Galactic Superwave, "The Event", 11:11 Synchronicity

Submitted by Open on Fri, 07/12/2019 - 06:41

People the world over are seeing the 11:11 Synchronicity. What is that really referring to and why is it so important. Share the Openhand perspective on the interrelation of 4 key centres of consciousness within your evolution and the wider shift. These are spectacular times to be alive and aware. Discover why...

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That's beautiful Betsy - it's lovely to discover that one's work has such a moving effect.

Your feedback touched me deeply.


Open Heart

Hi Open and Openhand family,

So many wonderful messages in this video. As I continued to watch, I could feel my soul moving, embracing and loving the messages even more. By the time of about 12:00 in the video, tears came through as I worked through some , what I feel to call heart karma. What spoke to me most was death has no meaning anymore since I'm knowing myself at a soul level.......I know I will continue in the universe..As the universe. ....

Very powerful and I can feel the beauty, the power,  in the message. 💚 

I loved the synchronicities in the video, from the waves coming in, 1111, to the dogs happily, freely running on the beach. And hopefully the guy who was asking about the video in the beginning was able to receive a message about the superwave 💙

See everyone down the flow.

In love,



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