A new evolution for humanity beckons in 5D consciousness. But first there's our ancient human karma to work through and peel off. Then the spirit light body can be fully activated so that you can embody in what the past masters have termed the "Merkaba". You're marrying the higher self with lower and calling on divine guidance in every step of your life. You're living in the 5D state, creating from multidimensional signs and synchronicity. You're being supported by the angelic realm and various star-soul groups. The new evolution is what we call, DIVINICUS, and it's available for you to experience right here, right now. It's humanity's destiny!

Here is the kind of feeback we've been getting for the leading edge DIVINICUS work:

"I was amazed at how the unfolding journey and experiences of Atlantis steadily dropped pieces of a puzzle, but which didn't reveal fully right until the very end. And then voila - what's going on around us in life and society right now all just suddenly clicked into place. Like some giant mosaic. Thankyou profoundly!" - Fran

DIVINICUS at the Openhand Academy

No matter where you are on the path, gain deeper illumination and insight into the challenges you face, where just one realisation can make all the difference in deepening your inner peace and progressing your inner journey...

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