Healing past trauma

Hi Open! Namaste:)

I have been a consistent reader and follower of Openhand since past few years. Whenever I have had doubts you have always guided me. I am so thankful for the universe that I am guided by a master hand of yours. Thank you immensely.

I am writing this mail to seek your assistance and guidance to help me heal from a traumatic experience. I have had a very painful experience of events after my marriage and during and after pregnancy. I had few complications during pregnancy which were cleared later by the grace of God. However, the way I was treated post my marriage & during pregnancy by my in-laws has frozen my heart with trauma. I have tried hard to bring it to the surface and heal it often. I cry my heart out each time. I keep practicing the 9 steps process to clear subconscious trauma and karma as and when the pain surfaces. But I am still not out of it and I strongly feel that that pain is holding me back from experiencing higher plains and liberate myself. I feel stuck. Please please help me heal. I look forward to your guidance as I always do. Thank you for reading through,

Love Janhavi

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Hi Janhavi,

I feel for you - lots of people have challenging karmic situations around birthing. In my view, a lot of it is to do with the way humanity came into being - how the genetics were progressively modified in an uncaring way, which led to a lot of pain and trauma that people are carrying around with them to this day.

It can most certainly be healed. As described in the 9step Process.

However there's a vitally important aspect that sometimes isn't fully processed whilst carrying out this healing. My sense is that this might be happening for you Janhavi.

To truly heal from forgiveness, is to fully honour how we truly felt when this event happened - so clearly there was a lot of pain around how your inlaws treated you. This is not something we can simply forgive and move past from the intellect - otherwise we don't get into deep healing.

We must deeply touch the pain of how the circumstances made us feel. Only then, can we look for the sense of the inviolable One within the pain. You become so as-One with the situation, that you aren't separated from it as some kind of identity.

True empowerment and healing is to become The One in the event, fully allowing and expressing. In this way, healing begins to happen by itself.

So I would encourage you to revisit the situation and how you felt about it. Allow yourself to feel the trauma, but then keep working through it in the ways described in the 9step Process.

Sending love and encouragement

Open <3

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Thank you, Open!

I realise that I was not completely allowing myself to feel the pain. There is a deep rooted fear even to think about those chain of events. Even to this day, that fear has stayed. When they visit me, when they call, I shiver with fear of not wanting to go through that pain again and again and again.

But, as you always say- the only way out is through! I think I need to be courageous to face all of it. I'll. Thank you.

However, I have no grudge or an urge to get even with the people who caused so much pain! I have no hatred, no anger. Only hurt and pain! I wish them well always. I feel healing this karmic trauma is my responsibility and my need.

Thank you again for your invaluable and loving guidance.