update: How to Approach Dramatic Upheaval of Planet Earth

If you are inspired by the sharing, and motivated to begin the process of 5D Ascension, do consider getting involved in the work of the...

Openhand Ascension Portal

Open 🙏


Even US military a while back confirmed to their own dismay that the only viable option for what is to come is Awakening and Ascension. 

Project Looking Glass 



In my book AWAKEN I support everything spoken of in this article with my ascension vortex physics. My research suggests a process of transformation beginning with a global impact solar storm this solar maximum followed by the pole shift some years later. Time is running out for us to give bank notes instead of small change to homeless people on the streets and to really care for one another 

In reply to by David Ash (not verified)


Hi David - I remember you from years ago when we both featured in a doco by Christianne De Vylk - nice to see you 🙏

Just for clarity for readers, you speak of a solar storm happening during the "solar maximum". I believe what you're speaking of is the "sun spot maximum" which will happen in around 11 years from now. But not to be confused with the longer 400 year cycle of the Grand Solar Minimum which we're moving to the completion of now - in 30 years time. Actually the term "Grand Solar Minimum" is a misnomer. One would think the sun would be less active during this time, but actually the reverse is true. During the GSM, the magnetic shield of the sun lowers and so more plasma and charged particles, x-rays and gamma rays are released. Likewise it allows in more cosmic energy.

I agree with you - yes there's a high degree of likelihood that some solar flash will strike the earth during this sunspot maximum cycle. But I do believe it will just be the warm up for a later event - at the arrival of the galactic superwave, this will drive the sun into micronova. I do believe that could well be the final trigger for the Pole Shift to complete. To me, it feels like the Galactic Superwave, GSM and Pole Shift will all converge. There are no words, other than cosmic!

I wish you well with your book. 👌

Here's a video I made about the culminating "Event" a while back...



First off, Open... thank you for being the catalyst to my spiritual awakening. My life has changed so much for the better since discovering you!

Although I agree with everything you’ve written above, my ego (I’m guessing) is snagged on the thought of my children. I am the mother to two babies, and by the time this catastrophic event comes to pass, I’m sure I’ll be a grandmother, as well. How do we prepare them for something like this? I want their lives to be full of hope and joy - not trepidation of the end times. So how best to introduce this idea and not have them immediately react in fear?

Thank you for all you do, Open. 

In reply to by Nicole (not verified)


Hi Nicole, thanks for your great question - I was only talking to a couple of neighbours the other day about the La Palma volcano and what it represents - in terms of the Pole Shift and complete cleansing of the 3D (see above: Pole Shift Update). Although highly conscious I could see them immediately glaze over. Then I realised - they both have young children!

What many forget is that the children are souls. And the souls have journied long and far to be here. Many are incarnating especially at these times to gain particular experiences within the shift. If you want to evolve and grow, if you want to attain spiritual mastery, then this is the place to be. AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PHYSICAL AGE.

I recently came across this amazing story of a 4-year old who recalled a past life where she was involved in the collapse of the Twin Towers...
4-year old describes working at the Twin Towers on 9/11

Yet the child has incarnated again! The problem for many of these kids will not be their age, but the fears their parents project onto them, "because they are only children". Let's be clear, the Universe does not respect physical age. And your physical state will not determine if you're ready to ascend into 5D. It's whether you're prepared at a soul level. And you carry this mastery with you, from incarnation to incarnation.

I'd say what parents really need to be concerned about is not the shift. Rather it is the machinations of the shadowstate through the jibjab (which can corrupt the soul) or else getting diverted down the road of recreational drugs, which can also be highly limiting. But at the end of the day, the soul will chose the experiences it needs to have and physical age is no determinant.

Time for parents to let go of their fears and express your spiritual greatness!
9 Ways to Unleash and Embody Your Spiritual Greatness

Open 🙏


I’m pretty sure we must have hit some new timelines since this because it’s looking like we might see this not in a few decades but a few years. 

In reply to by Brandon (not verified)


Greetings Brandon - welcome to Openhand Praying Emoji

Certainly nothing is fixed - things can and do change. Just that from the evidence at this time, it's showing completion in the next 2-3 decades. But yes, there's no reason why that couldn't accelerate. Personally I still feel that length of window though.

Best wishes

Open Praying Emoji


01/02/2021 Openhand Journal Update: I would say one of the hidden intentions by the shadow state with regards the plandemonium shenanigens is to keep people's attention off the enormous climate transformation that's unfolding across the planet right now. Whose talking about it? It's the elephant in the room! So what about the Pole Shift, how might it affect us going forwards?

I recall very vividly Galactic Alignment at the winter solstice of 2012. There was so much commentary across the planet building up to it - that the Pole Shift would complete on that day and this would precipitate all manner of catastrophe and transformation - Ascension into 5D for example. Of course that didn't happen and so across society, interest in the future effects of the Pole Shift were buried. It was so effective, you might reasonably assume things were orchestrated that way so as to debunk the whole theory - to debunk the truth!

No, it didn't all happen on one day. But as I reflect back to that time, so much has changed on the planet, so quickly and it's accelerating from that point. We are moving rapidly towards the completion of the Pole Shift which is converging both with a Grand Solar Minimum AND the onset of a galactic superwave. If you pay attention to what's happening with earthquake and volcano activity around the planet together with extreme weather (take a look at the headlines in The Watchers), then it's clear we're building to something biblical.

The powers-that-be are going to want to play this narrative their way - so they may control whatever disaster cycle the earth will shift through. So it's important we stay abreast of what's truly going on out there that we may equalise and normalise with the effects of the shift. That way our consciousness will best configure to mediate through. Here on this channel we will always work to help people see the bigger macrocosym as it's unfolding so that we may be best prepared.

What's essential is that we're increasingly focussing on the bigger picture - how events are conspiring to direct our attention to Ascension into 5D. And not to be so distracted by the surface drama.

Let's keep working on our inner shifts, let's keep doing the meditation groundwork on a daily basis, let's keep peeling back the karmic density. Let's keep connecting together and a community and inspiring each other.

Explore the Main article above: Pole Shift Update, The Event, Earth Catastrophe, and the 5D Shift

Much love to all

Open HeartPraying Emoji

Here's a glimpse of the latest on the Pole Shift from Suspicious Observers...


Thank you for your article. I see so much of myself within your words. I keep telling anyone who will listen that it is time for change. Perhaps the point I have been missing is the change is for me and not them. Thank you.


Hi Thomas and Mark - on Monday in La Palma I was out shooting a film on my final day there. It was pretty much impossible. It felt like a strong kick back from the Old Paradigm with the flow not clicking at all, plus for some reason, police stopping people everywhere. Orion seemed very active. But then that night, there was an exceptionally powerful storm that came up from the Sahara that seemed to sweep the energy away. So as I made my way to the airport, the 5D flow clicked right back in again and I was able to capture the flow on film.

It seems to have mirrored your experiences. So thanks for sharing.

Open Praying Emoji


Hi everyone,

in my experience, everything is now pointing towards "creating a new future".

Tonight my sleep was unusually profound and restorative. As i left bed, i immediately had a sense of lack of balance and a bit of vertigo. Once i connected to the earth grid, it looked like inside the earth are two giant spirals going in different directions constituing a vortex. My sister confirmed that she doesnt feel the usual groundedness,too. Wow, i thought, and the word "upheavel" came to mind.

While washing the dishes after breakfast my attention was drawn to the plastic box where i put my cutlery to dry, which states in red letters "Lion Star", which made me think about the Hopi Prophecy on the red star.

What's your feelings currently showing you? Do you feel these immediate changes, too?

In reply to by ThomasK


Yes, I can fel the upheaval too - both in my personal life and the surrounding energy field. Actually, I have never felt this level of anxiety since my awakening - and although I also experience a huge portion of personal karma bubbling up to the surface, there must be something more beyond my own stuff. The external mirror confirms it well, too: the epidemic, the weather (It was 18 degrees in my hometown yesterday instead of the 'usual' 0 a few decades back), social unrest everywhere, you name it. (Let alone the horrible exhaustion I've been feeling for a while now :)) ) The feeling is overwhelming - and a few clients of mine experience similar 'symptoms'. Similarly to me, they also talk about quite disturbing dreams with dead bodies and decay - my intuition says, deeply buried karma is coming up, on the collective level, too. I've been also seeing the number 22 everywhere, several times a day, it sticks out strongly, and for me, among other things, this also means the further amplification of polarities in the world.


Hi Eelke,

I really like your interpretation of my dream as a new, more multidimensional, life after the shift with more ‘worlds’ perceived at the same time. Somehow it fills me with a combination of peace and childlike excitement. Like I don’t need to worry. After the chaos, a new adventure is waiting for me around the corner. ☺️

Do please continue to share whatever ‘hints’ the Universe might give you regarding the Shift as it unfolds for you. It’s really interesting to hear what people are experiencing and it helps to connect some of the dots that we each are given. 

Lots of Love,




Dear Anastasia,

I'm glad to have you walk the path of 'insanity' with me. 😆 I applaud you for witnessing everything falling apart around you so calmly. I guess there indeed comes a time when we get to exhausted creating safety nets around us. And you said it beautifully: there is no safety. If the flow wants it I could be dead in a blink of an eye. 

Both your dreams are fascinating. I can imagine you wondering how to interpret them. The voice that asks 'are you ready?' seems to be in the background of my life also more and more the last couple of months. The dream about the different celestial bodies is intriguing! Might it point toward a new life of yours after 'the shift'? A more multi dimensional with different 'worlds' perceived at the same time? Or maybe something more in line with what I wrote? I'm curious what you''ll find out. 

I don't know much about the signs I've received around the shift but I can feel it more and more. I too have questions like you have regarding the placement in space of the 5D earth/landscape. I have no answer. I'm waiting for the next universal hint to unveil the mystery. 





Hi Eelke and Open,

May I join in? 😊

Eelke, I’m right there on this insane path with you. I’m sitting right in the middle of a storm watching my whole 3D world crumble all around me, and you know what, I don’t even care anymore. My soul is clearly telling me, ‘I won’t budge an inch unless the movement comes from an authentic place’. It just sits there like a stubborn child and refuses to do anything and I’m surprised at how calmly I just sit by and watch it all fall apart. Let them come! Let them take me to the Matrix Mad house! I’m so tired of trying to cover my back all the time, trying to create safety nets for myself and those around me, making sure some reward of decency will be granted me if I play by the rules.

There is no decency. There is no safety. Only bribes and entrapment.

I had to respond because that video you posted was similar to a dream I had two nights ago in which suddenly the sky turned black with massive swirling storm clouds and lightning bolts were firing off all around me. I knew this was the beginning of the end, especially since a voice kept echoing in my head saying “Are you ready? Are you really ready?”

Last night, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night to the song of a Blackbird right outside my window. I remember thinking it was trying to tell me something before I fell back asleep. After the Blackbird synchronicities we shared, Open, on the 5G/5D thread, I can’t help feeling it was saying something similar to the dream the night before “Are you ready? Are ready to move with me?”

Something else you shared, Eelke,  also really spiked for me and it made me think of yet another dream that I had a little less than a year ago.

You said

What i understand now (but that of course might change again) is that the pole shift might bring forth three days of darkness and these are some sort of birthing process of a new 5D earth splitting of, like a sort of cell mitosis-effect, from the 3D earth. 


The darkness as a birthing process really struck me. This is what I dreamt:

It was in the middle of the day, when the sky suddenly turned dark and the sun disappeared. I was surprised because I wasn’t aware of a solar eclipse taking place at this time, but the sun was completely blocked by something. I went outside into the darkness to see but couldn’t make sense of it. After a while, I distinguished a movement in the sky, and I could see thick black clouds moving across the sky. It was unclear if they were weather clouds or clouds of smoke, but as they moved away the sun appeared again, and it was clear it wasn’t an eclipse but something else. Daylight returned and the sky turned blue again, but as I turned my head away from the sun and in the other direction, I saw something really strange. Instead of one, there were now three moons in the sky. In fact one of them was bigger than the other two and looked more like a planet. They were quite close. I looked back at the sun which was beginning to set and there was also the original Earth moon next to it. 

There were now 5 celestial bodies visible from the Earth at the same time, as opposed to just the two we’re used to.

I’ve been a bit perplexed about this dream. Was it a prophetic dream or just a personal metaphor of some kind? When the Earth ascends or shifts into the 5D, will it also shift its placement in space so that a different visual landscape may appear around it?

Reflections are welcome!

And just to add even more, I’m also being swamped with 55’s and also the word and the concept of the ARK. Which brings me to an excellent band called THE ARK, who just happen to play an excellent tune called 


Open, I’ve played this one for you before, but it deserves to be played again.


With Mad Crazy Love,




This song gave me strength but than the small 'I' inside me had to cry. It was crying because of the tight grip this matrix seems to have on it. But it's already too late: I cannot fix myself back into the old ways of doing things. The freeing of myself will have to come through accepting this illusionary grip...feeling gratitude even for it. 

Blessings to all who are on this ride with me walking the 'insane' path.


Wow. Just wow!
I believe many people see and feel it coming, but without necessarily knowing what "it" is.

That's what really drives the Openhand motivation - to connect with the change idealists, who can feel and dream, who have fears, yes, but don't let them contract them into smallness. We're recognising it's time to step forwards with our magical beingness - to realise the times want to animate that profound majesty in us. The times call on us to be all that we can be. No need to play it small any more.

Profound blessings

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by Open


Dear Open ,

That phrase really pulls at me ,I know not why. And I am definitely contracted very often with fears and third dimension stuff . But since Bruge ,I feel a sense of regalness when I allow it . ( My small I is contracting as I write this ). She does not want to be the Wise one or the Leader . She wants to stuff her real essence and just fit in. Yet ,more and more I am realizing this being within . Who is wise and calm and Knows. 

I am in Bhutan right now. I have always had a deep pull toward this part of the world ( Tibet,Bhutan and Sikkim). And it has felt very connected . The trip happened when I saw that the NICU in Thimpu was struggling . So my husband and I proposed taking some sessions here. They assented and then click click ,here we are . Even the air carries the calm that comes when the entire nation of 820000 meditates. We went to a beautiful Dzong ( fortress) within which was a beautiful Buddha . As I meditated the deity gave me a gift . Trust ,he said,I will grant you trust . Around me were these fierce green beings that we're benevolent but playfully joisting with each other . Today we made another pilgramage to a place called Tigers nest where Guru Padmasambhava is said to have meditated after riding his consort- a flaming tiger . ( I really feel to share this - anyone seeing tigers ?). When I meditated there ,I didn't see anything but my heart seems to have expanded  a little more .  And regalness ,awe they really came up. Even a layperson here will meditate and our guides were such wise kind beings . 

Reflections are welcome . I am hoping all of you feel the love through the ether .


In reply to by iamdurga


Hi Megha - what a wonderfully colourful and adventurous journey you're having - in all ways!

Why might you be seeing Tiger? For me there's the sence of majesty, total self knowing, courage and tenacity with that - boldness.

Being 'regal' doesn't have to mean 'lording it'! Just settling into a strong sense of self acceptance, beyond what other might say or think, then coming from there.


Open The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

In reply to by Open


Dear Open ,

What you said about the tiger. All of these are coming up for me to embody as again our of the blue I have been asked to submit a book proposal by a big publisher ( I have zero experience - Ouch !!) . It's about how the Feminine has been given a rough deal in Medicine . As I start writing the proposal ,I am going into to the Feminine and how it has been stomped upon especially in healing arts and hospitals .How Death is not the end and yet that's the purpose of Medicine nowadays - to somehow keep this body alive at the expense of the soul . I had writers block about this but somehow now ideas are bubbling through .  Now I see why the tiger has appeared. I am being called to embody that courage and tenacity and also ' out myself' to the world ! 

Whew . This is going to be one heck of a ride .thank you for your reflections . I feel your support through the ether. Today ,after taking a long walk through the forest ( a black dog first challenged and then befriended me for some soulful pats) I put on Tom Kenyons track called the Multiverse. 

In a field of daisies dancing through them, I saw myself  . I think it was 5 D . And I saw the Earth from a distance as dark . And then it started unravelling . Coming apart . I felt deep grief ,yet as if this was about to happen . I felt the inevitability of it . And how it is happening already. 

Interesting times ! 



Yes you felt right Open, that video summarised me and probably many Openhanders....Shift-handlers...Shitstorm-handlers....Stormbenders. It's time to be grateful of my 'insane' nature.....


I can feel we're quite closely aligned in this Eelke. For me, many have been speaking about the Shift for quite some time, but now there's a group who are more boldly stepping forwards and realising it. That's the exciting part. One thing is for sure, we are in for one 'helluva' ride!

I felt to share this for you...


I've been encountering the number 55 lately a lot (and sometimes 555), 5G and its ramifications and stumbled a couple of times on info around the pole shift. All these pieces of the puzzle eventually seem to point towards a possibility of a consciousness shift into 5D by means of the pole shift. What i understand now (but that of course might change again) is that the pole shift might bring forth three days of darkness and these are some sort of birthing process of a new 5D earth splitting of, like a sort of cell mitosis-effect, from the 3D earth. Some people with have a chance to then continue their existence on this new earth and the majority will stay on the old earth....or what's left of it. Anyhow, more info is heading my way to explain to me why I'm here at this time. Often it is symbolic so my current perspective is a huge limiting factor on how I should interpret this info. 

Yes, i know Drunvalo speaks about healing at the end of the video but I doubt if Gaia needs any healing from us. I'm not sure yet if life in the 3D is viable for sentient life in the future but I believe for sure that attuning to what feels right, or riding the cosmic wave is the name of the game not to try to just fix external circumstances.

The whole shift somehow is an important topic for me now and writing about it and exchanging viewpoints definitely helps to gain some clarity....or stir up some new questions. 



I've always respected Drunvalo and his wonderfully expansive viewpoints - so thanks for sharing the video Thumbs Up Sign

I share his view that the culmination of the Pole Shift will be dramatic and practically beyond imagination, except to those who've fully immersed themselves in the dynamic feelings of the Shift. And it will tie in with wider cyclical shifts and also what we're witnessing is how mass distortion meets these crux points - so society induced climate change is initiating a breakdown in the reality right at the time a shift in consciousness needs to happen.

I do find that sometimes he comes a degree from the intellect - and that's probably to do with his lineage. And also I feel we need to be careful about the views of 'imagining something different' like 'healing the world' for example. Think about it carefully - Gaia is a highly evolved star soul that is billions of years old. And she fits perfectly within solar and cosmic cycles of which Drunvalo speaks. Why would she need healing? She can heal herself, and with the support of other highly evolved energies, that's what (I believe) is going on.

The way I view the beauty of human consciousness and what its coming to, is rather like a surfer riding a wave: the waves are already creating, already flowing from the source, they're already going to do what they're going to do. There's no need to try to change them - beyond creating a fixed eddy current for a while, that's not possible unless the consciousness is extremely evolved and highly coherent - we're talking a massive group consciousness, like a star system. So the invitation is to become as a rider on the wave. There's complete freedom in how to express, yet the wave will go where it's going to go. I would say there's still some duality from the absolute in the way this is being expressed in the video.

I witness what we can do, in helping 'to heal the earth', is that when you become quite interdimensionally connected, you can begin to free up the blockages in the field around you, so the transition will be smoother.

I also agree that as the Shift unfolds, it's going to fire off big awakenings and shifts in people. But that will also depend on the degree of openness people might have, followed by their willingness to turn into the shifts and find aligment with them. I am indeed optimistic that this will accelerate as the shift marches on.

Thanks for sharing Slightly Smiling

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Here's some interesting views about climate change, the pole shift etc from Drunvalo Melchizedek. I always love how he is able to view these things from a multi dimensional perspective.


This is my response to the unfolding Shift.  Project introduction - Island in the Storm. I will start another thread on the subject.




Come on folks, what's this article stirring for you? Let's move and inspire each other. The time is now. Miraculous things are going to happen as we step into this alchemical landscape. It's time to let the smallness go...

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When I can connect with the earths' energy and all that is...

When I can connect with the Cosmos' energy and all that is...

When I can sense the infinite Oneness of all that has been created...

I know my Soul is an expression of all that is; as I am a part of that creation.

From One Souls' Journey



I've had a great response to the article from people contacting me...
Pole Shift Update, The Event, Earth Catastrophe, and the 5D Shift (scroll to the top)

So I felt to ask the question... "How might it encourage you to live differently right now?"

If you feel to share, go right ahead. It's building feedback and inquiry around these kinds of concepts that opens up our consciousness.

In loving support

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I've shared this beautiful little story from Richard Bach (from Illusions) before. But it felt entirely appropriate here again. So for those who've not heard it...

Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river. The current of the river swept silently over them all - young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current going its own way, knowing only its own crystal self.

Each creature in its own manner clung tightly to the twigs and rocks at the river bottom, for clinging was their way of life, and resisting the current what each had learned from birth.

But one creature said at last, 'I am tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust that the current knows where it is going. I shall let go, and let it take me where it will. Clinging, I shall die of boredom.'

The other creatures laughed and said, 'Fool! Let go, and that current you worship will throw you tumbled and smashed across the rocks, and you shall die quicker than boredom!'

But the one heeded them not, and taking a breath did let go, and at once was tumbled and smashed by the current across the rocks.

Yet in time, as the creature refused to cling again, the current lifted him free from the bottom, and he was bruised and hurt no more.

And the creatures downstream, to whom he was a stranger, cried, 'See a miracle! A creature like ourselves, yet he flies! See the Messiah, come to save us all!'

And the one carried in the current said, 'I am no more Messiah than you. The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure.'

But they cried the more, 'Saviour!' all the while clinging to the rocks, and when they looked again he was gone, and they were left alone making legends of a Saviour.

-- Richard Bach, from "Illusions"


It's a charming story indeed Hannah, and vert synchronous Wink Emoji - I can see what you say about the compassion Jen, however my first intuition was to see it another way: for me it metaphors all the little things we take so seriously in the micorcosym of our lives yet in the shadow of a voluminious universal wave that could sweep us away at any moment. How can a bigger picture view lift our eyes up from the sidewalk?

I was just out on Dartmoor having written this article and my car overheated (again!). Funnily a little dog ran out in front of the car and was literally dancing for me - it was at that point I noticed the gauge in the red. I was right out in the middle of nowhere (a metaphoric 'end of the world'). Now on my kind of car, it could also be an expensive job to fix, were it to blow the cylinder head, which could happen if I'd continued to drive. But the dog was funny, and the sun was shining, and I'd just written this post. How could I take it all seriously? In the grand scheme of things, what did it really matter? So I pulled over, had fun with the dog and waited, until a solution landed - which was to put the heater on full blast. It kept the engine cool long enough to get me to a garage.

For me this is the point that I'm trying to get across - how when we work into it deeply, understanding the bigger picture can make life in the microcosym so much easier. It helps us relax. Paradoxically I find when you stop needing it, a solution always seems to land.

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Powerful message Open and the video was quite striking - though much of it goes over my head on an intellectual level,  it   stimulated some raw feelings...and there was some grasping onto the areas that seemed to be "safe places" to ride it out....seeking some escape from the experience...attached to the concept of being the materiality. Imaginally feeling through burning in a white hot heat or being torn apart by fierce winds can only go so far as the mind trips out of the experience. Yet, I also feel the freedom in not needing to keep the potential of these experiences at a distance...it's always there anyways...the physical existence can be obliterated at any moment...and that awareness inspires the courage to live boldly rather than spread oneself thinly to mitigate risk - the risk is where the juice seems to be. 


Hi Hannah,

That sounds like an intense dream! When I read the piece about going back to get the high heeled sandal... I found it charming...like here is the end of life as you know it and yet the compassion for others causes you to run back and retrieve what they've left behind. A few questions popped up as I read your dream...no need to answer - just throwing them out there. Is that aspect that ran back for the shoe, part of your natural expression to support and help others retrieve what they've lost?  I wonder what parts of you are wanting to be retrieved before the wave hits? Does the support of others sometimes keep you from following other soulful impulses that might take you in a different direction? Just a couple things that popped up when I read your dream. Hope you don't mind my sharing!=)

With love,



Thank you Open for highlighting this again and also the article about fear yesterday, it was really illuminating for me.

Last night I had a dream about waves as high as skyscrapers that were going to swallow me and others. We tried to outrun them although it seemed to be useless. Some other woman lost a high heeled sandal while running and I went back to get it for her. Waking up I thought what a useless thing to do when running for your life. Maybe it reflects the part that is still invested in the old reality, still hoping there will be a happily after after in the 3D.. But yes I feel a lot of fear coming up thinking I might have to go through something like this. I feel drawn to information about climate change, because on one hand I find it fascinating (I also love movies like '2012'), but then afterwards feeling uncomfortable and immediately pushing it away!