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These are thrilling times to be alive. New expansions of consciousness and new realisations about the nature of our divinity are unfolding day-by-day. This is all timed with crucial earth shifts designed to bring the planet into a higher "5D" paradigm. Openhand is a higher dimensional energy, the integrated consciousness of Enlightened Masters through the ages, which can bridge you into your higher self. We help you embody and live the expanded consciousness in your daily life, right now.

The Shift into 5D Earth begins now! Here are the new World Tour dates we've got scheduled for September/October/November and January 2019. Discover more...


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Hi everyone - I'm already greatly looking forwards to the PARADIGM SHIFT World Tour. The Openhand work has always been a 'Bell-Weather', which synchronistically aligns itself with key phases in the critical Earth Shift. I can already feel the energy building to help people gain maximum benefit from it in their lives. Thanks so much to organisers around the world helping pull the threads of these events together. We're going to have a profound and magical time!
See you down the flow. <<< Open Praying Emoji

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It is finally starting to hit home the totalness of the coming shift. Sobering the imperative to wake up and get going!!!!

Hi everyone,

It's been a herculean task these last weeks, but thanks to our wonderful organisers around the world, we've now woven the threads of our new PARADIGM SHIFT events together. If you're new to Openhand, there's no better time to get involved. Openhand is a higher dimensional consciousness, which some have referred to as "Ascended Masters", that we see more as an integrated, highly evolved benevolent energy, designed to bring you into full awareness of your divine self.

Most importantly, how do you become a part of, and benefit from, the great "5D" shift into expanded consciousness that's taking place all around us?

For Openhand, it's about helping people live that, right now, in their day to day lives, to feel divinely connected and supported all the time. If you're resonating with the sense of what I'm saying, then come discover more about the work and get involved. We'd love to connect with you.

Click on the date links to explore the nature of our work deeper...

See you down the flow!

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Wow! Looks absolutely amazing Open. I hope to see you and many others down the flow!! Allowing integration of this seemingly higher state of benevolent energy of awareness through a conscious commitment as a way of beingness with the simultaneous expression breathing through the physical being is a continual enlightening journey. 

Hello beautiful Jen- soul sister- thank you for reaching out on a previous thread. Lots of deeply ingrained patterns of human behavior/reactions/conditioning are unwinding. It's a symphony of the senses on so many levels with many high to low notes interchanging to reveal energetic shifting changes. hope to cross paths with you soon, much much love to you!



Hi Erica - great to "see" you. Yes, lots of "ingrained human patterns" are winding indeed.

See you on the tour.

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I whole heartedly support that New Shift Tour that will begin on the 1st September . Hurrah 🌈 

 Today , loads of synchronistic messages came my way in no uncertain terms but well in various forms and Uplifting manners . Many are not only for myself but for the Openhand community as well and all souls working diligently within the shift . 

Firstly , on my way to Brussels , 2 Herons passed over my car . The first went from left to right , than 10 seconds later , the second one from right to left !! Patience felt within , double sided . Than 2 cars of the same brand & model pass me within 2 minutes or so . Nothing exceptional except that those 2 Hyundai are called " Tucson " , a midsize border town in South Arizona . It must be the 6th time that Arizona has come to plain view lately . Jeeeeeeez , my heart is overwhelmed by the sheer power of its deep meaning . My favorite music band is form Tucson & The Hopi & the Navajo live nearby .  After a  short visit to a client , just as i am stepping out of that building , my attention was directly attracted to the floor : A small silver medallion with 'Ascended Master' Mary on it . Bang ! The Divine feminine archetype infusing the whole shift as to smooth the convoluted process taking place for all . That spoke directly to my heart as well . Downtown Brussels where i rarely go , i am now freewheeling full on , even if i didnt sleep much ( so much energy has been flowing in for 2, 3 weeks ) i can read the flow's messages . How come ?  So i let the flow take me wherever it wants to . I am often guided to speak to people about their situation - in shops or other places according to how it feels right . Always so interesting to listen to others and how they feel .  Now i am taking a few pictures that feel interesting or important . A  small sticker with " Sirius " appears suddenly while i was just looking at something else on the walkway .Wow , this is getting deep . 

 Whats next ? i enter a shop full of music records - i might be attracted to a special cover or a cd that will be useful . I finally feel given to buy a cd form a band called " The Pixies " . The title of the album is " Trompe Le Monde " . Now as i am writing , i felt the pull to search for the real meaning of a Pixie : " A supernatural being in folklore and children's stories, typically portrayed as small and humanlike in form, with pointed ears and a pointed hat. Trompe le Monde in French literally means : " Deceive the World " . Interesting messages indeed . I worked for that shop exactly 22 years ago and i exchanged a few sweet moments with the Owner ( same one as before ) . He tells me that at 65 , he is back with his  drumming passion . Synchronistically , i had the same pull a few weeks ago . Can it get any better i keep asking myself ?  Than , on my way back home , one last BIG message comes on a Huge Advertisement board for a New Jeep at the exit of Brussels outskirts : " New Compass , Recalculate your destination " I sense its more like " Recalibrate your alignment , commitment , Inner connection to Higher Self Center " . Its just amazing how the Divine flow works tirelessly to bring our awareness to important possibilities / portals / breakthroughs / gradual self -Realization points /gateways / shifts & feeling supported & loved . Its so so important right now . That last message was truly felt in alignment with the New Paradigm Openhand world tour . 

I feel given as well to organize next year one new leg of that Tour in Belgium - its been a while since i felt that pull but never quite got into the veil that was blocking its full possibility . Today , amazingly , an old block has melt down thanks to my commitment to get through that veil . Thank you Higher Self , your catalytic Presence made it possible . 

I imagine well how herculean it must have been to put together those 9 events together & i feel excited to bring my humble and focused contribution to it , now is the time . Let's do it 🙏🏼

Much Love to everyone 💙, Jean Bluehopi 



Jean, your tuning into the signs and synchronicities really amazes me! Very inspiring. And a couple of your signs seem to mirror mine! Its almost 10pm here and falling asleep but wanted to share this briefly:

Today, I was facilitating a group of people on a 4 hour spiritual course called 'Awake on Dartmoor', which is about deep connection with Nature. So we have been meditating, connecting, walking, opening the senses, body and intuitive capacities. We were walking on a single file line meditating and when we stopped at a spot near a beautiful stream flowing into the reservoir my eyes dropped onto a small round pebble which was lodged into the bark of a green mossy tree. The pebble was painted with a Pixie and the words: 'little lucky pixie' were written on it with the image of a green clothed, long eared, laughing pixie. To me, it felt like saying: its about the magic all around, the lightness, seeing the magic in Nature and embodying it. And here you are talking about the pixie and the meaning of it: Supernatural. My invitation was to see the Supernatural right here and now, in the chaos and also in the messiness of human conditioning.  

You say:

Its just amazing how the Divine flow works tirelessly to bring our awareness to important possibilities / portals / breakthroughs / gradual self -Realization points /gateways / shifts & feeling supported & loved . Its so so important right now . That last message was truly felt in alignment with the New Paradigm Openhand world tour . 

I truly felt supported and loved today by divine signs and synchs amidst the breakthroughs of the moment! There are transitions happening, that's the tour of the Soul! Exciting times indeed!

Thank you x


 Thank you Jean-Michel and Aspasia for another timely message which have been coming on a regular basis. Signs in synchronicities, WOW. For some time I been trying to right here about my adventures at the 5-day retreat. It may come in dribs and drabs or not. Even with this new program that takes my words and puts them down in writing showed up in my email after I got home from the retreat. I find it difficult to put it down, just hasn't felt right yet. Jean-Michel you mentioned freewheeling, this is one of the things that Open had us do on the last day. He asked us how we felt and to hold on to it and take this out into the Matrix and see what answers we get. The feeling that I had was I felt everything and nothing. Not knowing what to expect I went out the door. First sign I seen from the doorway was Perfect life, the feeling I got was this is for somebody else. Without moving I look to the right and the name of the church was Saint Rose, Rose was the name of a beautiful lady that had joined us at the retreat. So I thought maybe the message was for her. I started to walk and across the street there was a sign in front of the school that said Open excavation, was not sure  about it, but it didn't feel right for me. I walked a little further and another sign which said Partner Groups, another interesting sign. I walked a little bit further and here was a graveyard with two gentlemen working in it, a small graveyard off the side of a big one. I've always been drawn to graveyards and find a lot of Peace there. So I went in without disrupting the two men working there. As I walk through the graveyard I noticed that it was a family plot, one of the names on the stones was Downey which made me think of the UK, then realize that it was Downing. As I walk through the graveyard looking at the stones and dates on the stones, feeling the presence of all of the names with me as I read them. I came across a broken Stone made of slate and when I looked at the front of it, there was nothing on it. No Engravings. I felt the need to embrace this Stone and as I did, then felt a draw to sit with it. As I sat with the stone in my arms I ask myself Show Me. It came to me how I was truly feeling was like a blank slate. And when I open my eyes there was a purple nylon flower petal next to me. The color purple has been with me for a while now and that's a whole different story. Anyway I talked to the two gentleman before leaving, thanking them for their service. They had their own stories to tell and one of the gentleman thank me for recognizing the work that they were doing and said I was the only one that had noticed. At that moment at the back of the graveyard this beautiful, remarkable, colorful pheasant walked out from the brush into the graveyard and looked at us. At this time I pointed out the Pheasant to the two gentlemen and I said I'm not the only one that thanks you for your work here. This is the universe's way of showing that what you are doing is received. I was quite excited to get back in the share my freewheeling experience with the rest of the group. As I shared with the group I had pointed out that the feeling that I had when I was leaving was one of everything and nothing and that's a blank slate fit right in the middle of the two, how awesome. 

 Aspasia when you mentioned Pixies helped me write this. At the end of The retreat I had a moment to talk to Open a little bit. Earlier on that day he is taking us on a meditative Journey where Open asked to visualize an animal or something that we believe to be our spirit animal. I could be wrong about how I'm explaining this but I think you will get the just of it. I've always been close to the eagle and I always believed that it was my spirit animal. So as I follow this journey that Open was guiding us through led me to a field. At the end of this field, what I could see was a pink flower with different shades of  blues and yellows leaves and a green stem. The closer I got what I noticed was the leaves were in the shape of people as was the stem, with the flower tilted towards me. So I look behind in the shade of the flower and lo and behold what eyes could see was a pixie which I referred to as a fairy. 

Open's interpretations of my dream was bang on. I'm getting nervous now after proofreading this and what he told me is eluding me. If I don't send this now it will surely be deleted. As for all things that I right get deleted because of proofreading and scared of making mistakes that other people will see. It's funny though because if I was right in front of you or a group of people I could share my experiences of whatever happened without any deleting.  

Much love and gratitude 



What an amazing story of freewheeling and being pulled by the signs and synchronicities to receive guidance, clarity and support in life. And of course to actualise and realise! The way you described your journey it beautifully illustrates the magic co-created in Openhand retreats. Like you, I had found on my very first retreat the power of free wheeling and the deeper connection we can experience to everything around us.  To me, this feeling was about being everything and nothing at the same time!

Oh yes, I see fairies and hear of fairies and even dream of fairies at the moment! So, when Jean shared his encounter with the Pixies, I smiled. And here you are with your encounter of the fairy world. Supernatural is Natural :) Thank you very much for sharing such powerful stories of the amazing Openhand freewheeling engagement of life as you live it, which for me, means how to live this life Awake. And please do keep sharing your journeys and magical encounters and gems here Snake, there are no mistakes only opportunities and expressing Soul :) As for the Proofreader, 'he' can be useful in my opinion when 'he' approaches with care, softness and a sense of craftsmanship, if you like, but checked and kept at bay (yet another opportunity to self-realise) when 'he' becomes judgemental, a limitation to expression and a destructive force. And yes, we all have a self-critic, you're not alone :)

Wise LoveHeart