Okay folks, roll up, roll up. What stimulates your inquiry right now? Share your one-liner, a piece of inspiration, music or video, to get the energy moving. Is this Twitter's last tweet?

What a Journey after joining OpenHand for about one year and a half!


I just logged in after a long time!


The reason was that I was keep discovering  after I watched 5D shift. My life has changed quite a lot since then. I started to understand more about me and my life around me. I am now where I always wanted to be without knowing that it would be this place. I feel happiness regardless all the ups and downs.

whenever I face a difficult situation I try my best to just trust the universe and most of the time it shows me where I need to go and what I need to do.

Uh, I've been robbed

I was robbed. Someone broke into my apartment neatly using some kind of wire and hook through the mail box to open the lock when I was away. I didn’t have much jewellery, some necklaces and bracelets, some rings, one which had belonged to my mother and my old wedding ring etc. - so they all are gone now. First I felt the shock, then all kind of fears, what if they come back and so on. Didn’t sleep much that night.

Animals in our lives as Spirit guides catalysing 'Evolution'

This is an invitation for inquiry into your animal spirit guides in your life. From the Robin in your garden to the Snail in your plot. From the Lioness in the Savanas to the spider in your barn. From the dog you are the guardian of to the seagull roaming the skies.

This is my very recent story that sparked this inquiry:

The Void As Creative Potential

I read Open's post tonight about the void being infinite potential and not having a pre-ordained path. I was then at my meditation spot doing some creative writing (song lyrics are the thing right now - working with a couple local musicians that flowed into my path). It has been just amazing for me lately as I have been going through some major expansions after source pain being processed. I used to get bursts of spontaneous writing but now it seems like if I am just open and quite in that void (or the limited amount that I experience) it's like getting pinged with the next line.

Overcoming Spiritual Pride

Dear Openhand Community,

It's been a year since I last wrote anything on the Forums.  I had a dream last night about going to an Openhand workshop, which has prompted me to write again.

I sometimes struggle with thoughts & feelings of spiritual pride, & it bothers me when these are present, as I feel that I shouldn't have them, that they are wrong in some way, & I wonder how I can stop them, or move beyond them more quickly.

This morning I experienced a wave of spiritual pride, & was having thoughts such as:

Solar Eclipse 2017

I was wondering the Openhand perspective on solar eclipses. Intuitively to me, it feels like a gateway/opportunity to lose what no longer serves and embrace a new way of being.

This particular coming solar eclipse on August 21 seems to be especially interesting as it coincides with new moon. Also according to the short video by the Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom, this one seems special as it starts in north west of Pacific waters (mention of Lemuria) and ends over Canaries (remnants of Atlantida).

Imbalance (off kilter)

I don’t think I have every started a topic, but I see lots of brave souls posting on the Openhead site, so here goes….
I have seen a common theme in people’s awaking and soul journey where they say they have felt apart from others around them, not really fitting in. For me I have always felt this way, as though I am present, but slightly off kilter with people around me. It is hard for me to put this into words, but the analogy I can use is square pegs and round holes, but for me it is more an oval peg in a round hole. Nearly there, but not quite.