Amidst the great challenges faced in society right now, Gaia is progressively shifting consciousness and ascending out of the confusion into a New Vibrational Paradigm in the 5th Density.

A growing wave of people are realising the shift of consciousness and joining the Ascension. But you have to choose it to join it. It's the actualisation of your 5D Divine Being.

You learn to walk the spiritual path in daily life and realise that an ascending flow wants to progressively lift you up out of the density to create greater harmony, connection and joy with the divine. You life becomes mystical and magical, adventurous and alchemical. This is the Journey of Ascension.

Video Intro: Openhand 5D Ascension Program


5D Ascension Program - 3 Interrelated Stages:

The 5D Ascension Program provides illumination in 3 stages: BREATHROUGH, 5GATEWAYS & DIVINICUS, encompassing a series of 3 interrelated books, 3 incremental courses and our facilitator network, all crafted to support your 5D Ascension.

Introducing Openhand - a Higher Dimensional Presence

Openhand is an integrated "Team" of Ascended Master Energies, a benevolent consciousness, gathered here to support your emergence as a 5D Divine Being, what we call DIVINICUS. It works by unravelling karmic blockages and resonating authentic soul frequencies for you to integrate and raise your vibration into 5D.

5D Ascension Program - Sequential Series of 3 Interrelated Books

Openhand provides a trilogy of three interrelated books, as the background to the courses and your personal development work. They are full of personal sharings, divine revelations, tools, tips and invaluable advice for the path. Discover more...

Book 1: BREAKTHROUGH - an epic journey of Spiritual Awakening
Book 2: 5GATEWAYS - how to effectively navigate the Spiritual path of Ascension
Book 3: DIVINICUS - catalytic journey to unveil and actualise your Cosmic Divine Being

Advanced Course Work Guided by Open

Our course work is carried out in small groups of around 12, guided by Open, who is a Higher Dimensional Bridge, harnessing the enlightened energy of Openhand to support you. His approach is to use intuitive meditation techniques, and self realisation exercises to align you with your soul. Open can guide you in how to work with the Openhand energy so as to activate authentic frequencies of soul and remove karmic past life blockages. Participants find themselves dropping into deep presence and expressing profound authentic beingness. It's an approach you can then continue to apply beneficially through every facet of your life, in relationships, career and general living circumstances.

BUT, the Openhand work is never about telling you your truth. Rather it is the transmission of various evolutionary frequencies, in the written and spoken word, in video and audio, or shared through courses and gatherings. It's all about resonating higher frequencies of being, that you can call on and feel inside yourself, that are yours, which express your truth out into the world. What's authentic and real for you?

Generally, Openhand courses have common threads of activity...

1) Deep exploration of the 5D Ascension Shift that our Earth and a wave of humanity are unfolding through, from an intellectual, but most importantly, from an energetic internal revelation of higher being
2) Self realisation exercises, guided meditations, soul stirring ceremony with group and individual interaction

3) Energy processing to dissolve internal blockages, conditioned limiting behaviours, energy implants and past life karma
4) In-depth exploration of the self including the absolute, the soul, our chakra system, inner child and false self identities, kundalini and spirit-light-body activation
5) Exploring the interrelation of the Pole Shift, Solar magnetic effects, the impact of galactic energies, the 11:11 synchronicity thus preparing you for the Solar Nova "Event" that this is all building towards.

Open, together with the Openhand energy, is constantly touring the World to support the 5D Ascension Shift...Check Openhand's Upcoming Events

Global Facilitator Network - One-on-One Support for Your Shift

Openhand has developed a global network of Facilitators that you can connect with for personal facilitation support in your shift.

Gain support in:

1) Your Jouney and Life's Purpose
2) Conscious Relationships
3) Removing Entities and Implants
4) Processing karma and Activating Kundalini

Get Support from an Openhand Facilitator

Get Involved: Openhand Ascension Academy

All around the world there's a growing sense of urgency, but also adventure. People recognise the accelerating breakdown of the old biosphere; the inequity, injustice and greed of the old paradigm; they feel the soul's yearning to find a more equitable life, founded on unconditional love, joy, and mutual respect for all life - a life tuned into the divine hand of the cosmos. The Openhand Work has been specifically crafted to meet these times of great challenge but also great opportunity. If spiritual mastery beckons your soul, then come join the 5D Ascension Program at the Openhand Ascension Academy

Begin Exploring: The 3 Stages for Your Personal Shift

Here are the 3 stages of the 5D Ascension Program for you to continue exploring in more depth...

Openhand Stage 1 - "BREAKTHROUGH":
Understanding and Activating your Spiritual Evolution...full info
Openhand Stage 2 - "5GATEWAYS":
a 'spiritual compass' for walking the Spiritual Path in day-to-day life...full info
Openhand Stage 3 - "DIVINICUS":
human story, cleansing of karma, kundalini & spirit light body activation...full info