Linkin park - Somewhere I belong

Oh man I'm so gutted beautiful Chester has passed from linkin park. His words and ability to express his pain has got me through many of stages of the cross. Had to share this video. With much respect to him.

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I can connect with people so far and then theres a line and no one can come closer. I've heard it said that its normal for empaths that have been through a childhood trauma that the gift can be turned into a survival mechanism to keep potential danger at bay. They way I've built the system means Im usually out of the way of things like feedback loops or syncronicities before they happen or else I witness the syncronicity but soemhow because it doesnt record as relavant to my survival I cannot feel the full range of emotions it creates immediately. I need to focus strongly to feel them as there are many layers of distractions around them. At this point not feeling is more painful than feeling anything including pain

Saludos, soul mates!

Thank you for your kind support and comments. You make my heart sing.

Jane, I resonate with your observations about society's predilection for applying 'dysfunctional' labels to those who struggle to relate, communicate, and express as they evolve spiritually. I wonder if the label of autism reflects the hesitancy of star souls to fully embody in the challenging and painful physicality of 3D. The medical establishment recently labelled a loved one with an anxiety disorder. As an empath, I am easily triggered to respond with fight or flight. However, I do not view my anxiety as a mental illness but rather as a highly sensitive response to the insanity around me. I am gently encouraging my loved one not to identify and define herself as mentally ill while being vigilant about respecting her right to choose her own path. We decide who we are. Not society. Pure Presence is beyond labels.

I am reminded of this quote. "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

x Cathy

Thank you All. Thank you Cathy. In the last weeks I have been feeling sore, congestion in my belly and pelvis which is not relieved by lots of gassy processessing. Your sharing resonates with a deep layer of suppressed grief somewhere deep in the back of my sacrum. At the same time, I've been being shown how painfully hard it is for some star souls to bare this density and the experience of not being able to express in a way that society recognises (other than by applying labels like autistic) -
All very much in process here. Not really understanding what is unfolding but thIs thread and tracks resonate.
Feeling tired and raw. X

I feel much sadness in his loss but also joy that he must be in a better place. His voice has animated the pain i felt during my teenage years of being left out ,being an introvert and alone and gave voice to those feelings. I was so obsessed with LP at that point my friends used to tease me about it. Open put it so eloquently "He had such an amazing energy - a guttural, primal energy, but also with such vulnerable softness at times" . I remember playing his songs over and over again ,screaming and moving with it and it eventually led me to take u the guitar and start up a band with my closest friend. At that time it became unfashionable to like linkin park in Rock/Metal circles and i went with the popular opinion and stop listening to it. But i will always remember the initial connection i received with his music and it will always be in my heart.

Cathy - big hug. These gut wrenching scenarios are truly hard to navigate - though they shape the warrior and no doubt wake us from our slumber. Big love to you Si-star.

Dear Cathy - thank you for sharing this tenderness with us. I don't have words to really capture how it caused me to feel. Just so much love and warmth through the anguish. xxxx Jen

Chester's suicide, his childhood abuse and suffering, his addictions and recovery, his abiding love for his friend, his grief, his courage, his vulnerability, his honest music and lyrics, the brilliant light of his soul...all of it stirs up so much pain, anguish and sorrow, but also ignites deeper compassion and love for all the lights out there.

My sister committed suicide when she was 29. I was a year younger. She was a misfit from day one and probably would have been diagnosed as autistic in today's world. I was told to stop crying at her funeral because I was upsetting my mother. I didn't cry for many years after that and recall thinking when I was 35 or so how strong I must be. Ten years after her death, the tears started rolling down my face. I couldn't stop them. That was the beginning of a long healing journey, realizing over time that being 'spiritual' isn't about not feeling emotions, coming to understand that expressing and honouring the vulnerability of one's soul is true courage and strength.

Perhaps Chris and Chester are happily united as brothers again in their home star, beautiful light beings once again, singing free. I like to think so. Not long after my sister died, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a brilliant light that filled the room. My beloved sister was standing there. Shining like the sun. Telling me she was at peace. Telling me I needn't worry about her anymore. It's taken a long, long time to process my grief. Somehow this post helps.

Thanks to Katie, Open, Trinity, and Jen for this.

x Cathy

And of course it's entirely okay to feel sadness folks - totally right to express the emotion - a part of the wonderful mosaic of life.

Open <3

Thank you Katie for sharing and for your sharings Trinity and Open. As you all have expressed...these beautiful souls have touched the pain inside/in the world and passionately expressed it. So many times, the energy coming through their music would be the only thing that truly matched and helped me to honor what I was feeling inside. Gratitude for all they shared.

I think the challenge for people who truly commit to seeing the truth about what's really going on in our world, is to be able to see and hold that pain, definitely not to shirk from it or ignore it, but then find light through it. It's a heavy burden to carry sometimes. Here's the superlative Chris Cornell, rest his soul...

I absolutely share your feelings Katie - wow, so sorry to hear that he took his life. He had such an amazing energy - a guttural, primal energy, but also with such vulnerable softness at times. It was the perfect combination to express into the darkness - to express the pain people often feel with incarnation and yet find plenty of light in it.

It seems a fair few of our great artists are leaving at this time - like Chris Cornell of Soundgarden too - I found his passing a great sadness (but I'm also happy for the liberated soul).

My sense is that often they're starsouls who struggle in the density.
Maybe they're just yearning for home.

My heart is with them.

May their souls sing free.

Open <3