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Thomas - Openhand Facilitator


Life is one big miracle. For as long as I can remember, I had the thought "I have to go where people need help", until I suddenly found myself in the middle of Africa.

While working for a humanitarian organisation in South Sudan in 2015, I became very aware that the world was not as I had previously assumed from Europe. As if a switch had been flipped inside me, I began to look critically at the functions and background of my society as well as my own life.

After a short while, I became aware of Openhand and immediately felt that there was a great resonance for me behind the sharings of Open. Since then I have been aware that there will be a future with me and Openhand and throughout this time Openhand has held me and accompanied me in my own process.

Since then Africa has taught me plentiful of lessons. My stay in Mali from 2016 until the beginning of 2021 has given me the time and space to look at myself and my karmic entanglements in detail. I am extremely grateful for this.

I learned that I have a very good connection to the energies of the angelic realms and from then on, I took up and cultivated contact with various angels in order to be able to perceive and use them better in my life. I would like to make these wonderfully gentle and yet powerful energies accessible to those who can benefit from them.

My service

In mid-2020 I started the Openhand Facilitator School to develop my own style of consciousness work with the support of angelic forces and to offer my services on Openhandweb. Now the time has come and I am honoured, especially having also recently taken on the role of Openhand Outreach Coordinator - connecting with other groups and communities to share the Openhand message.

My personal offer is carefully created with the idea of reconnecting you with your very own human nature, so that you can better perceive yourself and develop your full potential. During a session we are always accompanied by our guardian angels and some archangels to protect the space, to support us in recognising and integrating stressful life situations.

In difficult life situations I offer you unconditional love, support and gentle guidance, hold you in a safe space and accompany you so that you can grow in it. I offer personal support in unusual times.

Pricing and Contact

I offer my services in German, English, and French

KaiserSpirit - Personal support in extraordinary times

On the website you will also find more information about the concrete procedure of a session.

For a 90-minute session I charge 80 Euros, a first session to get to know me is free of charge.

You can contact me here:

Thomas - stage 1 facilitator - Angelic Support

It's such a pleasure to have Thomas accredited in the Openhand Facilitator Network. Everyone of our facilitators is unique, and Thomas is no exception. He doesn't just connect with the angelic realm, but EMBODIES the energy! You find yourself lovingly and gently held in angelic feathers. And this provides the sense of prottectiveness to dive deep and peel off the limiting layers. Thomas will also resonate soul frequencies that come alive in you during the session. You will be protected and illuminated at the same time. If you resonate, I encourage you to get in touch for an exploratory session. You will be well looked after. Open 🙏

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Hi there Thomas! 

Happy and to see you putting yourself out there and offering your services! Exciting times!

I know you have a lot to offer and your clients will be in very good hands ;) 
Best wishes with your facilitation journey!!!



It's been a joy working with Thomas in his facilitation development with Openhand. He's a very expanded being and  so you're constantly having deep etheric explorations and encounters with angelic beings. But Thomas is very grounded too and committed to authentic discernment. Whereas often when people connect into the angelic realms there's a floatiness that risks the intervention of Opposing Consciousness, Thomas is working with clarity, illumination and precision to be clear through the ether and thereby enable people he works with to find aligned truth through the dimensions.

I'm thrilled Thomas to have you as a part of the Openhand Facilitator Network - if you resonate with Thomas's biog and would like to gain angelic facilitation support for an issue you're dealing with, then do get in touch.

Very best wishes Thomas, for your service here.

Open 😇🙏

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