Welcome to Openhand's 5D Ascension Program

Amidst the great challenges faced in society right now, Gaia is progressively shifting consciousness and ascending out of the confusion into a New Vibrational Paradigm in the 5th Density.

A growing wave of people are realising the shift and joining the Ascension. But you have to choose it to join it. It's the actualisation of your 5D Divine Being.

A broad array of etheric supporters has gathered here from across the cosmos to facilitate this transformation. Openhand is a core part of that Benevolent Mission. It's a bridge into higher dimensions to help you embody your 5D Divine Being.

The Openhand Ascension Academy

Through the 5D Ascension Program, based within the Openhand Ascension Academy, you learn to walk the spiritual path in daily life to thrive with greater fulfilment, divine connection and joy. Your life becomes more authentic, alchemical, and multi-dimensional. This is Your Journey of Ascension into 5D.

Illumination Through 3 Stages of Work:

The Program provides illumination in 3 stages, encompassing a series of 3 interrelated books, 3 incremental courses and our facilitator network, all crafted to support your 5D Ascension: to thrive in life successfully by embodying the higher light here and now. It's carried out through our Ascension Academy: an annual program of essential resources, events and courses.

Which stage is the right one for you?

Stage 1: BREAKTHROUGH - into your True Self

No matter where you are on the path, “Breakthrough” helps you break deeper through into your True Self, what we call your Sacred Ground of Being. Then to centre in this during daily life, no matter what is unfolding. It provides a 4-step straightforward framework to help you confront and unwind any reactive inner density. It's a daily process consisting of enlightening text through the Breakthrough Book, plus meditations to download - all backed up by intensive coursework at the Openhand semimars, retreats and events. It's flexible according to your availability.

Stage 2: 5GATEWAYS - Work with Higher Guidance

There are many ways up the spiritual mountain, for each there is a unique pathway. Yet we’ll all pass similar ‘altitudes’ as we ascend to the summit. There are 5 key expansions leading to this Enlightenment – “5Gateways”. What is the Inner Child Identity, how do you activate kundalini and process your past-life karma? Understanding how these interrelate into a framework, helps illuminate why you’re experiencing what you are and how to unwind through. 5GATEWAYS has helped many thousands of people around the world since its inception in 2007.

Stage 3: DIVINICUS - Actualise Your 5D Being

DIVINICUS takes you on a deep inner inquiry to resolve out the karmic challenges of humanity’s convoluted past; from the benevolent seeding of Orginal Humans during the time of Lemuria, to the Intervention which hybridised Homo Sapiens at the time of Atlantis. DIVINICUS is a process for dissolving out this karmic density, then activating your Spirit Light Body and 5D DNA ready for Ascension. We'll be connecting with, and calling upon, support from the Star Being Nations during the work to bring alive powerful frequencies of beingness, dormant in your soul, to help you transform your life in the most mystical and magical of ways.

Introducing Openhand - a Higher Dimensional Presence

Openhand is an integrated Team of 9 Ascended Masters gathered here to support your emergence as a 5D Divine Being of the New Earth. They're working with the Benevolent Mission, consisting of several Star Being Nations, collaborating to help unravel the Intervention here, process out ancient karma and resonate authentic soul frequencies to bring alive in you. It's never about telling you your truth though. It's holding a framework of inquiry and resonance to discover the truth for yourself. Openhand is resonating higher frequencies of being, that you can feel inside and call upon, that are entirely yours to express out into the world.

Free Spiritual e-Book: Quantum Shift Your Ascension

It's time to break out of the shell. Everything is changing and there will come a point, if not already, when you realise you've absolutely nothing to lose but your smallness. Everything in the 3D will ultimately come to pass, so why be limited by the current landscape? We've been constraining our light for too long now, when there's so much of us still left to realise and actualise. It's our passion at Openhand to help you unleash the authentic soul greatness in you - to live a divinely blessed life in the Shift. If you resonate, then claim your free e-book by signing up as a member of our Ascension Portal. It's entirely free to join. Get involved today. Unleash and embody Your Spiritual Greatness.

Advanced Course Work Guided by Open

Our course work is carried out in small groups of around 12, guided by Open, who is a Higher Dimensional Bridge, harnessing the enlightened energy of Openhand to support you. His approach is to use intuitive meditation techniques, and self realisation exercises to align you with your soul. Open can guide you in how to work with the Openhand energy so as to activate authentic frequencies of soul and remove karmic past life blockages. Participants find themselves dropping into deep presence and expressing profound authentic beingness. It's an approach you can then continue to apply beneficially through every facet of your life, in relationships, career and general living circumstances.

BUT, the Openhand work is never about telling you your truth...

Rather it is the transmission of various evolutionary frequencies, in the written and spoken word, in video and audio, or shared through courses and gatherings. It's all about resonating higher frequencies of being, that you can call on and feel inside yourself, that are yours, which express your truth out into the world. What's authentic and real for you?

Open, together with the Openhand energy, is constantly touring the World to support YOU in the 5D Ascension Shift. Get involved with our ground-breaking work...

Global Facilitator Network - One-on-One Support for Your Shift

Openhand is growing a worldwide network of advanced spiritual facilitators with a wealth of evolutionary experience in real life and a wide variety of unique and complementary skills. We work from a higher state of perception where our souls connect, thereby helping you to see your absolute authentic reality beyond the distortions. In so doing, you get to understand your true life's purpose, which shapes everything that happens to you.

If you would like us to recommend a coach based on your particular needs, please feel free to message us to discuss what would work best for you.

Get Involved: Openhand Ascension Academy

All around the world there's a growing sense of urgency, but also adventure. People recognise the accelerating breakdown of the old biosphere; the inequity, injustice and greed of the old paradigm; they feel the soul's yearning to find a more equitable life, founded on unconditional love, joy, and mutual respect for all life - a life tuned into the divine hand of the cosmos.

The Openhand Work has been specifically crafted to meet these times of great challenge but also great opportunity. If spiritual mastery beckons your soul, then come join the 5D Ascension Program at the Openhand Ascension Academy.

Sign Up Today to the 5D Ascension Program

The Great 5D Ascension Shift is accelerating by the day. There's no time to waste. If you resonate and feel intrigued by Openhand's ground-breaking work in the 5D Ascension Program, then reach out to us and connect today. Our Community Connector, Tilly Bud, will guide you as to how best to get involved and what the annual program is. Contact us and get started. We very much look forwards to hosting you 🙏