5D Shift: 9 Ways to Unleash and Embody Your Spiritual Greatness

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We're approaching a new phase in the Shift where the outer is becoming increasingy crazy and unpredictable. The field is being stirred up by the activation of the Stargates, which the shadow side are trying desperately to channel and cntrol. They will fail miserably in the end. Where does that leave us? With the phenomenal opportunity for success - but in a way that unleashes our true greatness as a being. As you cling less to the outer, recognising you can never control it, then it leaves you to go inwards, connect with your greatness and unleash it into the world. Now, like never before, that moment has arrived. Are you ready?

Greatness is a way of unleashing yourself into the World

You recognise greatness when you see it. It has a sense and quality all of its own. It has nothing to do with popularity, fame or fortune, yet those who are recognised as having attained some level of greatness are frequently wealthy and/or popular.

Yet I put it to you, that no one who ever achieved true greatness, set out striving for it. What they did do, what they did discover, is a passionate commitment to something which gave them true joy and fulfillment in life. They found a way they could truly express, and in so doing, a vehicle for their expression arose - a way of unleashing it into the world.

They discovered something of great importance of great idealism, something much greater than their own selves even. Greatness is selfless, because it is 'God' - 'the One'. Some people exhibiting greatness still have ego, yes, but ego was not the source of their greatness; to them, the expression of their art, of their being, is more important than their own well-being, than their own success; more important than their own breath. To me, this is the measure of greatness.

Don't give up the dream of your greatness

Many will tell you, that when they discovered their passion, the place where their inner most yearning synchronised perfectly with outer expression into the world, then the taste of it was the sweetest nectar possible. When you strike the sweet spot of your own existence, you cannot put a price on it. It's immeasurable. It has everything to do with unleashing the true nature of who you are - discovering, embodying and unleashing soul. You instantly know when someone is doing this. They have shine about them; you look into their eyes and you see into the universe; there's a warmth, that seems as though it can burn longer than the sun.

It may be that they can't find that all the time, but when they do find it, they're expressing the nature of the timeless itself. To me, this is true greatness.

It's because when you touch your greatness, you're really touching the soul. And when you're in the soul, you're riding an internal wave, all the way back to the source; all the way back to God. You become a living, breathing expression of God. And that, is the measure of your greatness.

I put it to you, that greatness is in all of us, yet very few ever realise it. It's because people get beaten down by the conditioning of life and then sell their dream too cheaply; they end up in lifetsyles that down serve them. And so the light of their soul is extinguished by the density of life's conditioning.

Greatness happens when you find and express the true nature of your soul. So if your light is being squashed into a shoe that doesn't fit, then no wonder if you're not able to dance too well!

The other problem is we confuse greatness with popularity or material success. If what we feel called to do and express, doesn't seem like it's going to be popular or successful within society, then we give up, don't bother; we hide our light under a bushel. The shadowside of society is depending on your doing this, to stay in the shell, so it can more easily control you. But all awakening people one day discover, that to remain in that shell is far more painful than breaking through it.

Your soul ray harmonic

To break through the shell of our conformity, we have to find our unique expression of soul. No one who ever became truly great, modelled themselves on someone else. For we are all unique. We are all inspired by the reflections we've seen in someone else, and that's essential motivation, but someone who achieves some measure of greatness found their own path, their own way of expressing. They didn't worry about popularity - but for many who attained such greatness, they created their niche, and then popularity followed.

You are truly being great when you are expressing your soul; for your soul is an expression of God - which is absolute unbridled perfection. So what are the characteristics of your soul? How do you recognise them?

Expressing your soul is like being in love; there's no formula for it, you just know it when you're in it. It just feels 'right'. There's a sweetness to it, that connects you all the way back to the Source. It feels like the sense of home; you come back into who you truly are. When people recognise the soul in them, or they're been reacquainted with a lost aspect of it, they are frequently brought to tears. It feels like there's been something priceless missing, which you didn't even know what, but now you've found it again.

Greatness is continually striking the sweet-spot of your own being - a feeling of rightness inside. Society is continually luring people into dim shadows of this elixir - entertainment, soft comfort, desire, wealth, fame and distraction - but none of it will ever live up to the simple awesomeness of, and authenticity of, your own being. It's a feeling inside that you can't bottle or own. True greatness is continually dying and being reborn in the moment.

In this reacquaintance of your soul - the unleashing of your greatness - it helps to have a guide, to have pointers, so you can look for and attune to those qualities that have become buried in the sediment of your own life. At Openhand, we're passionately dedicated to helping people reclaim these lost nuggets of soul gold - there's nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than supporting someone in coming back to who they truly are.

In this passion, we recognise that the soul has seven key characteristics, that are common to all souls. Each soul appears to be a unique blend of these, like the seven rays of a rainbow. They vary from the surrendering unconditional love of the divine feminine; to the passionate, commitment and courage of the divine masculine. Discover the rest of the qualities here...
The Soul's purpose and the Seven Rays

19 Reflections of Greatness

1) Greatness surrenders but never gives up

2) Greatness never counts the cost

3) Greatness welcomes failure, as an opportunity to learn more

4) Greatness doesn't court popularity or follow the masses

5) Greatness has a deeper sense of purpose, something greater than the small "I"

6) Greatness follows its passion, and doesn't sell its dreams too cheaply

7) Greatness is a pathfinder, it breaks the mold, unleashing free flow

8) Greatness is patient but persistent

9) Greatness is passionately creative

10) Greatness doesn't depend on the outcome

11) Greatness welcomes it's reflection in the external mirror, but isn't governed by it

12) Greatness expresses itself, unreservedly, but is never arrogant

13) Greatness isn't put off by detractors

14) Greatness is constantly open to new opportunities or different ways of doing the same thing

15) Greatness is relaxed but aware

16) Greatness is inquisitive and innocent, but simultaneously wise

17) Greatness sees and honours the greatness in others

18) Greatness is continually dieing and rebirthing in each new moment

19) Greatness attains tremendous self belief, by constant confrontation of what it is not.

How greatness hides in plain sight

It is certain to me, that this greatness is in everyone - because it is your own soul, an expression of the One. But I also observe that society frequently struggles to recognise God, and so doesn't frequently value the God in you. The majority are so insecure about themselves, they'll mostly only go for the recognised popularity - those famous amongst the masses. But they wouldn't recognise true greatness right under their very noses.

Joshua Bell is one of the world's finest violinists. He's musical director of the Academy of St Martin in the Fields, a soloist and former child prodigy, known the world over for his phenomenal talent. The violinist is paid handsomely at sell out concerts on the top stages of the world. Yet in 2007, when, as an experiment, he rocked up to a busy metro station in Washington and busked for free, out of 1100 people who passed by, only 27 gave any money, and only 7 stopped to listen for any duration. He earned a paltry $52. Seven years later, when he made a well announced follow up at the metro station, this time thousands of people turned out to listen.

This must tell you something crucially important: you cannot value or under sell yourself, by attaching your greatness to the support, adoration, acceptance or popularity of the masses. They are simply too fickle, or else too tied up in society's conditioning to see the real light within you. So why waste your time?

Make sure then, you don't dilute your greatness by courting popularity. Greatness has nothing to do with the number of facebook likes you have!

But do follow us on facebook here... Openhand fb LOL :-)

Creating your own niche

In order to find and express your greatness, you need something to express into (the universe is a vast vehicle of expression for the One). It's so that you can see your expression in the outer mirror of life. Not so that you can 'preen' yourself, but so you can continually improve yourself; so you can learn, evolve and grow (because this is the nature of the soul).

This is a crucial measure of greatness: it's all about personal growth. And when you commit yourself to the constant learning, evolving, growing experience of life, then you'll be well on your way to discovering your greatness.

So it's utterly invaluable to create your own niche. At Openhand, we call it Creating a Community of Common Interest. These are possibly friends, family and colleagues who resonate with your vibration and honour (at least to some degree) the greatness that you express. They give you great feedback loops of empowering energy, but also, they challenge you to grow. They express the truth to you, in a compassionate encouraging way.

So creating your own niche and building a community around that, is going to be of incredible importance in unleashing your greatness.

How to unleash the greatness in you

It is my passion in life to help people find and unleash their own greatness. So I find myself focusing a lot of energy on it. How can the greatness in me unleash the greatness in another? Here's how we approach it at Openhand...

  1. Become the observer of yourself; watch yourself keenly in all that you do, and work to settle back into infinite potential: the Sacred Ground of Being
  2. Let go of the need for the situation you're in, to go a particular way
  3. Recognise the purpose of EVERY moment is to unleash your Greatness of soul and there is nothing else going on
  4. Feel deeply into every moment through the five senses of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing; let the psychic sixth senses activate.
  5. Work to soften any internal resistance to what's going on in the moment; feel your inner retraction, your tightness and reaction. Work to unwind this inside yourself
  6. Now watch and feel for the arising of an authentic expression; perceived as a sense of rightness within you
  7. Give all of yourself, all your emotion, passion and commitment to expressing this authentic beingness
  8. Watch as your greatness manifests the world around you, creating new possibilities and paths
  9. Walk forwards into the world on the path of light that the greatness of your soul creates.

Come and get involved in the Openhand Courses. Help us to help unleash the greatness in you... Openhand Advanced Spiritual Training

The time has come to unleash your Greatness

It's time to break out of the shell. Everything is changing and they'll come a point, if not already, when you realise you've absolutely nothing to lose but your smallness. Everything in the 3D will ultimately come to pass, so why be limited by the cirrent landscape? We've been constraining our light for too long now, while only the relative few have truly found their greatness. They've been shining examples yes, but too many have placed them on pedestals, foreshadowing the greatness in their own selves.

Celebrate when someone achieves their greatness yes, because you're witnessing a marvellous reflection of your own soul. In your way you are every bit as wonderful, every bit as lovely, every bit as marvelous.

When you find your greatness, others around you may recognise, they may at first not. It does not matter a jot. The feeling of it inside yourself is priceless. Don't sell it. Don't waste another moment without it. Now is the time to keep opening the internal space, making time and commitment for your greatness to reveal itself; then giving yourself - one hundred percent - fervently and with commitment to the revelation of it, in whatever way feels right and appropriate for you.

Remember, greatness is a feeling - that's what you're really looking for. It's striking the sweet-spot of your own being. And when you do, there is absolutely nothing like it - certainly nothing worth selling it for.

Our Greatness is what the world needs right now. To step out of the conformaty and normality - to break through the karmic strings that bind. That's what I get from this incredibly inspiring video clip. Enjoy...

Discover How Openhand might help you become more the Light warrior that you are...
Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support

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27/09/2021: Openhand Journal Update

It's getting crazy out there! The energy of the shift is ramping up, which anyone with their head not buried in the sand can see and feel - the escalation of storms and volcanic action for example. No, it's not man made global warming! It's solar forcing during the Grand Solar Minimum as Gaia's Pole Shift winds to an epic climax. Meanwhile the shadowstate continues its charade of smoke and mirrors to keep people blinded from the underlying truth - they know all too well what's coming. It's why the Billionaires are building bunkers and launch pads. But the bunkers won't be deep enough and the rockets won't be able to fly far enough. The energy that's travelling from the galactic core will sweep through the entirety of the solar system. We're heading for 5D folks - the only way out is through.

And this means going progressively deeper inwards, connecting with the Sacred Ground of Being and then unleashing the soul to flow completely freely. It is only in this way that you'll craft the Merkabah, your vehicle of Ascension. So don't hold back, don't waste a moment, it's the only viable thing that now makes sense.

That's why I felt to inspire you all today with a reworked version of my article above...

5D Shift: 9 Ways to Unleash and Embody Your Spiritual Greatness

Our greatness is achieved by the untethering of soul, unleashing it through your being and out into the world.

How might you do that today?


Open 💙🙏

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This was great to read, I notice the strong conditioning in myself to want recognition and do and say it "right" all the time, seeing myself through those fixed lenses of what success looks like. Since the last day of the retreat I am guided to different places to work with energy in the field to release constrictions, but also bring back higher frequencies (that seem to tie in with my own too). It probably looked weird haha, but that didn't matter, it just felt right and priceless, and it made me realize this feeling of "greatness" within myself. 



07/04/2021 Openhand Journal Update:

As we transition through Easter 2021, I'm here running a Quantum Shift Retreat with Openhand and I can positively feel the emergence of the Shiva energy in the field. In my awareness that always comes at a distinct point within the shift. The shadowside has revealed itself, run rampant, but now as people see it and tire of it, a kind of rock steady coolness arises. And from that, a sense of dismissal of the drama - to entertain the ridiculousness of it no more. The Shiva is not in least concerned with popular opinion. It cannot be owned by the need to placate, please or confine itself to some quasi woke moral code. It is simply going to be, do and express in the feeling of aligned rightness.

If this moment signals a general activation of that energy, then we are indeed at a very pivotal point. Shiva is often depicted as dancing on a demon, and right now, it's clear the demon of the "Black Snake" energy has clearly revealed itself out there - for all those willing to see. You can actually feel that energy in people's fields as it plays on the emotions and psyche in the guise of the bogus, artificially created pandemic.

This is why I felt to share this particular lead article today about discovering and unleashing your greateness. Meaning to unreservedly let out that which is the strength and aligned soul expression of you, without reservation or concern about what others might think.

9 Ways to Unleash and Embody Your Spiritual Greatness

When it starts to activate, we will each express this Shiva energy in different ways. With some it will be forceful and strong. In others quietly confident and unshakeable. It will be patient, but ultimately does not suffer the fool. Meaning it won't be constrained by other people's delusions, such as those in society still buying into the bogus pandemic. Let's be clear, this is a clear revelation of the shadowside and now the invitation for the emergence of the Shiva, to dance all over it.

Time to Dispense with the Demon

Here's a real life example of that this Easter by a pastor in Poland, boldy resisting the ridiculous machinations of the (pademic) police there. To be clear, in showing it I am not suggesting that all behave in this manner. It feels to me like a clear emergence of the Shiva in him - and how powerful that can be. How might that degree of resoluteness, and not suffering the "fools" (not meaning to judge!) in the drama mean to you? At some point, it is necessary to see and act with clarity, recognising the "demon" will present in some quasi acceptable way. There comes a point when the Shiva has to rise and call it for what it is...

Time to unleash the Shiva greatness through society.
Time to dispense with the demon of ridiculousness!

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Wow what amazing sincronicity.  Yesterday I completely lost it, not done that since about 2017. 

Don't get wrong I used to use a little anger with some situations to give me a push, but that eventually made me a bully as I knew that I could overpower almost anyone to get what I wanted. So I sought to disengage with that energy. 

Well, Yesterday I lost my rag, and thank god I did. I recognised this powerful energy and at first I was mortified that I had succumbed. How could I lose it like that again? What's the point of this reflection, am I a fraud?

So now it's 12 hours later and I can see that this is an opportunity to move and create. Instead of ruminating on how I am the victim and building on that initial angry burst of energy, someone will have to pay attitude. I can see it as opportunity to learn what's really gone on. Ha Beauty and the Beast just came to mind. 

Anyway I am grateful for the lesson and for your Shiva article.  Thank you.

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well, i lost it a little today too lol! an elderly gentleman nearly hit me with his car as i walked through a parking lot. all of a sudden a great "honk" and i turned around angrily, instantly defensive. he reacted by saying i had just walked out in front of his car which i had. i argued that it was a parking lot not a road and drivers should always be mindful of pedestrians to which he replied it wasn't true but he was already driving away, thankfully as i would have escalated, so i hollered "have a nice day" sarcastically. ego always has to have the last word, that little imperialist so and so lol. his wife who understandably was indignant on his behalf retorted a snarky "you TOO!" and that was that. inevitably the remorse set in immediatlely after; i will never touch coffee again, i've learned my lesson, but after the initial anger wore off, suprisingly quickly thankfully, wait, that's a lot of adverbs in one place lol, anyway, after i couldn't help but giggle at the wife, who i really felt was very sweet and her retort was probably the angriest she gets. despite my feeling bad, i get a kick out of how civil it was and how sweet she was behind her reaction. a diamond in the coals. apparently we're coming off some Aries energy and well, cultk0vid doesn't help. it's an ongoing process 😉

In reply to by barbfromkingston


Hi Barb - yes, how many can identify with your experience!

It's clear anger can easily arise when we're startled in some way - I'm guessing that's what happened. In which case, I'd say the key is to see it as an opportunity to explore how tuned in one is to the surroundings in any given moment - or else lost away somewhere else.

But to be clear, the Shiva energy is quite different. It is tuned into its surroundings fully - it is the ascending movement of consciousness itself, but can also be expressed through this human form. It can, and will, express strongly, without fear of mortality - because it's an energy that ultimately breaks down mortality as the reality construct is ready to disintegrate.

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Hi Barb 

You mentioned Aries energy, it's really powerful right now, we have Sun and Chiron there plus two of personal planets - Mercury and Venus. And the third personal planet - Mars - is the ruler of Aries and it's still out of the bounds so losing control is perfectly normal. For me it's kind of "just do it" energy, unlocking your personal lock down. Guess it have to be so, it gives you chance to meet your real you so you can deal with it. 

Here's great video from Adyashanti about meeting your real you, and funny, it's not in the extremes of polarity but in the middle of it








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Hi Danniel,

I think it's important to allow people the space to explore into distortion. The "Middle Way" has often been interpreted within people as a dropping of their extremity - "dropping the hot coals" - is something you often hear. The problem is that you then become an identity who is "dropping the hot coals" and adopting the "middle path".

In the Openhand Approach, there is the recognition, and allowance, that every distortion conceals a hidden gift - a nugget of soul gold that got buried in the distortion. It's because ultimately, every distorton is a distorted expression of the soul: anger becomes the distortion of expressed warrior energy or powerful will - the ray 1 of the soul (see Openhand's view on the 7 Rays of the Soul). The problem in simply "dropping the hot" coals of this distorted behaviour is to risk "throwing the baby out with the bath water. You're denying and suppressing a crucial aspect of yourself. It can lead to frustration and the creation of another type of identity - the spiritual identity - I'm behaving like the Buddha for example (rather than allowing the fiullness of myself).

That's why at Openhand we apply the Breakthrough Approach - you allow and encourage expression of the distortion, including regression into it. But then you're feeling into whatever the attachment might have been that belies the distortion. Needing people to respect you for example. You let go of that need as you experience it. Then the strong energy can flow through but without projection or judgment - you're able to find a constructive way of expressing the power.

I do think this "non-dualist" approach has been pretty good at bringing people to a good degree of surrender and letting go. But now, if we're truly to evolve, it's time we move beyond these teachings and really delve into the nature of the soul: there is The One, the absolute in you (non dual), and AT THE SAME TIME, there is the unique expression of you. And actually, by unleashing the unique expression of you in any given moment leads to the One - the true essence of the One.

The Shiva energy for example is also an expression of the One. It can be highly destructive. But destruction leads to construction when it contains the seeds of the future. Thus the Shiva becomes the necessary catalytic energy that breaks the old reality construct down that the new can emerge. The risk of playing the "Middle Path" is that you'd miss the fullness of this very necessary energy. We all stay in limitation. And that's definitely what humanity needs to evolve beyond right now.

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1) Confront the Truth of the Situation: what's going on here? What is truly being invited? What am I resisting? What outcome do I think I really need? What's the worst possible outcome and how do I really feel about that?

2) Honour and express the tightness: in allowing yourself to explore the truth about any given situation, you'll expose some form of tightness within. It could reveal as a busy mind, unsettled emotions, nausea in the solar plexus, tightness somewhere in the body. And even a complete numbness can be classed as 'tightness'. The point is to delve deep, then to honour what comes up. Allow yourself to fully express the tightness, in whatever way your natural guidance invites of you. It's like you blow this inner layer up to fill the world around you for a while. It enables you to see where you were holding on, where you felt you needed some form of outcome, what couldn't you accept? Where have you been in avoidance?

3) Become as-one with your feelings: When you're at the height of the expression, now soften into the feelings, surrender into them, quieten and let go. Become so accepting of the circumstances you don't need them to go away. Hold the feelings within - be witnessing and observant. You're becoming as-one with the experiences. When you've reached this level of surrender, then 'open a doorway' of complete acceptance through the tightness. Remind yourself that you are NOT the experience itself and that all experiences are transient. They come and go. Thus you're becoming The One in the experience - that which you truly are.

4) Unwind soul out of the constriction: once you've become so accepting that you've found The One amidst the tightness, contraction and pain, you're already at the point where you're healing; you're already digging up the roots of the constriction. Let go even more at this point. But then keenly watch the new energies of soul wanting to come through. You're reclaiming nuggets of soul gold that were originally stuck in the drama and creating the tightness itself. Let that now unwind, unleash and freely express new aspects of soul. Now the flow takes off for you, and the newly liberated soul creates in unimaginable ways.


BREAKTHROUGH (divine revelations)

This is an epic, true story of one man’s journey of Spiritual Breakthrough. It reveals how, in every single moment, each person is supported by an etheric divine connection - a benevolent force - supporting you in life, and working with you to break through into your greater divinity. The book helps you delve deeply into every situation you face and find the deeper meaning - the divine revelation. It shows you how to embrace the moment fully, what to work with and how to work, so that you can eternally live the brilliance of You. The world stands on a precipice. Divine revelation is the answer.

BUY A COPY...Paperback from £12:00, Digital ebook £5.50

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Thanks Open, always great reply. I don't really see it as different knowledge but more like different approach. For me it's always joy to find common ground in seemingly different teachings, it's kind of confirmation that my feelings are on point. Like someone said, you can better see the truth when you look at it from different angles, it's kind of win-win game, more possibilities for individual to resonate. 

I can feel here this big problem of duality between being individual vs being part of. It's systematic, the system is pushing hard to get us in and producing powerful resistance so to get you stuck in duality. Hard to break through as shown here...

In reply to by Danniel


It's a funny clip for sure - and yes you have a point.
However I think humanity (at least a swathe of) are already moving beyond the iconisation of something or someone outside of themselves. I do see a lot of individuality emerging, yet I think there's a growing recognition that we are all part of the same too.

It may sound pedantic, but I find it essential to draw a clear distinction of the Openhand work with much in the mainstream that have adopted a "non-dualistic" approach. I witness it often being extremely derailing and has been very exploited by entities in the field - "we really don't have to work at it, we just have to accept things because we are all one". Yes, AND no!

Open 🙏

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Hi Open, Thank You, i so resonate with your statement that anger is a distortion of warrior energy! i have been repressing my will since i'm a child b/c of the fear instilled in me. All the times i boiled over because i just couldn't hold it in anymore. But then being so terrified after of the retribution (the times i thought my mother would kill me or kick me out of the house or withold food etc) i would just close up again and not only play it safe, but most of the time not even participate in life because of that fear. Many times i did find courage to go after a goal and speak my mind, but the old unexpressed wounds would inevitably shut me back down, and the cycle would repeat. And a lot of that anger i realize is anger at myself for not taking risks and following those soul-pulls. I had another outburst today at someone not respecting my boundaries who i had simply been ignoring, thinking i was taking the high road while avoiding the fact i just didnt want to deal with it.  and although after i felt the usual fear that i'd done something wrong, i realized as the day wore on that it had felt good to finally put my foot down with their behaviour. I feel like maybe i'm finally learning not to be afraid to truly say what i mean and express myself authentically. It feels kind of liberating and i hope i can keep that momentum, and maybe learn not to let fear inform that expression any more. i always admired families who could have great arguments and then be totally ok after, respect and love still intact; the freedom in that is something i envy. So now instead of remorse at a perceived failure, i see now that i may have made a wee breakthrough 😊 oh to be able to finally and thoroughly be my true self...now that's something worth standing up for!💜💜💜🙏

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Hi Danniel, thanks for the support, good to know i'm not losing it completely lol. The energy is influencing my "voice"; where i usually keep quiet to appease others and avoid their disapproval (old response to mother wound), this energy is helping me speak up. BUT i think Open is right that anger s not the way. Anger has been a defense mechanism to help me get past my fear of standing up for myself and other's (mother) anger towards me. And tbh sometimes i'm all ego and imperialism and entitlement and that kind of anger is particularly ugly. But i have had opportunities to approach situations calmly from a higher vibe and it feels so much better to not let my ego run the show and spend all that pr3cious energy defending myself. i've been finding too that anger that i've been holding on to regarding a difficult life situation, created by me, only seems to draw more unpleasant people and situations into my life. But oh how hard it is to let it go sometimes. Ego for me can be very tenacious. But i will persist, and hopefully overcome. Thanks for "listening" and i'll check out those videos for sure, thank you! 💜💜💜🙏

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Dear Open ,

I am feeling this and how ! I am also DONE with this ridiculousness . It is so intense this RAGE that it is hard to contain it . I am thinking I am going to put on some intense music and DANCE . 

Around me though things have shifted. The acquiescence is gone as more and more people are standing up to stupid rules and bogus science. I have been told to self isolate after my Holi party revelry . I am therefore going to take a very public mask free walk in the compound . 

Interestingly ,a patient called me today asking for a prescription for our 'flavor of the moment' disease . I told him to take vitamins and relax ,it is just the damn flu. His name was Rudra ( Shiva in his wrathful form ) 

:) Looking forward to see you in the retreat . 





Hi Everyone - I felt to repost this article about Greatness and 9 Ways to Unleash it. Greatness is not something mystical, out there, and achieved by only a handful of 'Gods'.

Greatness is in each and every one of us. It emerges, quite simply, when you fully align with your soul and breathe it out into the world. From that moment, anything becomes possible, miracles will unfold. It'll be in the simplest of things, there'll be that audible 'click' in the field as everything falls into place around you.

But it's crucial to step out of the mediocrity of accepting 'anything goes' in your life. It's about being clear about who you truly are, at a soul level, and expressing that as often as you can. Push back the boundaries, on a day-by-day basis. Keep allowing for the new you to come through. Profound Transformation is the path of many small steps. So I ask you, how can you be different today? How can you be more of you? I challenge you, so that you may challenge yourself.



You're right, Open. It's a behavioural approach and although it may lead to more self confidence, it does write over the problem, as you said.




Thanks Helen, but I would caution the approach. Just the intro offers an important insight into what I would say, is a case of tail wagging the dog...

    "Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success."

Here's my point, body language is the EFFECT of what you're being within, not the cause. So it offers telltale signs as to some hidden source pain limitation. If you're not confident, work to find out why? Why is it you don't believe in yourself at a core level?

The trouble with manipulating body language to try to get some 'result' in the world, is that we write over the problem, remove the evidence that might point to it, and build an even thicker sense of false self - you put on layers rather than take them off.

This (distorted) approach is rife within the self empowerment/motivation arena out there. So I'd offer a strong caution.





Today did not disappoint, I found a post that literally made my heart swell to the point I thought it would burst, it really felt that like it was meant for me. Once I recognized my ego, I did my best to feel into it and why I needed this feeling of acceptance and love, so much. We must all feel this way right? The need to be loved and excepted unconditionally. We are here to experience our personal journey yes, but also to recognize and love those around us, and abroad. I wish for everyone to feel their heart swell as I did today, my heart and soul is once again restored and ready for what's next. Although sometimes quite painful, growth isn't just about ourselves individually, but each other at the same time.
You are all amazing and I look forward to tomorrow and learning how I can be a positive vessel for change and spreading honest love where it is needed.



I come here everyday, looking, Sometimes I find what I should, some days I do not. The quieter I am, the more I find what I need. I know this post for today is older, but it was needed, and this was the second day in a row.

So I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being. Thank you for being, here.


such a powerful article! reminiscent of watching your seminar the other day.

"Remember, greatness is a feeling - that's what you're really looking for. It's striking the sweet-spot of your own being. And when you do, there is absolutely nothing like it "



Hi Open,

I was flabbergasted when I first saw this video a few years ago of the renewed violinist, Joshua Bell, playing his violin undercover in the Washington metro station as the hypnotized masses strode by -- too asleep to hear his angelic music. It is such a powerful illustration of your words:

"This must tell you something crucially important: you cannot value or under sell yourself, by attaching your greatness to the support, adoration, acceptance or popularity of the masses. They are simply too fickle, or else too tied up in society's conditioning to see the real light within you. So why waste your time?"

I love this deeply inspiring article and your overall message that greatness is a feeling of coming home to yourself and expressing who you truly are -- and that no amount of acceptance, popularity, fame, or fortune is worth silencing the glorious song of your soul that only you can sing.

"A bell is no bell 'til you ring it,
A song is no song 'til you sing it…" -- Oscar Hammerstein

Thank you!

Catherine :)


It's wonderful that you notice that sense of pure joy inside Jen - the infusion of soul, no doubt. And yes, people often feel a reticence with it too - often a fear of just how energetically great this can be. Yes, it is immensely creative when unleashed.

It's a case of just working with it, allowing it to come in at the pace that feels right.

Open :-)


Beautiful article Open! What I have noticed is that the more I give some energy toward where I feel a burning ember of passion inside, I not only experience a sense of sheer joy and fulfillment, but also things begin to open up as opportunities in the world... As vehicles for expressing that passion. What I also notice inside though is a subtle urge to slow it down, a fear around the largeness of it all and a reticence to give all to it. It feels like the small "I" wants to control it and keep it all small and unseen and yet the wave is clearly inviting something larger and a letting go of fulfilling ego desires for a much truer sense of fulfillment... A greater giving of myself to something larger... An inner expansion feels invited by the presentation of expanded possibilities of outer expression.

x Jen