Asya: Openhand Core Administrator

Submitted by Open on Sun, 09/12/2021 - 06:36
Asya - Openhand Core Administrator

Daring to say that I was born to be “happy”... As long as I remember, since I was a child, I always had the feeling of some magical powerful force that is looking after me and supporting me from the ether.  Of course, at that time, I didn’t have any idea of what THAT might be, and what THAT was INSIDE of me. Today I am referring to "THAT" as a connection to my higher-dimensional Team. 😇

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that my path in this incarnation was always even, easy or glamorous. Not at all! I didn’t experience a sudden awakening. For me it happened slowly, smoothly and gradually. Yet, the most significant, bone shattering event on my spiritual journey, was when a particular soul, my son, came into my life in my early twenties. His birthing pointed synchronistically to the karmic manipulation of DNA, manifested as long illnesses, followed by the deadly effect of the regular flu jabbings. Sadly it led to his untimely passing. I honour his soul as my Greatest Teacher - witnessing at close hand his struggles and suffering over twenty years, initiated in me major questioning of the essence of life itself. He taught me compassion, unconditional love and the strength to walk my own way as a soul, no matter what.

The year 2020 when the shadow state was wanting to shut doors for our freedom and lock us down, ironically I opened a phenomenal window for my consciousness: I came across Openhand, and without any delay jumped right into the stream of transformational processes. It's the greatest discovery of what the soul really wants to do, and how it wants to be. To put it succinctly, In a short space of time with Openhand, I have made an unbelievably enormous leap on the spiritual path and in the transformation of consciousness. I discovered wonderful resonance with the Openhand philosophy; it's provided knowledge and an approach to creating a much more harmonious reality. It greatly inspires and supports the expression of my soul frequencies. I've found a peaceful "shelter" here in this community in the meaning of guidance, connection and communication.

With a feeling of quiet internal excitement, I accepted the invitation to be part of the Openhand Team, where I'll be contributing time and energy, conducting key core administration tasks. I'm sure you'll appreciate a technology platform such as Openhandweb has many agencies involved in running it - my role will be helping to coordinate and administer those - keeping the "cogs" of the venture moving smoothly. And I'm so happy to be helping out in one of my most blossoming passions: filming production. You can appreciate more my sense of creativity here in this forum... Asya: the Art of Being


With love and gratitude deeply from my heart

Asya 💜

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