5D Shift: Top 10 Signs of Kundalini Activation and How Best To Repond

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Kundalini is an essential Gateway to full awakening and alignment with the Earth's Great 5D Shift. As I travel the world working with groups of people, I'm witnessing that Kundalini is activating and rising in many more people right now. It's essential we share awareness of this highly alchemical phenomenon because it's likely to feel very destabilising physically, emotionally and mentally, whilst simultaneously opening your being to new heights of joy, psychic skills, unconditional love and interconnectivity.

So what are the key signs that kundalini might be moving in you?

Important Note:

I should begin by saying there are various stages of Kundalini Activation. Usually there will be a key event that you recgonise where the activation began - something very moving for you, which could happen in daily life or on a course/retreat. And there will likely be a powerful occasion as it completes - you'll know that something has permanently shifted. There can also be situations of 'premature' kundalini activation, where there's some destabilisation caused by forced kundalini practices, such as over intensified yogic breathing or the use of plant medicines. These are practices to be careful of. Most people will likely have a strong initiation experience, followed by a protracted period of upto a couple of years progressive integration (although it can be quicker with committed and diligent integration work). This would culimate with a strong completing 'ceremony' type experience (meaning a marked shift, which projects out into the world as some quite dramatic event). 

The Top 10 Signs that Kundalini is moving in You

1) Energy surges from the base: You literally start to feel powerful surges of energy moving up from the base chakra. If you stand in stillness, or even sit, you'll likely find your body wanting to sway and gyrate. If this is the case, bring attention to the movement and attune to it - the movement itself will help integrate Kundalini. These surges could feel very sexual at times.
Explore conscious dance, movement, yoga, and Sacred Sexual Intimacy

2) Lucid and prophetic dreaming: If you start prophetic and lucid dreaming that appear to give you messages for key situations in your life or the sense of 'future-landing-now', this could also be a sign of Kundalini beginning to activate. The dreams are giving you indications of how to move forwards. In which case, begin a dream journal where you go to bed with the intention of waking up after the dream. Record what took place but without immediately trying to interpret. Then come back later in the day when you're relaxed and expanded. Simply write down the first things that come to you. Progressively the interpretations of higher mind will make increasing sense within the landscape you're moving into.
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3) Inner purification: with the onset of kundalini activation, there will be a natural desire to purify the physical, emotional and mental bodily vehicles. Carefully consider diet - explore moving more to a plant based diet and away from processed food. It's especially important to ditch processed sugar, alchohol, nicoteine and to regulate caffeine intake. Let the emotional expression flow. Be very careful to cut out negative mental influences from the media and internet. Regulate use of internet and social media time.
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4) Chakra blockages and karma: usually Kundalini will rise until it hits a blockage in one of the chakras (such as the heart) or starts to activate a karmic past life felt as an inexplicable pain in a particular area of the body - although there's no apparent physical cause. In which case, let yourself explore into the karma, animate and express the feelings. Watch for synchronistic reflections pointing to attachments that you need to let go of.
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5) Signs and synchronicity: you'll feel a natural pull to follow more the higher dimensional flow in life. In which case be attentive to signs and synchronicity. Work to interpret what they are trying to tell you, predominantly in terms of how the reflections make you feel on the inside. What aspect of shadow identity are you being invited to release? What new aspect of beingness wants to come through? What Right Action are you being invited to take now?
Check out this Openhand video: Understanding Signs and Synchronicity

6) Increased empathy with nature: your connection to nature will most likely increase, with deep empathic feelings for all sentient life. It becomes increasingly difficult to do things that might harm other creatures. The natural word begins to speak to you with the reflection of power animals for your journey. Creatures appear at exactly the right time to reflect to you what you now need to work through.
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7) Growing pains in the body: as you open up more to the surges of kundalini energy, you'll feel strong 'growing pains' in the body. This is where the light of Unity Consciousness is infusing into inner density and tightness through the body - perhaps where you've previously conditioned the body through excessive sport and become unconscious in various physical layers. DNA will also start to heal and realign which can cause strong physical pain.
Explore this Video and Meditation for the Transmutation of Density

8) Inner child/teenager identities: rising Kundalini will cause the confrontation of any inner identity filters that maintain the polarity of lower and higher self - these must be purged from your being. Hence you'll likely be projected into family challenges based on conditioning from your childhood.
This phenomenon is explored in depth in Openhand's 5GATEWAYS book

9) Integration of Higher Self: with Kundalini Activation, the higher self will begin to integrate into your lower being. You'll start to appreciate more of the multidimensional landscape your soul is moving through. The outer reality becomes more metaphoric and it becomes progressively easier to interpret the deeper meaning behind events and circumstances.
Sample this Openhand Multidimensiona and Kundalini Activation Meditation

10) Experiences of No Self: at times you'll find yourself slipping into the Void of Presence, where you feel completely at-one with everything, where time seems to disappear, there's total acceptance of the moment and the sense that the ego personality is unravelling and disappearing - that it is 'dieing'. There will come moments of tremendous clarity and the sense of non-localised presence. Work to embody these perceptions and sensations. Unravel fear or attachment to it.
Here's a deeper understanding of the Void of Presence

Kundalini: an awe inspiring life changing phenomenon!

As Kundalini begins to activate, know that this will likely be one of the most phenomenal and alchemical experiences you'll have on the spiritual journey. Life will never be the same again. You'll tap into psychic gifts and experiences you never dreamed possible. The nature of your entire being will transform in a relatively short period of time. It will help greatly if you're attentive and conscious to what is happening. Integration can be challenging, so you'll need to focus plenty of attention on it in your daily life. But when Kundalni does fully activate, the experiences can be literally mind blowing in a very positive and sacred way. It's an essential marker on the path of Enlightenment and Ascension. It's definitely something to fully embrace and embody.

Your life will literally take off!

Activating Kundalini is a major aspect of the Openhand Course Work.
Check out Openhand's Events Program Around the World

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Some people are afraid to activate kundalini and in others, it's already activating but they might not know it is. Kundalini is the natural flow of energy down from the source, through you as the soul, and back again. It's highly alchemical and creative. In humanity this natural flow has been purposefully shut down through DNA hybridisation - interrupting the natural carrier signals of the soul. Meditation and spiritual practice will bring it active again and it's an essential Gateway to further progression in the shift.

Top 10 Signs of Kundalini Activation and How Best To Repond

I encourage you to read the Openhand lead article on it above, with 10 ways to identify if it's activating in you. If you need support in the activation process, do reach out to our community connector Tilly Bud and she will steer you in the right direction... contact Tilly

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Hey Allister - yes indeed, karmic trauma is stored in the causal body - the energy body (the foundation of the 'pain body'). And when enough consciousness is in it, then it will start to release, which inspires dreaming followed by the movement of kundalini energy through that previously blocked layer.

As painful as these shifts are, they're essential to full awakening.

Wishing you well

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Hi Open

I thought I would share a recent experience which may be connected to this article. A few weeks back I 'bumped into' someone I hadn't seen for a couple of years. We got chatting and they mentioned that they had opened a therapy practice locally, and would I be interested in a free session? The technique is called Body Stress Release - the best way I can describe it is like Shiatsu/Accupressure, based on the diea that the physical body (and particularly the muscles) 'store' physical and mental/emotional trauma, and as I have been increasingly experiencing the 'growing pains' you describe above, I thought why not? The vast majority of 'stored trauma' appeared in my lower back/base of the spine, and at the base of my neck/across into my shoulders. After the first session I was absolutely shattered, and felt like I'd been beaten with sticks! That night I had some very vivid dreams, including one where I was an American soldier fighting in WW2. Perhaps the most interesting aspect came a couple of nights later - I woke up suddenly because my entire body was vibrating, like being on one of those electric massage chairs, but it was very subtle/gentle. After getting over the initial "Aaaaaaaahhh what's happening????" it actually felt ok. I've had a second session since then, and while the back/shoulder issue is still there it was far less intense.


Hi Pam - thanks so much for sharing your invaluable Kundalini experiences here on Openhandweb. We very much welcome that, and thankyou for having the courage to do so. Thumbs Up SignThe Sun Emoji

What you're describing is classic kundalini activation - the rising of energy from the base that then hits various blockages that need to be worked through - and at times throwing you into disarray - you become "discombobulated", yes! Slightly Smiling

The more awareness we bring to this as a community, the more we will help everyone.

You ask what happens to kundalini once it is activated? In short it becomes an integrated aspect of your beingness and way of being - your way of existing in life. You're then acting in a streaming flow of synhcronicity, which (kind of) normalises.

I should say all the challenges don't go away at that point - they just get more recongisable and you tend to then work more on the group level. They become less of a burden though since you recognise your movement within the greater whole - the challenges have sense and purpose.

Be prepared that full Kundalini Activation can be a lengthy process lasting a couple of years of so. For some there will be a powerful and major activation. For others it will be progressive over time, with lost of intermediary breakthroughs that feel like release and integration.

There with you!

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Open asked what Openhanders are experiencing with kundalini energy so I thought I’d share how kundalini is affecting me.

I confess to feeling a bit nervous when I started to experience kundalini energy in my base chakra – most experiences I had read about seemed quite scary with it all happening in one hit, but I am fortunate to be having a very gentle activation. It has probably been going in for a couple of months – I feel the powerful energy rising, then presumably hitting a block, at which stage all sorts of emotional stuff comes up to be dealt with, after which it moves a bit higher and so on. Sometimes it is powerful enough to require me to lie down as it is accompanied by body twitches and movements and when it was working in my throat chakra I felt some vocalisations were needed to help it move. Sometimes I can feel totally discombobulated (love that word) for hours, but this is greatly eased by a visit to the nearby wood where I go most days to meditate.

Sometimes I am just aware of it stirring in my base for hours at a time. My perception is that it feels like it works it’s way through big blocks like boulders in the flow as it rises and then returns to clear bits of rubble blocking a full flow once some energy has passed through (I may be wrong but this is how it feels). Some energy has made it to the third eye and now, while it still rises powerfully sometimes to one or other of the chakras, sometimes it is much more gentle and feels like a gentle infusion of energy throughout my body.

I decided early on to totally surrender to each experience as it happened and possibly as a consequence of this so far it only rises powerfully when I am in a position to do so. I’m really grateful nothing beyond gentle stirring has happened when I have to be somewhere where I don’t have the privacy to do this.

Unsurprisingly, lots of emotional stuff has come up, some of it unexpected and unguessed at as an issue and my perspective on some things has been challenged and consequently changed. Also lots of synchronicity, especially with birds.

I can now often feel my energy field extending about a foot from my body and am becoming aware of an occasional loving ‘presence’ and as I can’t seem to identify it as ‘other’ I wonder if it is myself at a soul level that I can sense.

My initial fear of it has now gone and I feel only wonder and excitement at where it is going to take me next!

So that is where I am now – I do wonder if an awareness of the energy remains once kundalini has fully risen (as I am guessing the awareness of my energy field will remain) or whether it dissipates on completion?

Pam Heart



Am feeling a lot of kundalini energy and it is powerful this morning... as I looked out at the garden I had the feeling of what could only be described as the future landing now...phew amazing Love Heather


Hi Open, Thank you for the activation video and guidance...I am feeling some amazing stuff again which fits with the description of kundalini activation. The energy surges are becoming quite powerful and feelings of lifting off. Much love to everyone Heather



I felt to write this article today because I am meeting plenty of you out there on my travels who are experiencing the challenges and joy of Kundalini Activation. That's why I felt to publish what I believe to be the Top 10 Signs with appropriate integration approaches.

So what are you experiencing?

Do share, I'll happily offer some supportive feedback.

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