How the Pole Shift is Affecting Humanity and the Planet

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Although the current Pole Shift on Earth has been spoken of many times before, I do not believe the full magnitude of the effects have been truly hoisted on board. Also how this current one, combines with abrupt climate change, and Gaia's 5D shift, to create the 'perfect 3D storm' scenario. We must understand how it is increasingly not only affecting the precious biosphere in which we live, but also the electro magnetic affects on the bodymind, and how it impacts our psyche.

It is becoming crucial we confront this inconvenient truth...

The Perfect Storm of 3D Earth Cleansing

In our new documentary PARADIGM SHIFT, we drew attention to the fact that the current Pole Shift will likely complete within the space of one human lifetime, as confirmed by Berkley scientists from California. It is becoming increasingly evident the impact this is ALREADY having on the activation of earthquakes and volcanoes around the world - such as Kilauea in Hawaii. As yet, we're only in the early stages of this, but I can clearly feel it's about to get more extreme, as the 'hockey stick' effects turn the curve and go vertical. 

Not only does this activate earthquakes and volcanos, but begins to unleash dramatic storms, and most important of all, lowers the earth's magnetic shield to solar and cosmic radiation. Combined with abrupt, irreversible climate change, that's now unfolding across the earth, let's be clear, we are stepping forwards into a maelstrom of transformational activity.

It's clear to me, whether intentional or not, it's the perfect cleansing conditions by which Gaia will release the old karmic construct, which is so plaguing her. As we said in the movie, "let's not sleep walk into the future". We need to grasp the truth now, so we may equalise and normalise in what's about to take place.

Here's an understanding perspective on the Unwinding of the Karmic Construct

A concerted action to Unwind the Intervention

The human body and mind is contained within a biomagnetic energy field, that is meant to be perfectly aligned with the biomagnetic energy field of Gaia - we're supposed to walk in harmony. Except in society we live in a synthetic reality, that has created energy frequencies that are almost juxtaposed with Gaia herself. From wifi to electrosmog, from cleaning materials to excitotoxins, plastic packaging to junk food, and GMO to chemtrails, the ET Intervention here has initiated a haze of dissonant vibrations in which the human psyche has been mercilessly embedded - enslaved. 

As I pointed out in the PARADIGM SHIFT film (under chapter 3), in the beginning it's hard to sense and feel these dissonant ET intervention frequencies because they become condensed down into your consciousness, as if they are a part of you. They condition you to accepting the 'normality' of the matrix and one's position within it. It's only when you challenge the various impulses deeply within, that you start to witness the two dissonant streams of consciousness - your authentic soul vibration and the intervention itself.

Fortunately, a concerted action by the benevolent consciousness aligned around the Earth and Gaia's Shift into 5D has begun to unwind the intervention and is helping to resonate soul frequencies through the field so that more and more people can increasingly feel who they really are. This is wonderful, but a great deal more needs to be done by awakening people. It is not wise to wake up and then rest on ones laurels, because the changes are accelerating all the time.

The effects of the Pole Shift on the Human Psyche

Specifically, I witness the Pole Shift beginning to have an impact on the psyche. In what way?

We all know that the human body is 70% water. But maybe it's not always appreciated that this consists of charged particles, that are effected by electromagnetic currents. The psyche has been interrelated with a specific configuration: as we pointed out in the PARADIGM SHIFT film, the key agenda of the ET intervention here has been to create a synthetic reality, which closely resembles their lost civilisation back in the constellation of Sirius before it exploded in a White Dwarf Ascension 120 million years ago.
(here's a viewpoint on that...Intervention on Earth Parts 1,2 & 3)

Essentially they needed to change the vibration of the Earth, and that of the human body, so they might infuse through it and ultimately incarnate here. Fortunately, although highly advanced, that hasn't been fully realised yet. The 5D Shift and the unwinding of the karmic construct, which has recently begun, is designed to thwart that, so as to liberate the authentic vibrations of the earth and humanity once more.

What we need to realise, is that the human bodymind has been plugged into a matrix of dissonant frequencies, which is now being challenged directly by the Pole Shift. The changes in polarity will begin to literally pull the intervention field apart. Crucially, if the psyche is still plugged in to the old construct, it's going to feel increasingly unbalanced and unstable.

Specifically the effects will likely be:

  • a sense of unease and discomfort in mind and body
  • feelings of dizziness, disconnection and ungroundedness
  • feelings of anxiety and apprehension
  • a sense of growing insecurity resulting in increased attempts at manipulation and control
  • cognotive dissonance - an inability to comprehend basic circumstances
  • increased psychotic tendencies as people struggle to find inner balance
  • heightened tensions, friction, aggression and violence
  • increased risk of cancer due to internal misalignment with the energy Shifts.

Importantly, all of these effects can be mediated and mitigated with appropriate internal action. Essentially we must help as many as possible attune to the increasing shifts of energy within themselves.

Specifically here's what can be done:

  • plenty of meditation, to feel the natural emergence of soul
  • plant based conscious diet, with plenty of raw food and juice
  • letting go of the dissonant frequencies of the matrix, through excitotoxins and electrosmog
  • deep consciousness bodywork, to feel and deeply attune through the body
  • plenty of time connecting with nature.

It will help greatly to get to know the natural Toroidal flow of the surrounding field and attuning to it within you. It's basically a natural feeling of movement and flow, as opposed to being stuck in outdated behaviourisms and conditioning of the matrix.

Let's be clear, the matrix in its current form will literally pull apart over time, and it's essential that we attune to the Shift into the higher vibrations of the 5D. 

The Openhand PARADIGM SHIFT documentary

The new Openhand film PARADIGM SHIFT is affectively a channeling from higher consciousness - from Enlightened masters working through the ether to support the Shift. In it I've worked to point out why I feel the Earth situation is as it currently stands, and what is now transpiring to strip off the Intervention and support the realignment into 5D consciousness. The film illuminates many specific actions we can each take to become a part of the Shift and help as many other people as possible.

Enjoy the film, and please do share as widely as possible. I do not believe, for example, that the growing effects of the unfolding Pole Shift, amongst other key aspects, have been as yet, appropriately considered. I commend it to you for consideration...

Join the PARADIGM SHIFT World Tour

In loving Support

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Hello Openhand Community

I wanted to update you on a post I made back in the early spring, "Tree Sitting Protest", but was not able to find the old here is the update in this thread.....

In March or April I posted and asked for supportive vibes to be sent to rural Appalachia in our resistance to Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), a huge transport company for fracked gas, that is taking our land through misuse of eminent domain and threatening our water and other natural resources by building a 42" gas pipeline through the Appalachian Mountains.

I posted today to let you know our resistance is succeeding.  Over the past months, through protests, tree sits, lock downs, and courtroom battles, we have made it clear to our representatives, that we will not sit idle in the face of this corporate bully. We've had a 26 year old woman, who blocked MVP by being perched on a pole for almost two months, two tree sits that went for almost three months, young people who have locked themselves to machinery (including a professor from Virginia Tech), and a grandmother who got in her old pinto (that she took on her honeymoon a zillion years ago) and locked herself in front of the machines that threaten her farm. This is not a full account, but these are the things that have been going on "in our backyard" this summer.

I am happy to announce that currently, (maybe temporarily), MVP construction has been halted. Our voices against MVP were heard loudly enough that the ACP (Atlantic Coast Pipeline) has also been halted as well (both pipelines are owned by corporate giant EQT). This means that every day, millions of dollars of machinery and worker contracts sit idle, until our representatives figure out what to do with this ecological nightmare. It would have been nice if they could have done this four years ago, but better late than never.

Just wanted to pass along the good news. The pipeline may still be built in the end, but when folks pull together, amazing changes can happen. Here are a few links if you are interested (I was honored to be interviewed in the Rolling Stone article listed below.)…

Thanks for your support!

Keep sending the good vibes our way.




Hi Megha,

That's going to happen from time to time, but no worries.

It often occurs as we expand into new internal layers that have previously been unconsciousness. You then feel the heaviness. But as we feel deeply in, then the light of the soul infuses and the heaviness can begin to fall away.

Wishing you well

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Eddie - it's always great to hear your maverick authenticity - have no fear, the Universe will provide! The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

Nice to see you Megha - just keep exploring, unravelling and unfolding - all will come into view HeartPraying Emoji

In reply to by Open


I awoke today feeling drained . Like someone or something was sucking life force out of me through my solar plexus and heart. It's taken me an hour of yin yoga and so much effort to soften into what feels like an attack on my energy system . I put on the TV just to see 'Contact',the movie in which Jodie Foster travels to Vega . The scene that opens is the one in which she is finally travelling in a contraption to that Galaxy (without moving an inch in 3D) Perfect analogy for multi dimensional thinking 😄




I have been a part if Open and for the last 2 -3 years. And am a compulsive reader ( used to be an addiction too- wanting to read another's work rather than writing ones own life story in the moment ) . I will confess I have many moments on this site when I feel okay ,this is not for me - yet. 

Recently I have started to feel implants and entities . It is a challenge feeling into them all the time - I am able to do it for a very short time before my focus is derailed by a random thougt that my mind chases ( I recognize that may be one of the ways they work) 

You said how soul has started to infuse more and more. I can feel that. Now the same conversations that I barely understood ,I totally resonate with. And happily I often find my practice has led me half the way ,but they are completed by me witnessing another's process. 

I love the movie. It moves something within ....


Thank you !




I am feeling quite happy as I write this!! The urgency of the pole shift and possibility of a mini ice age in the next few years has me quite concerned. How will we heat our house? Where  will we get water? What will we eat? and dozens other things that fill my mind are now settling in. I am making some preparation yes but also being prepared for the fact that I can in no way be prepared for anything totally. It will be what it will be...... I as a soul have traveled before in many bodies in many star systems but that still doesn't help this ego in this incarnation.HE IS FUCKING TERRIFIED!!! Poor Bastard!!! As my dark side comes visible, bit by bit, I am compelled forward by curiosity and the incredible strength of my partner in this life. She is a truly Divine being. This world is so strange to live in. We are told so many lies from birth and they come to life inside us and then we have to throw them out when we discover the ridiculousness of it all. and we still have a life to live a beautiful gift from the Divine this life is...... Processes Procedures and ways of living that are put forth as "better" are not universally applicable to everyone at all times. The only thing that matters is are you moving yourself from ego or being moved by the Universe itself? So what if your path is different from what is the next person's? Who are they to judge you? Be you with all of your weirdness....and be grateful for it!!! Namaste Brothers and Sisters!!!!



Thanks for the feedback Ultraviolet The Sun Emoji

Yes, as the complexity of life increases, and the confusion many are in, it's so essential that we remind each other to keep connecting back to the divine within - that's crucial right now.

Much love

Open Praying Emoji


Awesome article. Always great to wake up to a reminder to connect back with my authentic reality and continue unfolding pure conciousness. These articles are always in and of themselves a great way to fight the opposing consciousness simply by reminding one of the many simple ways to connect back with the divine. It removes some anxieties of thinking one has to go above and beyond in order to just be themselves. I feel that making us believe that it has to be impossibly hard to connect to the flow of reality, is one of the ways opposing consciousness keeps us stuck in these negative loops.

But just simply being in the moment snaps me right back to life, just the way it should be.


Thanks again for the article open. All love!