Animals in our lives as Spirit guides catalysing 'Evolution'

This is an invitation for inquiry into your animal spirit guides in your life. From the Robin in your garden to the Snail in your plot. From the Lioness in the Savanas to the spider in your barn. From the dog you are the guardian of to the seagull roaming the skies.

This is my very recent story that sparked this inquiry:

A few days ago I held the space for my beloved boy cat called Matty to pass on. He had been suffering from kidney failure and urine infection and his beautiful black body had become so scrawny. I hadn't seen him for a few years since my break up from Dave, my ex partner. After separating, Matty asked to stay with Dave and China, my female tabby soulmate cat, came with me.

I got a phone call from Dave asking me to come and see Matty because "he will not be with us for long, may be a couple of days or so the vet said". As soon as I heard this I burst into tears. Then I started frantically packing my bag. And then something inside paused. It was a pull hard to resist. The pull allowed an opening, which flooded my head with images and sensibilities of what I am called to be and do right now - for Matty. I was called to hold space for him to make the transition as smoothly as possible considering his illness and Dave's attachment to keeping him alive. 

I walked into the living room where Matty sits on the arm chair, he is very tensed, looks stressed and in pain. I feel him in every single cell of my body. Memories of the strong bond we had together flooded into my mind and heart. Like all the times he persistently drew my attention away from working on the computer, miaouing, asking me to come out to play with him or when he put his paw on my face while lying in bed and purring his affection to me.

This time he was distant...I sat down to feel the was cold and dense... I put some Zen meditation music on, burnt incense and laid two crystals I felt to bring with me next to him. He got interested in one of them that had a heart shape. His body and eyes started softening. I sat close in meditation. He didn't want me to be so close, he walked away and sat on another chair. I approached him again to sit closer - he again moved away. I felt like pausing and feeling deeper in meditation, keeping the distance as he wanted. Then, the question arose from inside the depths of my intuitive being: "Why did you leave??". It was Matty asking me...With tears in my eyes I said that I had to and I was so devastated to had parted from him and that I adored him every moment of every day. A softening happened right there for him and for me too.I approached him and sat close in meditation. He relaxed and lied down on the arm chair with a newfound comfort, softness and openness. His eyes closed in meditation.

After a while and from a deep sense of stillness that at the same time enveloped the heartbreak I was feeling, I asked the question: "Are you ready to leave??" The sense and the sign was a clear "Yes" as Matty moved the tip of his tail in a shaky mode. He was ready and wanted to leave.

Later in the day, his passing on at home in sacred ceremony with a lethal injection (assisted passage) was smooth, quick and peaceful...

Rosemary Maidwell-Dodd, a spiritual author and teacher in her own right, has described how animal souls move on to more refined levels of Devic existence. The reading of her book The Lost Mother Ray, is fascinating. Soon after death an animal's soul wanders on the animal planes of etheric existence close to the earthly planes. Guardians often can feel and see their animals around them for days and months after the animal's death.

Three days ago and before I went to bed for the night, I asked Matty to come and see me. That very night, Matty did come in my dream. I felt him lying on my feet at the bottom of the bed. His black body warming up my feet, my feet warming up his body. I reached out to stroke him - in my dream, which felt totally real. I felt Love.


Matty (and China) came into my life about 8 years ago and catalysed a HUGE transition of beingness in me. I learnt about disconnection & deep soulful connection; true love and attachment; communion with Spirit and firm groundness; and true compassion and joy in the smallest of things.

I also opened to a world of magical earthiness in the eyes of a black cat dying...with me.


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Aphroheidi, its lovely to read that the ewe/sheep resonated as a medicine animal. xx There is a lot more written about this magnificent being by wise eldest tribal members but didnt have time to share more - Snowed under with a few projects atm!

I love the audio board inspiration and very much look forwards to reading how it unfolds. :) The power of emotive, evocative music is indeed supreme in catalysing inner movement - fun, cathartic and healing :)

Thank you for appreciating the ewe wink :) And I appreciate and trust your intuition, creative flow and commitment to your unfolding. Inspiring :)

Wise Love xx


I think the "Matty" was an auto-correct, lol!, because that is my friend's name in my phone and I was referring to your sweet story :)  

I just want to thank you so much for the information about sheep!  I thought about looking on the internet, but I find that without a reputable source it can sometimes send me spinning and then I get caught up in things that really have nothing to do with my path, lol!  I did not think too much about the Ewe's visit as it seemed out of place for me...I was thinking "flock" because of my current endeavors within my community, trying to create common unity with my local community members...I liked that idea and stuck with it for a few days, but then could not get the dang palindromes out of my head because I am a word geek, :)...When I read your posts (and that of everyone else) I realized that you guys are a "reputable" source and that my path is closely entwined with all of you, so I took the chance of asking and you certainly provided some answers :)  I am so grateful.  

the very first characteristic you mentioned truly grabbed my attention, because lately I have been having a bunch of dreams with people from my past (WAAAAY back, lol!) and I have surprised myself in remembering them and the experiences we shared.  I have an eidetic memory, but I had thought that years of stress, chemo, pot, not sure what else, lol! had decreased the ability, but since the intensive I think what decreased it was my not having faith in my own intuition, which can really mess with any ability one gets from the source, I believe.  I also really connected with the maternal part of the ewe, not merely because I am a mother and a doula, but because I even feel maternal towards the participants of my programming where I work as well as the mental health clubhouse I am starting...I tend to feel a warmth of love when I care for something or someone and I care more than almost anyone I the point that it has been painful at times and that is one of the things I am currently working on in the breakthrough techniques.  

I feel like I am happy about exploring some of those other sheep/ewe/ram energy things you have mentioned as well...I don't find that these totem animals show up just for kicks ;)

As a side point the eyes gave me a chuckle, because my little brother is deathly afraid of goats because "their eyes freak me [him] out", lol!  When you mentioned that they can even see behind them it brought me, once again, to how my past keeps showing up in my dreams...I am going to keep exploring that and came up with a fun idea for my program participants, that you inspired :)  I am thinking that it might be a fun activity to create a "mix-tape" playlist that is sort of like a "vision board" (similar to what the Native Americans use, but also what seems popular in spiritual mainstream these days), but is actually an "audio board" of their life experiences.  I love how Open always mentions "that song that you feel like is being played just for you and what you need in that moment" and how that is a synchronicity lighting our path...I think that putting together a playlist of the songs that do that for each of us as individuals (in one of our peer group settings) would be fun, possibly cathartic, possibly even healing?...I am going to think on it further and I will let you know if I get anywhere with it.

Anyhow, I appreciate ewe *wink *wink...I do, seriously, appreciate you Aspasia :)  

Thank you,


"This light of mine is your reflection"





My cat who passed away was named Matty <3, i wrote about him here, top of the thread. And wow! a National squirrel day, im in awe! That wouldnt happen here...

I love your poem, it feels as if your soul can see and listen to the magnificence of the sheep/ewe!

I have known very closely two sheep (ewe) in a farm animal sanctuary in Ireland few years ago and I can tell you that their soul speaks loudly to ours but often we only perceive these creatures in certain ways that we are accustomed too. I had the fortune of witnessing in them immense love and gentleness, fire and strength, playfulness and sadness, care and courage. 

Here are some interesting characteristics about sheep (shared online by an animal organisation) that may speak to you and others who relate to this animal medicine at any time :)

-Sheep have extremely good memories. They can remember approximately 50 individuals (sheep and humans!) for years at a time.

-Sheep have been shown to display and recognise emotion by facial expressions with other sheep. Some are noticeable from their ears.

-When they experience stress or isolation, they show signs of depression similar to those that humans show by hanging their heads and avoiding positive actions.

-Sheep make different vocalisations to communicate with one another.

-Ewes (female sheep) are very caring mothers and have deep bonds with their lambs. Each mother can recognise her lambs by their bleats alone.

-About 8 per cent of domestic rams display preferences for other males as sexual partners.

-Sheep’s large rectangular pupils allow them to see approximately 270 degrees – that’s about 100 degrees more than humans. They can even see behind themselves without turning their heads.

-Sheep are extremely good swimmers and have been known to cross rivers and lakes to seek out better pastures.

-Sheep are very intelligent and have brain power equal to that of monkeys. They have been known to solve problems in order to reach better food sources. In 2004, sheep were documented rolling over cattle grids in order to get into gardens for grazing.

-Sick sheep seek out plants which make them feel better. They can detect what nutrients they are deficient in and can learn about which foods are beneficial or toxic by trying them.

Amazing messages!

Got to rush to work but looking forwards to reading how it feels...

with love x






I loved reading about the kitten Matty (especially because my dog Mulder gave me a very similar experience and it was lovely to read about yours), the owl energy, ladybugs, squirrels (awesome, my day of birth celebrates National Squirrel Day, lol!)...winged creatures being my favorite (I have been told that my totem is a hummingbird)...lately, I have had an ewe visiting me (female sheep) and it is a bit baffling.  I am not, in any way, a "sheepish" person and I am hoping, since it appears you have some vast knowledge regarding the spirit animals, that you might offer some clarity as the crazy mind I have can only think of ways to write baffling poems about palindromes, because the "name" I see is ewe rather than sheep and my word brain won't stop...what could this possibly be telling me?  I wrote a poem last night, that I will share just to show you how "nuts" this has me, lol!  I am laughing at myself, yet still full of curiosity for any information that any of you can offer :)

EWE ~ A poem by Aphroheidi


My spiritual DeLorean

Coming back to the future,

delving into the past.

EWE, you are here and there,

while I stay everywhere;

yet present in this moment.

The field is so green!

The sun is bursting!

Clouds  appear brighter,

bring the rain.


Washing away,


EWE, it beads off of EWE.

Almost a palindrome 

Nipson Anomimata Mi Monan Opsin

Hey EWE, Don't get Aibohphobia on my count..

1, 2, 3...


It's great that you're picking up such synchronities and reading what they're saying Alex. Everything is synchronicity! Thumbs Up Sign

And as we read it, then it'll keep taking us to the next step. Seldom will you know if it's going to work out. But when we align with it, somehow, it always does.

Being completely 100% in the flow down here is not at all easy. So take the steps, learn, integrate, evolve. Then one day you'll simply take off, just like the lady bug!

Much love and support

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I love the squirrel energy! They always show up for me when the flow is saying one of two things: (1) resources are on their way (2) to be a degree more careful with resources.

They're also amazingly aware. I watched a guy feeding grapes to squirrels in a park in New York once. He said how they instantly knew if a grape was not organic...because they would peel it first!


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Im overflown by squirrel energy! Yesterday I took a very late evening walk in the woods up on Dartmoor and it was heaving with squirrels gathering food for the winter. Its a rare sight to see brown squirrels in this woodland because the rangers kill them, they consider them to be pests (the legacy of the herding culture we are living!, to say the least!).

And here I am meditating, lying down on the roots of a beautiful tree with the Stillness of the sounds of a stream just a few feet away. Im appreciating the Stillness and Silence that comes from the change of season, inviting a time of solitude and listening to the wisdom and feelings within. It encourages a rediscovering of one's own unique dreaming and inner richness.


I then hear a squirrel calling and running down the bark of the tree...well, towards me. He stops just about 8 feet away from my face and I see him carrying a nut in his mouth. He starts shaking his bush tail looking at me inquisitively...calling his song...hesitating to come down on the ground... checking me out, and finally after a few moments of exploration he decides to go back up :) What a wonderous connection! Very honoured to come so close to his energy!

Apparently, squirrels as a power animal are related to resources. I checked on my book Medicine Cards and found a bit more.

Squirrels are about being prepared and storing and gathering energy for times of need. Honouring your future by reading yourself for change. Lighten your load if you have gathered too many 'things' that  do not serve you. Things like emotions, thoughts, worries, pressures, stuff. Shows a safe place to put your gatherings (wisdom, clarity, care) : in an untroubled heart and mind. All will be taken care of in its own time.


Wise Love



I'm doing a lot of work with "Dragon Energy" right now - getting a lot of synchronicities around it and working to unfold it in my field. What do I mean by that? Dragon energy is a metaphysical movement of energy which some have metaphored as a Dragon. The eastern Goddes Quan Yin is often pictured riiding a dragon for example. To me it's a metaphysical energy that closely resembles the flowing Torus - in fact the visualisation and feeling of it is highly likely to be the flowing Torus itself, which can greatly help in protection, creativity and flow. I'll be writing more about it soon and creating a meditation download on it.

Air dragon is what's speaking loudest at the moment, as the flow ascends in a spiral from the base, through the chakras and up into the higher densities. Plus there's also an interrelated downward flow, which generates full integration through ones field. Here's the sense of it with a depiction of the Universal Torus...


I love the energy I feel when I read your sharing on your animal connection in the dream To See - very powerful! I felt a sense of Trust and Faith coming through it. I am always amazed and humbled at the transformations that happen every time when we really connect with an animal guide either in 'real' life or in dreams and other dimensions. I was up on Dartmoor, UK yesterday and found a cosy spot on a tor overlooking a big valley, vast hillsides and a river flowing through. Beautiful, open blue skies on the horizon and I felt myself flying with the birds among the, makes me smile to read about your dream.

The transformative insight you had/been having feels special:

I still feel pain for what many are going through but also bouts of overwhelming love (...) no matter where we are on this journey, the connection and fact that we’re all going through this life here together is of comfort. Never alone, never give up, and always feel the love.

 I feel supported by your message and very Trusting - feels at Home. Thank you. And so is the song you chose - these words are awesome:

My soul is stretching through the roots to memories of You (...) The promise you made (...) the promise to survive, persevere and thrive (...) And dare to rise, fill the world with life!



I’ve going through many changes and realizations these few months. I keep most to myself as I haven’t felt that I should share or reach out. Not the time. So many synchronicities, like the subject of animal totems. I had a very vivid dream a couple of months ago, I don’t recall the whole thing but I was was running, or soaring. I heard a screeching above me and when I looked, a huge beautiful owl was looking at me. I say he, because I felt a masculine energy, extended his legs and talons. I was frightened at first and started to look away but then I felt a calm wash through me, he wasn’t attacking me, he was joining me, so I raised my arm and we became one. I don’t remember anything else.  Weeks later I’ve noticed a change in my thinking and fears and I remembered the dream. No matter what is happening in the world right now, I still feel pain for what many are going through but also bouts of overwhelming love. I know that everything will always be okay, we will be okay, that has been a message I’ve received many times throughout my life.

Tonight as I go about my normal routine, I felt a pull to put my headphones in and listen to music. The song I felt to listen to is one I’m sharing here.

no matter where we are on this journey, the connection and fact that we’re all going through this life here together is of comfort. Never alone, never give up, and always feel the love.



Thank you for sharing your rich encounters with a variety of creatures, how beautiful! I found myself journeying through it with you :)

Yes, all animals, including the wild ones like the dolphin are exploited by humans :(

Very touching:

I now live with a consciousness that offers the pull to protect , honor and deeply love any animal that i might encounter . If those beautiful beings weren't here with us , i sense that life would be way less enjoyable and way more difficult to live . Lets keep on connecting with those different worlds as one .

Indeed, lets do!

Wise Love


Dear Aspasia , 

It was wonderful to read about your story with your beloved cat Matty . I truly loved it - touched me deeply inside . Synchronistically , last week , i had the custody of a friend's black cat i only saw once around Christmas . This time , i had the real pleasure to get into a real deep connection with him & it felt amazing to see how he behaves in a new house . At one point , i felt " this cat is a special being  " because he would do things that i had never witnessed with a cat like : lying in the kitchen sink or the bath tub . He made me laugh more than once and i sort of learned through reflections what he was here to convey : lightness of being , having fun for no reason , doing things the way others don't , kindness , and a serious sense of adaptation to a new environment . It was a very unexpected experience that i truly cherish . In the same time , there have been bees coming into my sleeping room nearly every day for the past 2, 3 weeks and pigeons seem to appear whenever i go for a while now - sometimes flying not far from the car  ( in my knowing and thanks to Open's insights from last summer school - i know they appear to express Pleiadian's presence and support ) . This last winter , its was the Bear energy that came in - to express a special phase of inner retreat for special processing during those 3 months . What i do understand is that Animal totems came into our lives for specific reasons at specific important times . Thats exactly how i feel a connection just to ones i mentioned . Once in a while , a beautiful Robin will appear ( Express yourself fully ) , a Crow ( beware of your shadow side ) or a Ladybug " connection to the Divine feminine ) .I also often hear the sweet Owl that must be living nearby during the night time - so special to connect with .  Few weeks ago , suddenly , a beautiful flow of Dolphin signs came in and as i was just often into different places , they still appeared so delicately .  I truly love those guys ( I beleive they hold a frequency that is connected to the energy of the planet Sirius like Whales are ) - the express intelligence , speed , fun , laughter , living in groups , and capable of recognizing many different frequencies . The Us Naval army tried to use them as a Sonar Radar for many years ...but it pains my heart to know how poorly they were treated during those experimentations . Right now , those brothers are making me feel like they are supporting this uplifting phase of my life - specially after a 3 month period of deep regression and tough inner explorations . I now live with a consciousness that offers the pull to protect , honor and deeply love any animal that i might encounter . If those beautiful beings weren't here with us , i sense that life would be way less enjoyable and way more difficult to live . Lets keep on connecting with those different worlds as one . So much love , Bluehopi Jean 


Hey all!


I am surrounded by animals every day. I have a squirrel that is as dear to my heart as my own children are. She reminds me to be playful, learn to trust and yet forge ahead. Lately the robins have learned what the squirrels and ducks do. They come to whatever room I'm in, in my home and start pecking at the window. So I fix them treats and just sit a moment with them to say hello. I have a large amount of crows around me as well, and they always get very panic stricken whenever a hawk flies to close. But the hawk for me always comes to bring messages and to warn of any danger. Then there are the wolves and mythical creatures that always seem to come up one way or another in my life. Lately it feels like animals are gathering near me in larger numbers though. What this means, I've no idea other than maybe they just need to or perhaps I'm getting more and more evolved and am able to convert positively any catalyzing that needs to be done.


I reflected yesterday on how many animals have always seemed to just surround me. Now I can see why people I know eventually start trying to call me Mother Nature, or some other fairy tale name. Yes, it makes me laugh when they do but the reflection of that is what exactly is it. So I go with the old adage, it honestly does take one to know one I suppose :)


I do have to say though, the most phenomenal of all the animals I have ever had the pleasure to meet would be my first kitten. I was very young and the first conversation my Dad and I had about me having an animal was in a hospital, named Woodland of course. The conversation took place one minute to midnight of a birthday for me. Basically if I made it out alive lol! Obviously I did and so when I was able to, we went to an animal shelter and as I looked around at all the cats on the floor I remember feeling very overwhelmed. How could I pick just one. Then literally out of the ceiling came a kitten that plopped down onto my Dads back. I can still feel the joy of seeing this kitten, he was pure black and his tail was all crooked like a lightening strike.

A year later, my Dad had to leave for awhile and so left my sisters and I with a woman whom was wheelchair ridden. She was driving me to an appointment and instead of the appointment, drove straight into another vehicle at 45mph. Needless to say, out of the car through the windshield and onto the pavement was not going to be conducive to me staying alive. Yet, the universe had other plans. Two cars ahead of us was an ambulance and two cars behind was a newspaper reporter. My cat from there on out slept on top of my forehead, would hiss at anyone that came close and followed me everywhere, even refusing to let me get into a vehicle without him. Yet he always asked permission first before jumping up onto whatever furniture piece I was on. I'm sure him and I would have had a long long walk together, but I had to leave for awhile to another state and when I got back the woman that was caring for us said he just disappeared. I never liked her, but I was always as kind as I could possibly be and so many years later I happened upon her again at a street intersection. I recognized her immediately and said Hello, do you remember me?! Because I remember you. Her mind was not as it was though and there was much I wanted to do and say, but instead I helped her across the road and went on my way. It seems to me as I reflect back on all of this, so many people in my life have been like this woman. Come into my life, have a few moments then leave only to circle back again in some roundabout way before leaving again. I call it instant karma and leave no trace behind and try at least to enjoy every moment. The woman reminds me that no matter what happens in life, not to be debilitated by the circumstances. She was not crippled, but chose to be. Yet through her action, my left side was very blank for many years, I had amnesia, am partially deaf and left with an L shaped scar on my forehead for which kids used to say it was for losers. I'm a tough nut to crack though and always just said nope.. its for Love :)



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Wow Wynde! Very touched by your sharing!

You say that the "Animal Kingdom just surrounds me", well, to me, it sounds like you have the 'touch of Cosmic Earthiness' :) Every single encounter with any/every animal - including the ones who humans exploit like cows, chickens, sheep, pigs and so on - is a call to see & embody the universe in & through their eyes as they reflect this back to us. Mother Cosmic Nature indeed you are!



Forge Ahead


Its funny you mentioned the Robin in your home because yesterday late in the evening I had a guest robin in the kitchen looking for their food - I keep food for birds. They do come in very often when I leave the door open. :)

And your personal story with your black kitten speaks to me very deeply...

My cat from there on out slept on top of my forehead, would hiss at anyone that came close and followed me everywhere, even refusing to let me get into a vehicle without him. Yet he always asked permission first before jumping up onto whatever furniture piece I was on. I'm sure him and I would have had a long long walk together, but I had to leave for awhile to another state and when I got back the woman that was caring for us said he just disappeared.

To me, and because I love inquiry, your cat was guarding and amplifying your Higher Self, the Great Spirit within - so tenderly. I can imagine your cat saying... "Nope! its for Love!"

What a spiritual lesson to have experienced - instant karma you called it:

The woman reminds me that no matter what happens in life, not to be debilitated by the circumstances

I also add INSPIRING!

Its (for) Love xx


At the moment, wolf seem to resonate quite strongly for me representing energies of wisdom, strength and presence. Synchronistically, recently coyote in our area killed the remaining chickens in the broad daylight. It was difficult to part with them (more like pets) especially for my daughter. For me, chickens, the way they are cultivated and dependent represent the old energy/consciesness which needed to be let go for new to come in.

With Love,


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What a beautiful animal Anatoly!




I have a lovely book on animal medicine and it says :)

The Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine.

 And I am feeling for the beautiful graceful chickens, amazing power animals themselves, who embody courage under indeed totally controlling conditions we have dominated them in. Sending love to your daughter.




Hi All =)

Wow - Aspasia - thank you for the beautiful and tender sharing of your cat's transition. It was deeply touching to hear about your connection <3.

I love all of your stories of your power animals...Incidentally I popped in a new shop yesterday in an area of town I am not usually in and it was called "The White Owl". =)

For me the bee has been assisting me. She has come up over and over uncanny ways. At the same time, I am feeling inspired to form community around what inspires me. Right now that's looking like gathering some people I know and friends of theirs that may resonate to select a book and gather to work with the energies some discussion, but then to also meditate and express creatively what has been brought up. Everyone can bring a vegan dish and we can start building a soulful conscious community - I know it will evolve and this feels like an exciting starting point. 

The bee is about community, but to me also a bit of magic, harmony, balance, creativity and defying logic. Creative expression feels so important to me at the moment...and sharing in that with others - drawing together a tribe of sorts. 

Much love,


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Thank you Jen, I love and Im touched by the authenticity of your heartfull expression - every time.

Upon reading your sharing this is what popped into my head, which is attributed to Einstein!

If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.

It feels SO relevant when you say that bees have been assisting you...







Defy Logic

What an amazing collaboration with the bee - inspiring! And your project is so timely in face of the unfolding of the world today!

Much love,



Hi all,

such an interesting topic and closely related to what we discussed in the 'sword of truth' forum. Thanks Aspasia for the push, it seems timely for me to find more clarity about animals and how everything works together in this world.

The Crane has for a while been an especially powerful animal for me. There are some Qi Gong exercises where you stand one legged and spread your wings like a crane, very majestic, willful and strong, yet calm and balanced. It feels like it radiates wisdom.

Just about a week ago my mum surprisingly gifted me a towel with depictions of flying cranes, which i happily took with me to Mali. At this time the crane steadily reminds me to be calm and to stay in my center - and to patiently observe my surroundings and how the landscape unfolds.

Lots of sun for you,


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Thank you for your lovely presence Thomas. Yes, like you, I am also learning every moment about my unfolding in this 'connected unfolding world' - what a challenge and a Grace it is I feel!

And the Crane is indeed so graceful as I just wrote the word! :)







In Japan, the crane is sacred. S/he is also endangered worldwide. There are some beautiful photos of Japanese Zen meditation masters with cranes that I had come across in the past with all the qualities you mentioned above embodied and represented so beautifully.

Sending love,



When I think of the sense of the power animals provide us, the magnificent reflections and reminders, it simply expands my heart. No complexities, no mind games, just pure authenticity, that then resonates how to be. 

White owl has become my power animal in more recent years - 'he' appears especially in times where illumination is necessary. Of course owl is watching with 360 degrees awareness and sees especially clearly in the dark.

What power animals are noticing at this time and what do they say?

Open Thumbs Up SignThe Sun Emoji


Hey Aspasia!


Your story brought here, your moment in time with this is just beautiful to me. Animals really do bring the most profound into our lives don't they!


Makes me just want to sit with you and hold my hands out for you. Smile and bring shine through the tears. Cats, animals in general really do bring amazing gifts to our lives don't they?!


Thank you so much for sharing this, if it wasn't for the newsletter this morning that I received I don't think I would of known this was even here. To me it seems that you have now gained a very loving guardian in spirit.


Ok before I go getting so wordy here I'll just say thank you again for sharing this and that I'm sending you so much love!



p.s anyone interested about a story of a dying child, saved by a kitten that came out of nowhere with a tail that looked like a lightning strike?! True story.. all my stories are nearly unreal, yet truth. Otherwise I think I'll just sit and weave a basket full of love for ya'll instead.