Greetings, my name is Open - I'm a Higher Dimensional Bridge
I work with the benevolent mission around the Earth. I incarnated somewhat usually as a soul exchange, around a near death experience during a car crash in 2002. In the crash I had prophetic visions of how the world is unfolding in the 5D Ascension Shift. It is my purpose to come here and share that perspective with people who are open to the shift. I am available to speak at international events in person and on the web.

Whatever the medium, my purpose is to share not only an intellectual perspective, but most importantly to resonate a vibration that can be felt, so the Ascension Shift becomes real for people. If you have a podcast show, an organisaton or group where you'd be intrigued to hear my perspective for a seminar or talk, then read on.

Speaking Highlights and Topics Covered

There are many people speaking of the 5D Ascension Shift that is unfolding across our planet right now. What makes Openhand different, is that is combines deep insight into galactic, solar and planetary cycles that are all now converging to fruition, along with the impact on human consciousness and how we can ride these phenomenal changes to unleash our Cosmic Divine Beings.

We cannot avoid the tumultuous changes now unfolding. And neither is it wise or beneficial to pretend, imagine or intention something different. A great cleansing mechanism has been initiated of which we are all a part. It will leave no stone unturned resulting in the 3D becoming unliveable for sophisticated life. The invitation is to raise our vibration by shifting consciousness into our divine higher dimensionality centred in the 5th Density. The Openhand work is specifically crafted for this. We've been working successfully with groups around the world for the last two decades.

The main themes I cover at speaking events are...

Making sense of people's spiritual opportunity for emergence through the great Earth Shift: the invitation to access our Cosmic Divine Beings, by processing blocking karma, unleashing kundalini and activating the Spirit Light Body for our Ascension.

Understanding the exact nature of the 5D Ascension Shift, how the Earth is being cleansed in the 3D and consciousness shifting into 5D/6D/7D.

Exploring the nature of the upcoming Solar Nova Event, in relation to the Galactic Trigger, unleashing transformative changes in our Solar System.

Illuminating the Interdimensional ET intervention that has derailed the natural trajectory of the Earth and humanity, including the Great Realignment bringing everything back into harmony.

Providing ground breaking meditations, spiritual practices, tools, tips and advice to help people prepare for what is now unfolding.

Openhand Seminars are not about speaking at people, we're resonating a vibrational frequency, from the benevolent mission around the earth, illuminating pathways of possibility, unraveling inner density and expanding higher consciousness. They're a bridge to higher dimensions. Higher consciousness is held and amplified, through word, thought, emotion and the energy field. People realise, feel and integrate lost aspects of themselves. It is joyous to behold.

"The cherry to add to the icing was the guest speaker, "Open", whose talk on the planetary shift of consciousness occurring around 2012 was jaw-droppingly, goose-pimplingly, spine-tinglingly...well, you get the picture and I would not and could not undermine his talk by summarising it.

Therefore, I can only suggest that you check out the seminars and courses Openhand run." UK National EFT Conference.

Introducing Openhand - A Higher Dimensional Consciousness

Openhand is a higher dimensional consciousness, which may best be considered as an integrated team of Ascended Master Energies working with the Benevolent Mission in the ether supporting Humanity's Ascension into 5D. It's all about resonating frequencies of authentic beingness, that help break down karmic blockages to infuse the multidimensional Cosmic Self into every facet of people's lives, leading to abundant and successful living as the Earth shifts into the New 5D Paradigm.

But to be clear, this is never about telling people their truth. The New 5D Paradigm can be theorised, yes, but it must then be realised. It's about holding a framework of alchemical exploration for people to get to know the deepest aspects of themselves.

This is exactly what happens at an Openhand seminar - higher consciousness is held and amplified, through word, thought, emotion and the energy field. People realise, feel and integrate lost aspects of themselves. It is joyous to behold.

Messenger Series with Ickonic

Open featured in a Messenger series with Ickonic. Here's a brief snapshot...

And here is a clip from a recent Shift Seminar in the UK...

If what has been shared above resonates and you feel might be of value and interest to your community or group or to your spiritual venture or podcast, then contact us to discuss the possibilities.