Serving The Shift into a Higher Paradigm

Here at Openhand we offer a range of self-realisation services to individuals, small groups and communities alike. We're all about helping you make the shift into 5D Consciousness. We have our own program of events, which run throughout the year, around the world. However, we're also prepared to be flexible and organise something to fit your particular needs - such as a themed seminar for example or a guest appearance at your show or podcast. Our services are open to all people, in all walks of life, everywhere that is practical. And we're growing a worldwide movement of facilitators aligned with the Openhand Philosophy.

First, there is breaking through the layers of identity and actualising your Divine Being. You then join the natural flow of sentient life, which on our planet, is ascending into 5D consciousness. We're living and creating from an entirely different space, with every aligned step supported by the profound love of the divine. Which includes our Star Being brothers and sisters in the multidimensional ether. Working with them and calling in their support becomes richly alchemical and abundant.

Find out more about our full palette of activities. We'd welcome your involvement...

The 5D Ascension Program

Through the 5D Ascension Program, based within the Openhand Ascension Academy, you learn to walk the spiritual path in daily life to thrive with greater fulfilment, divine connection and joy. Your life becomes more authentic, alchemical, and multi-dimensional. This is Your Journey of Ascension into 5D. The Program provides illumination in 3 stages, encompassing a series of 3 interrelated books, 3 incremental courses and our facilitator network, all crafted to support your 5D Ascension: to thrive in life successfully by embodying the higher light here and now. It's carried out through our Ascension Academy: an annual program of essential resources, events and courses.

Speaking Engagements

Whatever the medium, my purpose is to share not only an intellectual perspective, but most importantly to resonate a vibration that can be felt, so the Ascension Shift becomes real for people in themselves. If you have an organisation or group where you'd be intrigued to hear my perspective for a seminar or talk, or Podcast interview, then get in touch with us.

"The cherry to add to the icing was the guest speaker, "Open", whose talk on the planetary shift of consciousness occurring around 2012 was jaw-droppingly, goose-pimplingly, spine-tinglingly...well, you get the picture and I would not and could not undermine his talk by summarising it. Therefore, I can only suggest that you check out the seminars and courses Openhand run." UK EFT Conference.

Openhand Facilitator Program

Openhand's Philosophy and Approach to Spiritual Enlightenment is helping evolving people around the world make sense of what is really happening in their lives and how to catalyse their next evolutionary leap. We feel given to extend our help to the evolving group by training and certifying facilitators who feel very aligned with the Openhand Approach. If you resonate strongly with Openhand and feel an inner calling to facilitate in the global shift of consciousness, this program is for you. It is by invitation only, but if it resonates with you, do feel free to speak to us about it.

One-on-One Support for Your Shift

Openhand is growing a worldwide network of advanced spiritual facilitators with a wealth of evolutionary experience in real life and a wide variety of unique and complementary skills. We work from a higher state of perception where our souls connect, thereby helping you to see your absolute authentic reality beyond the distortions. In so doing, you get to understand your true life's purpose, which shapes everything that happens to you. If you would like us to recommend a coach based on your particular needs, please feel free to message us to discuss what would work best for you.

Contact and Mailing

The Great 5D Ascension Shift is accelerating by the day. There's no time to waste. If you resonate and feel intrigued by Openhand's ground-breaking work in the 5D Ascension Program, the Facilitator Program or if you want to get personal support on your journey, then reach out to us and connect today. Our Community Connector, Tilly Bud, will guide you as to how best to get involved and what possibilities are available for you.